Know 10 Benefits of Water Lemon

Know 10 Benefits of Water Lemon - Who does not know with a lemon. The taste is sweet and slightly sour very fit to serve mixed drinks thirst repellent, especially if served cold. Have you thought about what benefits can be obtained from the juice of this one?

With a relatively affordable price, lemon contains about 5 per cent citric acid and a rich source of vitamin C. Lemon also contains many vitamins such as vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein and carbohydrates. Lots of food menus that use lemon as a giver taste ranging from cakes, dishes made ​​from chicken meat, a variety of beverages or as an ornamental.

In general, utilization is a way to squeeze the lemon and then mixed with water. There are many health benefits to be gained from a drink made ​​from lemon. Here are the 10 most popular benefits:

1. Good for stomach

Lemon can help relieve digestive problems when mixed with hot water, including nausea, heartburn and parasites. By drinking lemon juice regularly, your belly to help remove dirt more efficiently. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and cleaning agents. Intake of lemon juice can cure constipation. Even lemon juice also serves as a liver tonic and helps you digest food by helping the liver produce more bile.

2. Skin care

Lemon can be a natural antiseptic, which served to cure the problems associated with the skin. Daily consumption of lemon juice can provide large changes in the appearance of your skin. Lemon has a function as an anti-aging, remove wrinkles and blackheads. Even if placed on the burn area can diminish scars.

3. Dental Care

Did you know that lemon juice has an important function in dental care? Yes, if the fresh lemon juice placed on the sore area of ​​the teeth, can help in getting rid of the pain. Squeeze lemon juice on gums can stop gum bleeding. This method also prevents odor and other problems associated with gum.

4. Cure throat infection

Lemon is a very good fruit is helpful in combating the problems associated with throat infections, sore throats and tonsillitis caused by bacteria. To overcome sore throat, you can gargle with half a glass of lemon juice.

5. Lose weight

Regular drinking lemon water opens the way to lose weight faster. Utilizing the lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey, can also help reduce weight.

6. Control high blood pressure

Lemon juice works like a magic potion, especially for people who have heart problems, because of the high potassium content in it. Diets high in potassium are also believed to help control high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, helps relaxation of mind, reducing mental stress and depression.

7. Helps healing breath disorders

Lemon juice helps in curing respiratory problems, especially in people who suffer from asthma.

8. Treat arthritis

Lemon has diuretic properties so it can help treat rheumatism and arthritis, by removing bacteria and toxins from the body.

9. Relieves fever

Lemon juice can treat a person suffering from the flu or a fever, with increased production of sweat.

10. Blood purifier

Diseases such as cholera or malaria can be treated with lemon water because it has properties as a blood purifier.

How much should I drink?

If you're in good health and weighed 70 kg or less, it is advisable to squeeze half a lemon and presenting it in a glass of water. Drink twice a day. However, if you weigh more than 70 kg, squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water. For maximum benefit, drink two times a day.

Honey Benefits for Pregnant Women Food

Honey Benefits for Pregnant Women - Usefulness of honey as one of the pregnant mother's diet had no doubt. In addition to nutritious, honey was beneficial for women during their pregnancy. Honey can be used to alleviate a variety of complaints during pregnancy, such as:

Heartburn (heartburn)
Heartburn is a common complaint in pregnant women. Hormones released during pregnancy allow the softening of the sphincter between the esophagus and stomach. When this happens, then the stomach acid to back up the esophagus and cause a burning sensation. This could happen in the last months of pregnancy, when baby is pushed all the organs to the top. You may also experience this hearburn as a burning sensation in the throat or chest. Another woman felt the complaint was as big lumps that seemed to be in the throat and upper chest. To minimize this complaint, you can handle a drink recipe with a mixture of honey and milk to help neutralize stomach acid. This recipe is best taken every night before bed.

Colds During Pregnancy
Colds are a fairly common complaint during pregnancy. Pregnant women tend to be more susceptible because their immune systems decline and their mucous membranes tend to swell during pregnancy. This can make it difficult to eliminate coughs and colds, and can disrupt breathing. To avoid colds, you can increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C include fruits and fruit juices. Many women also feel that drinking tea mixed with lemon and help can help relieve discomfort and pain in the throat.

Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is a common complaint experienced by nearly 70 percent of pregnant women. The general nature of these complaints are nausea and vomiting for some time, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. In more severe cases, morning sickness can cause weight loss, malnutrition or more serious health complications for the mother and developing child.

Traditional medicine is used to reduce nausea is a light snack and soda. Ginger is also effective against reproductive and digestive system diseases, as it stimulates circulation and supports a good blood supply to the reproductive organs and digestive. Ginger and milk is a good medication for nausea and vomiting.

Aware please !!!!
Although there are many natural remedies during pregnancy and honey treatment known to be quite safe in helping to relieve some common side effects, or complaints of pregnancy (honey is not allowed for the newborn and under 1 year) but remember that something is natural does not always mean safe, for example there are many herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy.

10 Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

10 Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women - Eating for two people can be a pretty heavy responsibility, especially with all the conflicting information from the surrounding environment. For example, if the fish was important, not the content of mercury in food is too much? Or foods pregnant women should be plenty of protein and that of meat, but meat contains a lot of cholesterol and fatty?

Is it good to eat lots of eggs, since eggs were the source of cholesterol?

There are many ways to ensure that you and your baby get the nutrients you both need. Here, the experts discuss some of their main food pregnant. You need not like or eat them all, but pick and choose your favorites to give you nutrition to the developing fetus. Following a healthy diet for pregnant women:

A nutrition expert Elizabeth Ward said that the egg is a wonderful thing, where you get lots of benefits in one egg and it's only about 90 calories.

In addition to more than 12 vitamins and minerals, eggs contain lots of protein quality, which is important for pregnancy. "Your baby's cells to grow at an exponential rate, and each cell is made of proteins," explains Ward. "Plus, as a pregnant woman, you have your own protein needs."

Eggs are also rich in choline, which encourages the growth of baby's overall health and brain, while helping to prevent neural tube defects. Some even contain omega-3 fats, essential for brain and vision development.

The egg is bad cholesterol, is not justified by Ward. It turns out that eating more saturated fat can cause many adverse effects on your cholesterol than eating cholesterol is found naturally in foods. Eggs are high in cholesterol, but also has a relatively low saturated fat content, with about one-half gram per egg. So that healthy women with normal blood cholesterol can consume 1-2 eggs a day as part of a balanced diet low in saturated fat.

Not only because of salmon filled with high-quality protein, but salmon is also a source of omega-3 fats. Nutrient content in salmon is good for pregnant women, as well as these fish have a lower number of merkury. Danger of other fish to pregnant women is high merkury content, which can be dangerous in infants nervous system development process. But remember, do not eat salmon too much, at least with a limit of 12 ounces per week to reduce the dangers of mercury it.

There are so many choices, the benefits of nuts for a pregnant woman is not in doubt. Of all types of nuts. Beans, which contain fiber and protein for the most numerous of all kinds of vegetables.

