Some Efforts to Have Twins

Efforts to Have Twins | Having twins is a privilege. With the help of science, twins can be pursued.

The following measures can be tried to get pregnant with twins, as reported by Boldsky, Friday (03/23/2012):

1. Calculate the age of mother
Science proves that when a woman was in the age of 35 to 45 years old, when she was in the hyperactive before menopause, especially if the woman is a worker, then the ovaries will be released when having sex more than one egg. That increases the possibility for you to get twins at a time.

2. Fertility Treatment
According to experience some of the world celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker who undergo IVF because of trouble conceiving, the results have led to two babies at one time. So it is with celebrities who undergo fertility treatment, resulted in ownership of twins.

3. Family History
Is your close family, such as uncle or even your own parents have a twin? If yes, you have a bigger hopes of getting twins. So you no longer need to wait until you enter into final age of 30. If there is a genetic history, then you can try immediately to get the twins naturally.

4. Notice Period of Pregnancy
If you become pregnant while you are still breastfeeding to your baby, it mean, your chances of having twins is increases. The reason, many renowned scientists who believe breastfeeding may accentuate ovulation. This hypothesis is not proven but worth a try.

5. Milk Diet and Cassava
Diligent to drink milk and dairy product every day get positive effect toward your chance for having twin, furthermore, a study conducted in a certain African tribe that has a number of twin pairs concluded that the diet of yams or sweet potatoes induce a twin pregnancy.

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