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Tips for Maintaining Eye Health | Eyes need protection from the harmful effects of the environment. Thus the need to keep our eye health. Effect appears when the damage is too often exposed to sunlight, wind, dust, and other factors.

In maintaining eye health there are eight important steps to ensure good protection for your eyes.

Below any Tips for Maintaining Eye Health, among others:

1. Always perikasa your eyes periodically. This is great for preventing and treating eye problems that already exist. If you use a contact lens be sure to thoroughly clean.

2. Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. Eat foods rich in nutrients vitamins A, E and C. Eat plenty of carrots are rich in beta carotene and include fish high in omega 3. Try a cup of broccoli because it is also good for the eyes.

3. Caring for your health and immune system. Avoid too much smoking and drinking excessive alcohol, as this can make your eyes look tired. Smoking has adverse effects on blood circulation around the eye area. If you have diabetes, regular check-ups because if ignored it can affect the eyes. Try to also keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels.

4. Protect your eyes with sunglasses or at least 95% protected from UV. Select the type of glasses with a nice frame to ensure full protection. Wearing a hat, a hat and use an umbrella to shade the eyes and more protected from the heat. Use protective eyewear when in heavy exercise and when working with heavy machinery.

5. Be sure to always have clean hands before touching your eyes. Infection of the eye can be started by hand is not clean. Also, try to avoid excessive eye rubbing. Use a clean cotton handkerchief to clean the eyes.

6. Remember when reading should have good lighting. In watching TV, using an anti-glare screen. Doing the same thing when using a computer. In using the computer may include a screen protector. Take a moment to relax from computer vision.

7. Perform simple eye exercises such as eye blinking to relieve stress. Blinking helps lubricate the eye. Try to close your eyes for about 5 minutes to relax and reduce eye strain. Have time to rest the eyes as much as possible will be very good. Very good to see something green for the eyes.

8. After the break was enough, wash eyes with cold water to reduce eye strain. Use eye drops if necessary, but must comply with doctor's instructions. The most important thing to remember is this: that your eyes deserve special attention, so you can really see and appreciate everything life has to offer.

Hopefully these tips useful to maintain eye health. May you also interest in Tips for maintaining healthy teeth
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