You already know protein is important during pregnancy, but you may not realize that the fibers can become your new best friend while waiting for nine months. In pregnancy, the digestive tract slows down, put you at risk for constipation and hemorrhoids. Fiber can help prevent and alleviate these problems.

In addition, foods containing fiber tend to be rich in nutrients. This is justified because the seeds are also a good source of iron, folate, calcium, and zinc.

Sweet potato
The new knowledge about the benefits of sweet potatoes for pregnant women, sweet potatoes have orange color of carotenoids, plant pigments are converted into vitamin A in our body.

Sweet potato is also a source of vitamin C, folate, and fiber. And like peanuts, sweet potatoes inexpensive and versatile.

Popcorn and other grains
Popcorn is a grain. The whole point is important in pregnancy because of high wheat fiber and nutrients, including vitamin E, selenium, and phytonutrients - plant compounds that protect cells. Not just popcorn. There are many other grain out there, from oatmeal to bread wheat up to wheat.


Do not like fish or eggs, but still want to get the omega-3 that are critical to the growth of your baby's brain? Try walnut, this is one vegetable sources of omega-3's richest. A number of walnut is a great choice for snacks or salad ingredients.

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt typically has twice the protein content of proteins regular yogurt, this makes it one of your favorite foods during pregnancy. And any kind of yogurt is a source of calcium, which is important in the diet pregnancy. If you do not get enough calcium, then the amount of calcium that will arrive at your baby's development is also limited.

Leaf Color Dark Green Vegetables
Vegetables benefits for pregnant women have no doubt, especially dark green vegetables. For example spinach, or other green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, and folate is very important. vegetables also been found to improve eye health.

Meat without fat
Meat is a source of high quality protein, look for meat without fat or fat that has been separated. When purchasing red meat, very difficult to mendaptkan fat-free meat. Do not eat hot dogs, though, unless the meat is heated with steam heat. There is a small risk to the food like this because it could be an intermediary bacteria and toxoplasma parasites of meat such as Listeria monocytogenes, or salmonella in infants

Fruits and vegetables Colourful
Eat a variety of different colors of vegetables and fruits such as green, red, orange, yellow, purple, white will ensure that you and your baby get a variety of nutrients. Each different color groups provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Another advantage across the spectrum of eating fruits and vegetables is During the final stages of pregnancy, babies 'taste' the food you eat via the amniotic fluid. So if you've introduced your baby on a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables in the womb, you will increase the chances your baby will recognize and accept their taste later.

Grapes, Protector Our Skin from UV Rays

Grapes Protector Our Skin from UV Rays - Grapes can protect our skin from ultraviolet rays, not only the sweet taste, but this grapes fruit also know by many polyphenols element and resveratol in body metabolism.

But, latest news about this grapes fruit is the researcher get a new benefits from wine, where the certain element that contain in grapes can protect our skin from Ultra Violet.

The researchers observed that certain substances extracted polyphenols from grapes may inhibit the formation of ROS epidermal cells that have been exposed to long wave (UVA) and medium wave (UVB). Based on these studies, researchers finally concluded that polyphenolic compounds may help protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

According to researchers, a number of skin care cosmetic products already make use of wine as the base material of manufacture, but they do not fully understand how its processing. The researchers hope these findings will continue to be developed so that future efficacy of grapes could be utilized.

Grape Seed Potentially Killing Cancer Cells

Grape Seed Potentially Killing Cancer Cells - Grape seed lately many researched for health benefits. One of the newest is its ability to cope with skin cancer and prevent blindness. Not only that, a latest research even shows grape seed extract can kill cancer cells in the neck and head. The findings are published in the journal Carcinogenesis.

The advantages of this grape seed extract is only kills cancer cells without disturbing the healthy cells. "The effect is quite dramatic," said Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

However, Agarwal said, the effectiveness of grape seed extract still depends on the ability of healthy cells to survive the damage. "Cancer cells spread very quickly. But there are also conditions in which they can not grow, so that cancer cells will die," he added.

According to Agarwal, grape seed extract may create unfavorable conditions for cancer cells, because it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Head and neck cancer (cancer outside the brain, eyes and spinal cord) appeared at an average age of 59 years. Causes of head and neck cancer is usually caused by the habit of chewing tobacco, drinking habits alkhol. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancer associated with tobacco use.

Kiwi Lower Hypertension

Kiwi Lower Hypertension - Although in general, high blood pressure or hypertension had no symptoms. However, this condition does not mean harmless. If not treated, high blood pressure overload can damage many organs and tissues.

One effort to reduce high blood pressure is to eat a varied diet with a combination of proper nutrition. The results presented in the meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, United States, consumption of kiwi is mentioned three times in a day is quite effective in lowering hypertension.

Research conducted by Mette Svendsen of the University Hospital Oslo, Norway, for 8 weeks to 118 people aged 55 years and suffering from hypertension were.

The respondents were divided into two groups, one which is eating three kiwi fruit per day and the rest are eating foods that contain apple once a day.

After 8 weeks, the researchers found a value of systolic pressure (the upper blood pressure number) of participants is lower than 3.6 millimeters with participants who consumed apples.

Although kiwi eaters have lower blood pressure, but researchers do not yet know whether the main cause. This can only be confirmed with more extensive research.

Black Tea Benefits Help Overcome Hypertension

Black Tea Benefits Help Overcome Hypertension - This is good news for tea lovers. A latest study conducted by researchers from Australia found that those who regularly drank black tea every day, will probably get little benefit in lowering high blood pressure (hypertension).

Although researchers can not identify the specific components of tea that play a role in lowering blood pressure, the researchers suspect that flavonoids, which are found in tea, have a vital function in preventing hypertension.

As published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers took 95 volunteers randomly from Australia who have normal blood pressure. Volunteers then divided into two groups. One group of black tea and other drinks with the same flavor and aroma with caffeine content.

Before starting the test, the volunteers blood pressure was measured first, which is about 121/72 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Blood pressure is normal when a person is less than 120/80 mm Hg. Meanwhile, if a person's blood pressure reaches 140/90 mm Hg or more, then it came under the category of hypertension.

After that, the researchers assigned to each group to drink black tea three times daily for six months. After six months, participants who drank black tea decreased systolic blood pressure by 2 mm Hg and their diastolic blood pressure also decreased by approximately 2 mm Hg.

Despite a decrease in blood pressure, researchers believe that the decline was not significant enough to bring someone out of danger zone associated with hypertension.

"The message is not true if one only relies on a continuous black tea," said Jonathan Hodgson, principal investigator of the University of Western Australia.

"There are small changes. This is not the same if you take blood pressure lowering drugs," continued Dr. Joseph Vita of Boston University, who was not involved with the study.

Benefits of Galangal as Medicine

Benefits of Galangal as Medicine - Galangal or laos (Alpinia galanga) is a type of plant tubers that can live in the highlands and lowlands. In Indonesia, this plant is found, and is usually used as a seasoning mixture.

But you know, that turned out to have the benefits of ginger as a medicine? Plants belonging to the family of this rhizome has apparently been widely used by experts and health professionals as a homeopathic drug. Want to know what benefits you can get from this ginger-like plant?

Here are the explanation about galangal as quoted from Times of India:

- Galangal contains anti-inflammatory and therefore useful in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis).

- Helps relieve the discomfort caused due to inflammation of the stomach or ulcers.

- To prevent seasickness and nausea, you can chew some slices of fresh ginger. This method can be trusted to effectively stop feeling like throwing up.

- Galangal contains a number of anti-oxidants that help minimize the damage caused by free radicals and other toxins in the body.

- To improve blood circulation in the body, you can insert galangal in the daily diet. Smooth blood circulation in the end contribute to keep the heart healthy.

- If you suffer from diarrhea, chew some slices of fresh ginger as a treatment alternative.

- Galangal contains many important compounds required by humans such as iron, sodium, vitamins A and C, flavonoids and phytonutrients.

15 Delicious Food and Make Immune from Diseases

Delicious Food and Make Immune from Diseases - When conditions are extreme and erratic weather like right now, your body may become more vulnerable to minor disturbances, such as flu or colds. In order not easy to get sick, you certainly have to maintain the condition and stamina with a variety of ways, including improved durability and immunity or immunity through the intake of nutritious food.

The following are some healthy foods that you can choose to boost immunity. By taking them properly and balanced, your body will be primed and protected from disease.

1. Oysters: Is it true that oysters contain substances that stimulate lust or boost immunity? Perhaps both are true. Oysters contain zinc (zinc). Research shows that low zinc intake associated with male infertility. In addition, the mineral content of zinc in oysters have antiviral effects. Though research has not been able to explain the process, the minerals zinc proved a big role in the immune system, including in wound healing.

2. Watermelon: Besides containing lots of fluids and refreshing, ripe watermelon also contain high antioxidant and glutathione. Glutathione is known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection. Glutathione itself is found in the red watermelon flesh.

3. Cabbage: In addition to watermelon, cabbage is also a useful source of glutathione, which strengthens the immune system. Cabbage is easy to find in every season and it's cheap. Try adding some kind of cabbage (white, red, china) to soups and beverages to increase the nutritional value and source of antioxidants in your food.

4. Nuts "almonds": You know, when experiencing stress, then it is synonymous with lowered immunity? Try a handful of almonds to overcome them. You are advised to consume 1/4 cup almonds because the dose is already contained 50 percent of the amount of vitamin E needed by the body to help boost the immune system. Almonds also contain riboflavin and niacin, vitamin B that can help you recover from the effects of stress.

5. Oranges "grapefruit": The content of vitamin C in grapefruit is very high and good for the body. However, until recently, research has not been able to prove that you can easily meet the requirement of vitamin C through diet alone, without supplements, to help treat the flu or a cold. Even so, grapefruit may be an option because it contains flavonoids (natural chemical compounds that are useful boost the immune system). Do not like grapefruit? You could try oranges or tangerines (tangerines).

6. "Wheat germ": Wheat germ is a core part of the grain of wheat which is rich in nutrients. The content contained in the wheat germ of which is the mineral zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins B, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ also contains a mixture of fiber, protein and some fat is good.

7. Low-fat yogurt: A cup of yogurt each day can prevent your body from the cold. Look for yogurt label that wrote the "bacteria live and active cultures". Some researchers believe that yogurt may stimulate the immune system to fight disease. In addition, recent studies of vitamin D have found an association between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of cold and flu.

8. Garlic: Garlic contains a number of antioxidants which are useful in the immune system against H pylori, the bacterium that causes inflammation of the stomach lining and even stomach cancer. Cooking tips are: peeled garlic, cut, and allow 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to activate an enzyme that works to increase immunity.

9. Spinach: Spinach is known as a super food because it is rich in nutrients. This is because spinach contains folate which helps your body produce new cells and repair of DNA. Spinach also contains fiber, antioxidants, like vitamin C, and more. Nutrition at most spinach is obtained when spinach is eaten raw or lightly cooked.

10. Tea: Like green tea or black tea? No need to hesitate because they both contain polyphenols and flavonoids that can fight disease. Antioxidants contained in both types of tea that can destroy free radicals.

11. Sweet potatoes: Like carrots, sweet potatoes also have antioxidant beta-carotene that fight free radicals. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin A which is useful to slow the aging process and can reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

12. Broccoli: Vegetables that are easily found in supermarkets is in fact contain substances that can increase the body's immune basis. A study showed that natural chemicals in broccoli helps stimulate the immune system. Plus, nutrients that protect your body from damage. In addition, broccoli also has vitamin A, vitamin C, and glutathione. Cooking Tips: You can add a side dish with broccoli fed low-fat cheese so that obtaining vitamin B and vitamin D are useful to boost immunity.

13. Button mushrooms: When you think of mushrooms as a low-nutrient foods, you are wrong! Fungi have a mineral selenium and antioxidants. Based on the study, low levels of selenium in the body can increase the risk of contracting a more severe flu. In addition, riboflavin and niacin content contained in button mushrooms play an important role in the immune system. Animal studies have shown that the fungus also has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects.

14. "Acai berry": Known by the term "superfood", acai berry also produces antioxidants like blueberries. Only, acai berry antioxidant content is higher and is often called anthocyanins. Although the acai berry can not be dispesifikkan to combat certain diseases, antioxidant believed to help your body fight aging and disease. Acai berry most often ditemukkan in juices or smoothies or dried and mixed with granola (cereal).

15. "Elderberry": In a study conducted found that the herb made from elderberry extract is able to block the flu virus. Several small studies conducted in humans showed that this material can help you recover faster from the flu. However, scientists caution that further studies are still needed. Elderberry itself rich in antioxidants and has the ability to relieve inflammation.

10 Types of Food Efficacious for Men

10 Types of Food Efficacious for Men - Body fit and healthy is everyone's dream. To make it happen, it takes a strong commitment, healthy lifestyles and quality of nutrition derived from the food you consume.

Special for the men, there are other types of nutritious foods and nutritious for your body. Below, there are several common types of food you consume, but some may have never known before. But there's nothing wrong, you try to eat them for health:

1. Bit

Bulbs that this one has a very sweet taste than other vegetables. The dark red fruit contains a lot of sugar in layers of rough skin. Why bit healthy? Like spinach, beets rich in folate and betaine. Two types of these nutrients can reduce levels of homocysteine ​​in your blood vessels.

Homocysteine ​​is a compound in the blood that can damage arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. The content of natural pigments - called betacyanins - in bits is a natural cancer prevention.

2. Cabbage

Who does not know this vegetable. One cup of chopped cabbage contains 22 calories and a number of other important nutrients. Call it sulforaphane, a chemical that can increase the production of enzymes in the body that inhibit the cell damage caused by free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer. The experts at Stanford University stated, sulforaphane can increase the production of an enzyme inhibitor of cancer is more effective than other chemical compounds contained in vegetables.

3. Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit that has a complicated structure of the acid. The sweet taste of this fruit will taste when you bite the middle. Guava rich in lycopene, a type of antioxidant that can cope with prostate cancer. A cup of Guava juice contains 688 milligrams of potassium, or 63 percent more than that found in bananas. Guava is also known as high-fiber foods. There are about 9 grams of fiber in a glass of Guava.

4. Swiss chard

A half cup of cooked Swiss chard contains 10 mg each of lutein and zeaxanthin. According to Harvard scientists, these two compounds - also known as carotenoids - may protect the retina from damage due to aging. Two of these nutrients, which is actually a pigment, will accumulate in the retina, which used to absorb various types of short-wave rays that could potentially damage the eye. Therefore, the more lutein and zeaxanthin are consumed, the better protection of your eyes.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can help you control your blood pressure, which would affect the risk of heart disease. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states, people with type 2 diabetes who consumed 1 gram of cinnamon daily for six weeks (about 1/4 teaspoon daily) significantly decreased blood sugar levels, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Cinnamon contains methylhydroxychalcone polymers, which can increase the body's cells ability to metabolize sugar by up to 20 times.

6. Purslane

Purslane or purslane (Portulaca oleracea) is one of the weeds that grow in plantations chili. Weeds are known as nutritious crops in several countries such as China, Mexico and Greece. In Indonesia purslane is also known to have utility as a refresher, a tonic on the state of fatigue or a substitute for ginseng.

According to experts at the University of Texas at San Antonio, purslane contained in omega-3 is very good for heart health. The scientists also reported, purslane contain melatonin - a type of antioxidants can prevent cancer growth - 10 to 20 times more than any other fruit or vegetable.

7. Pomegranate juice

For years known as the pomegranate juice drink, especially popular in the Middle East region. Israeli scientists reveal that men who drank 2 ounces (about 60 ml) of pomegranate juice every day for a year decreased systolic pressure by 21 percent. These habits also improve the blood circulation system. Get used to drink 4 ounces of pomegranate juice because it can meet 50 percent of vitamin C for your body every day.

8. Gojiberri or wolfberry fruit

Because it tastes sweet, herbal red lights since long been used as a nutritious ingredient that can be added to the dishes of boiled meat, chicken or seafood.

Wolfberry fruits contain beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2, beta-sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory), linoneat acid, and other useful materials. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry efficacious strengthen blood circulation, strengthen the kidneys and liver and provide moisture to the lungs. Wolfberry is often used to treat diseases "consumptive" marked by a sense of thirst (as in diabetes and tuberculosis), mengarasi dizziness, blurred vision, lack of clear vision and chronic cough.

9. Plums Fruit

This fruit contains neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid, a type of antioxidant that is effective against "superoxide anion radical." Types of free radicals can cause damage to cells, especially that caused cancer.

10. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds may be the most bernutirisi part in the flask. By eating pumpkin seeds, your body needs magnesium to be fulfilled. This is important because French scientists recently found men with high levels of magnesium in their blood have a tendency to 40 percent lower risk of early death, than men with low levels of magnesium. Men should consume an average of 353 mg of this mineral every day, while the USDA recommends at least 420 mg.

High Calcium in Bones of Catfish

High calcium in the bones of Catfish - Fishbone African catfish (Clarias barrachus) who had only just turned out to be a waste can be processed into high-crackers that contain calcium. Bone Crackers African catfish has the highest calcium content, which reached 7999 milligrams in 100 grams of cracker cracker than others, such as ACI crackers, shrimp chips, and crackers mackerel fish.

'Crackers aci' does not contain calcium, while the 'prawn crackers' and 'crackers mackerel fish' each containing 332 mg and 2 mg of calcium per 100 grams of crackers.

This is the result of research "Oktaviana Rahmawati" and "Pratama Rachmat", high school students Muhammadiyah 1 Solo, which won the champion III for IPS and Humanities at the Olympic Student Research Indonesia which was held October 9 to 14 and then in the Ministry of National Education.

"I like to eat catfish and catfish I saw bones piled up thrown away. Then sparked the idea to use a cracker," said Pratama.

In addition to calcium, bone fish African catfish are processed into crackers also contain phosphorus, which is 129.1 mg per 100 grams of crackers as well as calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

African catfish bones processed first into flour before it is made into crackers with extra tapioca flour, wheat flour, and spices with a particular composition. "We tested many times after being asked the craftsmen cracker, search the internet, and receive guidance from teachers Scientific Group Adolescents in school," said Oktaviana.

Selection of African catfish because the most widely used today in food stalls and fishing, so easy to obtain and cheaper than the local catfish. In addition to high calcium, bone crackers African catfish also has high prospects for entrepreneurship. With capital Rp.66.600, can be obtained crackers 1022 with measuring on diameter 5 cm. If packed into 102 packets with a selling price of Rp 2.000/packet will give a net profit of Rp 137 .400. [kompas]

Sources of Calcium Besides Milk

Sources of calcium besides milk - If you want to have strong bones, there are two key nutrients that must be met, namely calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is needed to support the structure of bones and teeth, while vitamin D will increase calcium absorption and bone growth.

Talk about the calcium, the memory of people would go directly to the milk. Indeed there is a reason why milk is identical with calcium. Eight ounces of low-fat milk contains 90 calories and 30 percent meet the daily requirement of calcium.

Nevertheless there are many other sources of calcium that is not less powerful and easy everyday materials.


Sardines, was rich in vitamin D and calcium. These small fish are usually sold in canned form, but it would be better if you eat fresh sardines.

2. Eggs

Although eggs contain only six percent of the total daily requirement of vitamin D, but the food is easily obtainable. Vitamin D in the eggs contained in the yolk.

3. salmon

This fish is more famous for the content of omega-3, but the size is 3 ounces of salmon contains more than 100 percent of vitamin D daily. Routine consumption of salmon fish is not only strong bones but also heart healthy. Other fish rich in vitamin D is tuna.

4. spinach

Do not like to drink milk? Spinach can be an alternative source of your calcium. One cup of spinach contains 25 percent of calcium, plus fiber, iron, and vitamin A. In addition to spinach, you can also get calcium from green leafy vegetables.

5. orange juice

A glass of fresh orange juice can be a source of calcium and vitamin D. Ready to drink some orange juice has also been fortified with other vitamins.

5 Foods to Eliminate Fat In Stomach

5 Foods to Eliminate Fat In Stomach - Consuming the wrong types of carbohydrates can accumulate fat in the abdomen. Then how do I struggle to get a flat belly? Well, these foods can form a stomach like a bodybuilder:

1. Plain yogurt
We all know yogurt is good for health. Probiotic bacteria in yogurt helps keep the digestive system stay healthy. The indication to reduce gas, bloating, constipation and keep your stomach looking flat with no flab.

2. Cereals
Set aside the white bread and switched to whole wheat bread and brown rice. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that calorie-controlled diet rich in whole grains and are able to trim the fat in the abdomen. Insulin response to declining grain, So easier to mobilize fat storage.

3. Greens
Broccoli, asparagus, peppers and butter beans contain vitamins A, C, K, folate, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium and fiber is good for the metabolism of fat accumulation in the abdomen.

4. Monounsaturated fats
Diets high in monounsaturated fats like olive oil helps reduce levels of abdominal fat. Even with no change or increase the intake of calories in sports.

5. Vinegar
Research in Japan found a substance that gives a sour taste and smell of strong vinegar against fat. They found that overweight individuals consuming 1 or 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar every day for 12 weeks significantly body weight, levels of BMI, visceral fat content in the stomach and waist size decreased. Vinegar contains acetic acid which can activate protein gene pumps to break down fat.

Resource: Resep.web.id

This is Seventh Cause of Bad Breath

This is seventh cause of bad breath - Halitosis or bad breath is a common problem that is often experienced by many people, and sometimes regarded as something shameful. During this oral hygiene area is less attention, thus triggering the development of various diseases such as caries, gingivitis, tartar until bad breath.

Want to know what can trigger bad breath? Here are 7 (seven) the most common cause your breath smell:

1. Stacking food: piling leftovers mouthfeel is the most common cause of bad breath. Food particles are transformed into the anaerobic bacteria producing bad breath like rotten eggs.

2. Tooth decay: Tooth decay (caries) by bacteria are the main agents that cause bad breath. Rotten teeth that can lead to demineralization causing halitosis (bad breath).

3. Dry mouth (Xerostomia): Saliva has many antibacterial content. When there is a reduction or even none at all saliva in the oral cavity, this can lead to a buildup of plaque that helped the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

4. Gum disease: Gum disease and periodontal disease is an important causative agent of bad breath.

5. Smoking: In addition to damaging health, smoking habits can also lead to bad breath. This is caused due to an accumulation of nicotine, tar and foul-smelling substances other in the oral cavity.

6. Super-strict diet: Apart from other hazards that may affect health, severe dieting can also cause bad breath caused by ketoacidosis due to prolonged starvation.

7. Sources from outside the mouth: In addition to the damage to the teeth and gums, cause bad breath can also come from outside, such as respiratory tract infections, diabetes and kidney dysfunction.

Source: resep.web.id

Worst Causes of Heart Attack

Worst Causes of Heart Attack - Similar to cancer, heart disease, or better known as heart attack, has been categorized as a disease of 'killer' in Indonesia.

A heart attack can strike anyone, anytime. Not only occurs when surprised, too tired or too much stress can lead to heart attacks.

Many factors can cause the deadly attack. In addition to its lifestyle and food, according to some studies, grief or trauma is an indication that may exacerbate the risk of heart attack.

A U.S. study of nearly 2,000 heart attack survivors found an increased risk of heart attack within the first week after the loss of someone significant, ranging from one per 320 persons at high risk to one per 1394 people with a low risk of heart attack.

Experts believe that stress caused by the loss of immediate health effects, while the loss of sleep and appetite may suppress the immune system of people who loved life, which can aggravate existing medical conditions underlying.

Emotional strain also caused some bereaved partners to take their own lives, while others ignore their health and diet because of the pain their loss.

Dr. Murray Mittleman, a preventive cardiologist and epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and School of Public Health epidemiology department, in Boston.

"Caregivers, health care providers, and the bereaved themselves need to recognize they are in a period of high risk in the days and weeks after hearing someone close to dying."

Meanwhile, the lead researcher Elizabeth Mostofsky explained about the stress caused by the sense of loss triggers a higher heart rate, thus triggering the pressure and increased blood clotting.

"Friends and family mourn those who have to provide close support to help prevent such incidents, especially near the beginning of the grieving process," said Mostofsky.

According Mostofsky, during situations of extreme sadness and psychological distress, you still need to take care of yourself and seek medical attention for symptoms associated with heart attacks.

The study, also published in Circulation: Journal of the American Hearth Association, said that stress-induced cardiomyopathy, which is due to circumstances triggered by an acute emotional or physical trauma and releases adrenaline wave that controls the heart, such as sadness, anxiety, and anger, also be the cause of the increased risk a heart attack.

Montly Important Health News in World Health Medicine

World Health Medicine begin to make nay health posting that posted in kkkmedicine blog monthly. So, any body can look more about some news that have been planted on the root of the blog.

Below are 5 Interesting post of the month

1. 5 Vital Nutrition to Children
Here are tell you about nutrient that are so important that consume by children, you can see and give your attention to this post to get more about nutrient that needed by children.

2. The Characteristics of a Healthy Breast
Beautiful breast shape is important, but far more important if breast is also healthy. Healthy breasts that means must be free of disease, especially breast cancer and functioning correctly. this news took from womanhealth website, this post is directed to women, in order they can guard their health rightly.

3. Avoid Child from Obesity
Really afraid, obesity is one of the danger disease, cause can form the other crucial disease. this post is important to know for all of us. we must know how to get away from obesity disease. So, i recommend you for read this one.

4. 9 side effect of drugs
Many of us may be consume drug without attention side effect. Eating while sleeping is one of the side effect of wrong in drug intake.So, this post is recommend you to be careful to drug that we intake and consume everyday.

5. Eating Fish Important to woman.
Cause this is can prevent them from heart disease, this statement based on the following quoted.
The researchers found that women of childbearing age who never ate fish had a 50 percent higher risk of cardiovascular problems affected than women who frequently eat fish.

OK, these 5 important posting of the month on this kkkmedicine will be make us more remember to our health. Hope keep more for read my next new Post about health. Thank :)

Obesity People Easier Dehydration

Obesity People Easier Dehydration - About two-thirds of the human body weight is water weight. But to those who are overweight or obese, the total water in the body lower than those of normal weight.

Because the water content in their fat cells is lower than the water content in the muscle cells, then the obese person is more prone to dehydrate. Unfortunately, though it was dehydration, but the signs are not very clear and should be cautious in assessing the state of water in less obesity.

In the book Water For Health, written by Professor Hardinsyah and his friends, for the water needs of obese people are advised two glasses more than the people who are not overweight. Besides being easy to factor the lack of fluids, adequate water consumption will also help you lose weight.

"It is wrong to drink plenty of water is called will cause obesity. Quite the contrary because the water contains no calories. Drinking water before meals will also cause a feeling of satiety so your calorie intake can be reduced," he said in the seminar titled Meet Balanced Nutrition, Inadequate Water Supplies, in Jakarta (19/1).

Revealing Facts and Myths About Beer

Revealing Facts and Myths About Beer - Beer is one of the most popular beverage. Thousands or even millions of people around the world has ever drank, and even some people believe that what they are doing right. Many people believe that beer has a lot of the content of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the body and can promote a healthier life.

So, what is true of beer can be used as medicine to improve health? Let's find out myths and facts about beer below so there is no misconception about the beverage that can actually damage the body is:

1. Myth: Beer is a natural drink that is useful. Some people believe that beer is a drink which is very useful and should be part of their daily diets. Many people think that beer contains small amounts of alcohol concentration and if taken in reasonable doses, it may be beneficial to health.

Fact: In real, the beer should be considered more dangerous than wine (wine) or vodka, because it contains many harmful composites are processed from the fermentation. The composite is toxic (usually fermented waste) include aldehydes, Fusel oil, methanol, ether and so on. In addition, the alcohol content in beer is not always low and there is sometimes reached 14 percent.

2. Myth: Beer does not have such an effect that alcohol can make people addicted.

Fact: beer addict will experience severe psychological disorders and is often accompanied by anosognosia or get people out of control and difficult to get rid of these bad habits. It did not take long for someone to fall on a psychological dependence due to consumption of beer. So you should be careful to try this drink.

3. Myth: Beer is useful to help people switch from heavy drinking alcohol like vodka, wine and whiskey.

Fact: Many people have been fooled and assume that the consumption of beer is better than vodka or whiskey. In fact, beer and vodka are equally harmful.

4. Myth: Beer is useful for our brains. Beer contains silica, which can prevent brain atrophy, difficulty speaking and other problems.

Fact: Actually, alcohol destroys brain cells and this process takes place very rapidly in adolescents and youth. Regular beer consumption affects human intelligence and learning ability.

5. Myth: Beer good for the heart and blood vessels

Fact: Beer is very dangerous cause changes in physical form and working of human heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Beer contains large amounts of carbon dioxide rapidly into the blood and cause blood vessel problems, such as varicose veins.

6. Myth: Beer has a sense of fun and useful for our digestion.

Fact: Studies show that drinking too much beer increases the risk of someone suffering from colon cancer. In addition, beer contains elements such as cobalt, which is known for its trigger inflammation in the esophagus and stomach.

7. Myth: Beer is useful because it has lots of vitamins. Some beer lovers believe that by drinking a liter of beer a day can meet the daily allowance of all the required elements and vitamins.

Fact: Actually, the beer almost no vitamins at all. During the manufacturing process, all the vitamins that initially there will be lost. As a result, a liter of beer contains only 0.005 to 0.15 mg of thiamine and riboflavin from 0.3 to 1.3 mg.

8. Myth: Beer can improve sexual function

Fact: Alcohol is always bad for sexual function in both men and women. Alcohol inhibits the production of androgens in the body, which can substantially lower the sex drive. In addition, beer also contains some toxic substances, including heavy metal composites, which can cause dangerous changes in the endocrine system.

9. Myth: Beer is useful for our nervous system because it has a calming effect and helps to relieve stress

Fact: Beer affects the nervous system because it contains certain psychoactive ingredient, which makes beer acts as a dangerous intoxicating beverage. In addition, the beer has properties such as sedation, which affect working memory and sensorimotor.

10. Myth: Beer is good for the kidneys because of the nature diuretic

Fact: Beer to wash out the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and essential elements of good for our body, especially potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Potassium deficiency can cause the body undergoes changes in heart rhythm, dry skin, pain in the legs. While magnesium deficiency triggers sleep disorders, irritability and nervousness. Lack of vitamin C in the body also cause immune problems, decreased concentration and mental imbalance.

The Girl More Risk in Obesity

The Girl More Risk in Obesity - Obesity has now become one of serious diseases in the 21st century. Both parents and children have the same risk of experiencing obesity. Some questions also often arise related to this disease, obesity really is a hereditary disease?

A latest research shows, children of parents with obese have a higher likelihood to be obese. But unique, girls are more likely to be obese than boys.

The findings are based on observations during the 20-years by scientists at Glasgow University, Scotland. The study involved nearly 1,500 families in the West of Scotland and found that 24 percent of children will be obese just like their parents. And only 9 percent of children who are not overweight than parents with obesity.

The data also showed that 17 percent of mothers with obesity, will be at risk of having a daughter with obesity as well, namely by 20 percent. This figure is much greater if you see the proportion between the father and son or mother to son.

Researchers confirmed, although genetic factors have a role related to obesity, gender differences can also influence. The study is published in European Journal of Epidemiology.

The research concludes that women are more likely to have weight similar to their mothers, and experts believe that this could be due to a lack of maternal skills in food processing and food choices are wrong.

"A family with a background of obese parents, their children will tend to have bigger bodies. There is a strong relationship between the weight of a mother and daughters rather than sons," said Dr.. Jennifer Logue, clinical professor of biochemistry and metabolic medicine of Glasgow University.

Important, Maintaining Oral Health for Pregnant Women

Important, Maintaining Oral Health for Pregnant Women - The gestation period is the time where the future mother prone to various kinds of health problems. But unfortunately, some of the pregnant women tend to neglect their oral health because they think it is not very influential to the health of the baby.

Some research has shown there is a connection between oral health of pregnant women and fetal health. In fact, pregnant women who have periodontal disease are seven times more likely to have premature babies.

"Gingivitis (gum inflammation) during pregnancy is a common complication of oral and affects some expectant mothers. Bleeding, swollen, red gums or difficulty breathing are some symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis. Even as much as eighty percent of pregnant women complain of oral complications. And, if the not promptly treated, the symptoms will increase, "said Dr D Gopalakrishnan, periodontists Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan of Chennai, India.

"Periodontal disease has a negative impact on the baby's teeth and gums. This condition should be avoided and all issues must be addressed in time to avoid complications," he added.

For prevention, it is recommended for pregnant women to perform routine dental examination before and after childbirth.

"To begin with, a pregnant woman should brush their teeth with a soft bristle brush, and rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. But, before using the mouthwash, they must first perform the examination to the dentist," said dr. Radhika Raman.

With proper oral hygiene and eating foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, one pregnant women will be able to ensure her health and baby during pregnancy.

Limit Flu Drug Consumption During Pregnancy

Limit Flu Drug Consumption During Pregnancy - During pregnancy a mother's candidate should be more careful in taking the drug, including drug-free. One of the drugs should be restricted is cold and cough medicines.

The researchers warned several types of cough and cold medicines may contain hazardous substances that are potentially harmful to fetal growth. In addition there has been no research that accurately states the security of flu drugs in pregnant women.

The best is to consult the doctor to determine which drugs are safe for pregnant women. The following guidelines may help you prior to taking cold medicine.

1. Limit the minimum

Flu drugs and OTC cough contain at least six types of chemical substances to cope with various symptoms of influenza, such as coughs, colds, or headaches. If possible choose a medicine containing the active substance with a specific complaint suffered.

2. Beware of decongestant drugs

Consumption of relief medication nose (decongestants) are taken in the first trimester of pregnancy should be avoided. Research suggests these drugs increase the risk of congenital malformations in the fetus. As an alternative to drug use drops or spray in the airways.

3. Herbs are not always safe

Nowadays quite a lot of drugs that contain herbal ingredients. Although not necessarily made ​​from herbal ingredients are safe for pregnancy because these drugs generally have not been studied scientifically.

4. Select a drug-free alcohol

In choosing a cough medicine should look for drugs that do not contain alcohol.

Cataract Can Recurrence After Postoperative

Cataract Can Recurrence After Postoperative - Surgery is the only way to cure eye diseases cataract. But the next question is, whether after cataract surgery may recur again? The answer is yes!

"The possibility of recurrence remains small even between 5-10 percent," said Dr. Sanduk ruit, ophtalmology experts from Nepal in the event media briefing on Tuesday (1/10/2012), in Jakarta.

However, it is further ruit need not worry. Because the recurrence will not occur if the operation runs smoothly and perfectly. "Most of the relapses are those who are still young. Because there is still a possibility of developing tissue at her eyes," added the doctor who served as Medical Director at the Institute Tilganga, Nepal is.

In certain cases, further ruit, clear lenses that can turn into murky. Murky lens pouch is called a cataract who relapse or called as PCO (posterior capsular opacity). PCO may appear in several months or years after surgery.

The good news, for those who experience recurrence, it is not necessary to perform the operation again. Enough with the action of laser and the lens will come back clear.

"We just need to use a machine called a YAG (aluminum garnet yettrium). By making a small hole without surgery," he explained.

Ruit explained that there are three techniques commonly used to perform cataract eye surgery. The first is phcoemulsification techniques. This is the most modern techniques using a machine which can break the cataract using laser after it in the suction out. This technique results are quite good but the problem is that the machines are expensive and require a very large microscope. In some developed countries have been many who use these tools. While in Indonesia, only a few hospitals that have a certain tool.

The second technique is a Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS). This is one of the cataract surgical techniques commonly used in developing countries. This technique usually produce good visual results. The procedure does not require a large machine and a portable microscope that used the alias can be taken anywhere. Prices are very cheap lens that is one-fifth of the price phco lens.

While the latter technique is a different method with stitches. The technique is in addition to a long operating time, postoperative healing process also tends to last longer.

8 Changes in Body, Occurs During Pregnancy

8 Changes in Body, Occurs During Pregnancy

As the growth of the fetus in the womb was a series of changes experienced by expectant mothers, either physical or mental. Here are 8 extraordinary changes that occur when the mother's two entities.

1. The growth of new organs

Not just the baby that grows in the womb, the pregnant woman's body is also developing a new organ. The placenta is the only organ while existing in the human body.

The placenta began to emerge when the fertilized egg cell. In this phase of his name is multicellular blastocyst, then stick on the wall of the uterus a week later. Measuring 2.2 kg, the placenta also be an endocrine organ, which means she took the hormones needed for pregnancy run smoothly.

2. The bones become soft

To get into the birth canal, the baby's head must pass through a stage of hard bone. But the pregnant woman's body in an extraordinary way is able to provide for her baby. The body will release the hormone relaxin, which served to loosen the binding of cartilage pelvic bone.

Relaxation process of bone that make childbirth easier. However, the hormone relaxin also affects the joints. During pregnancy relaxin levels are found in the body increases to 10 percent that cause expectant mothers suffer from back pain and sore.

3. So forgetful

According to research in 2010, on the second and third trimester of pregnancy, expectant mother's memory decline than women who did not conceive. Hormonal changes strongly suspected to be the cause.

4. Nausea and vomiting

Although commonly called morning sickness, but most pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting throughout the day. The main trigger is the smell and the smell is too strong. Complaints of nausea and vomiting usually disappear when entering the 12 weeks of pregnancy. Complaints of morning sickness peaks along with the growth of embryonic organs.

5. Burning sensation in the chest

Complaints of burning sensation in the chest caused by pressure on the digestive tract as the fetus continues to expand.

6. Frequent urination

The growing size of the baby in the uterus causes pressure on the bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor muscles. This pressure also causes the discharge of urine during pregnancy coughing, sneezing, or laughing.

7. Increased blood volume

At 20 weeks the body will produce blood by 50 percent. This additional blood volume can cause side effects such as varicose veins or hemorrhoids. However, this good blood circulation causes the skin and hair becomes more shiny, so do not be surprised if many pregnant women look more beautiful.

8. Tingling in the fingers

Although not a pianist or an employee who a lot of typing, but the pregnancy alone can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The main symptoms are numbness and tingling in the fingers. Increased fluid in the body, including in the wrist will cause pressure on the nerves causing numbness and tingling.

Pregnant at Age Over 35 Years

Pregnant at Age Over 35 Years - If you are older than 35 years and plan to become pregnant for the first time, you are not alone. Many women are delaying pregnancy until the age of 35 years and still be able to give birth to healthy babies. The condition is that you should treat yourself to be healthy. It may help your baby be born healthy too.

The first thing to realize is the risk of getting pregnant at that age. Biological clock is a fact of life. There is nothing special at the age of 35 years, but the woman has some risk that deserves to be discussed, as follows:

1. It will probably take a little longer to get pregnant. Women are born with a finite number of eggs. When age has penetrated 30-something years, egg quality declines. Ovulation will be rare, though you still menstruate with the routine. Eggs from older women would be more difficult than their fertilized eggs than younger ones. Does that mean women over the age of 35 years can not get pregnant? It could be, just that it would take longer. If sexual intercourse until six months, not pregnant, you should see a gynecologist

2. The risk of gestational diabetes. Type of diabetes that only occurs in pregnancy and usually suffered seat when the old get older. Controlling blood sugar through diet, physical activity, and other healthy lifestyle is important. Sometimes the treatment is also needed. If gestational diabetes is not controlled, the baby will grow up, which would increase the risk of injury while giving birth.

3. High blood pressure. Impaired blood pressure during pregnancy before the age of 20 weeks is called chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension after 20 weeks, after 20 weeks accompanied by the presence of protein in the urine or preeclampsia. According to the Mayo Clinic, some research suggests that high blood pressure during pregnancy will be more apt to occur when pregnant women aged over 35 years. Your doctor will help you monitor your blood pressure. In addition, you may need a blood pressure-lowering drugs if during labor, blood pressure remains too high, to avoid complications.

4. Other risks. Another risk is the possibility of giving birth by C-surgical (cesarean surgical), higher rates of miscarriage, and abnormal chromosomes will also be more frequent.

Creating a Healthy Choice

After knowing all the risks, the next step is to pay attention to all that you remain in prime condition. Thus will your baby was born in good health.

Here's what should be a concern:

1. Creating a pre-conception agreement: Meet obstetrician before you decide to become pregnant, to ensure that your body is in a ready condition.

2. Routine checks: During pregnancy, gynecologic visits to a gynecologist will membuuhkan doctor monitor your health and well baby.

3. Adopting healthy eating pol: Pregnant women need more folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, other essential nutrients den. How wonderful if you've adopted a healthy diet long before the pregnancy. Prenatal vitamin drink ideally starting several months prior to pregnancy.

4. Paying attention to weight gain: Increase the right weight can support your baby's health. And will also be easier for you to lose weight after giving birth. Increase of approximately 11-16 kg sometimes be recommendations for women with normal body beret. For obese women, are advised to lose weight before pregnancy. Work with a gynecologist to determine the proper weight.

5. Stay active: unless your obstetrician to prohibit the move, you should stay active as usual. Exercise for pregnant women can reduce the inconvenience and also increase energy. With exercise, you will have the muscle strength and stamina, which is useful when giving birth.

6. Avoid risky substances: alcohol, tobacco, and drugs consumed during pregnancy is prohibited.

Mediterranean Diet Make Women More Fertile

Mediterranean Diet Make Women More Fertile

The women who followed the Mediterranean-style diet tend to have better levels of fertility. This means they eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, and Cereal intact.

In the health world, the Mediterranean diet is highly recommended because it proved to keep the disease. Call it the disease of diabetes, heart disease, or obesity.

A recent study conducted by researchers from Spain found a link between this diet with levels of fertility. The study was conducted on 500 women who have difficulty conceiving and more than 1,600 women with the same age but already has at least one child.

Based on a list of questions asked, the researchers measured how closely the diet of the respondents with a Western-style food or Mediterranean.

Western diets are generally full of meat, fast food, dairy products, potatoes, Cereal incomplete and food and beverages that contain sugar.

In women who have a Mediterranean diet, only 17 percent reported trouble getting pregnant. Meanwhile, women whose diets rather close to the Mediterranean diet, there are 26 percent who face fertility problems.

Mediterranean diet, according to Dr.Estefania Toledo, researchers who conducted this research, provide a protective effect against resistensiinsulin and type 2 diabetes.

"Insulin resistance means the body's cells can not absorb sugar from the blood circulation. We also found a link between these conditions with ovulation," he said.

He explains, insulin has other functions in the body. "Insulin also regulates the amount of hormones, including exactly how many hormones that are necessary for the release of eggs," he said.

Mediterranean diet
, according to him contains nutrients that help the body cleanse sugar from the blood circulation so the body does not require a lot of insulin to do so. "It makes the body more easily maintain the balance of reproductive hormones," he said.

For women who are still in the productive age and planning to become pregnant, there is no harm in adopting this diet. But women who did have problems with their reproductive organs, there are no data that says this diet could increase the chances of pregnancy.[kompas.com]

DASH Diet, Best Diet of All Time

DASH Diet, Best Diet of All Time

DASH Diet (Dietary Approachs to Stop Hypertension) diet was selected as the best method in the year 2012 according to U.S. News & World Report. This is the second time the DASH diet, which aims to prevent and control the blood pressure category was won as the best diet.

DASH diet is said to be found in the Mediterranean and is now found in many Western countries. DASH offers a total content of dietary fat, cholesterol, saturated fat, and low in salt. In addition, the DASH also provides more potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fiber food.

In this diet, margarine is derived from olive oil or canola oil are rich in MUFA or omega-9 fatty acids. Vegetables and fruits are consumed by more than five doses per day, while the food source of charcoal hydrate mainly selected from the seral and seeds (grains) are intact.

To meet the protein needs, DASH diet preferring intake comes from fish and nuts, beans and legumes instead of meat.

"Although initially geared to lower blood pressure, this diet actually has a very high nutritional value," said Deborah Enos, a nutritionist from Seattle.

In the second place in the ranking of the best diet is the TLC diet (Theraupeutic Lifestyle Changes) which aims to lower cholesterol. In the next sequence is the Mayo Clinic diet is more focused on weight loss.

"TLC is another example of the type of medical diets are becoming popular. But diets that limit the intake of sodium is probably quite difficult for some people to follow," said Enos.

While the big three best diet to lose weight is diet Weight Watcher, The Biggest Loser diet and Jenny Craig diet. According to data consumers, it turns out Weight Watchers diet easier to follow and effective in weight loss programs in the short and long term.

Selection of type of diet is best done by a panel of experts consisting of 22 experts in the field of diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes expert and cardiologist.

The experts assessed 25 types of diets in 7 categories, namely the ease to run, the ability to lose weight in the short and long term, the completeness of nutrition, safety and the potential to prevent diabetes and heart disease.

10 Most Nutritious Foods in the World

10 Most Nutritious Foods in the World - Least healthy food we all depend on our consumption. Making changes, especially in what you eat, is one of the easiest ways to manage and control health. In addition to providing the energy required, the food you consume each day also plays an important role in preventing various diseases.

There are many healthy foods that you can easily get in nature. Here are 10 of the world's most nutritious foods you should enter in the daily diet:


Do not misinterpret the fat contained in avocado fruit. Avocado fat included in the monounsaturated fat group so it will not make your belly fat. Avocados can actually lower cholesterol. The researchers found that replacing only 5 percent of calories from saturated fat (butter or cheese) with monounsaturated fats (avocados) can cut risk of heart attack more than a third. Other additional benefits, avocados are also high in beta-sitosterol, plant sterols inhibit cholesterol absorption from food, acting as an anticancer compound (glutatin) and powerful antioxidants.


Peanuts is actually good for your heart because the beans can absorb cholesterol that the body can throw it away before it attaches to the artery walls. The study found that diets high in soluble fiber can reduce total cholesterol by 10-15 percent. A recent study even suggests, the food is sourced from whole grains in the top tier with the highest antioxidant level category.


The content of antioxidant compounds in blueberries called anthocyanin, flavonoid, or better known works ward off heart disease, cancer and age-related blindness and memory loss. Like their cousin the cranberry, blueberry shown to prevent urinary tract infections, thanks to epicatechins antioxidant, which keeps bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. In fact, the fiber in blueberries potent in warding off constipation.


Broccoli is one of the cancer-fighting foods, thanks to the presence of sulfur compounds, such as sulforaphane. Eating more broccoli can cut a person's risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer. Sulforaphane has also been proven to be effective to kill bacteria that cause ulcers.

Broccoli is also the best source of calcium and potassium, so good for bones and regulate your blood pressure. Vitamin C and beta-carotene can also protect your eyes from cataracts and keep brain cells from free radical attack.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains large amounts of flavonoids, an antioxidant. In fact, the content of flavonoids in dark chocolate more than any other food. The study found that antioxidants can increase blood pressure, prevent blood clotting, slow oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. Some research suggests that eating 45 grams (1.5 ounces) per day can reduce heart attack risk by 10 percent. Eating dark chocolate dark can also reduce insulin resistance, the main problem behind diabetes.

Flax seeds (flaxseed)

Flax seed works just like the hormone estrogen in the body, blocking the estrogen receptors on cells and contribute to related decrease in levels of certain hormones associated with cancers, like breast cancer. Flaxseed is also a fantastic source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that the body uses to make omega-3 fatty acids. ALA serves the blood and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties as, potentially even to expel some antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Although only a little lower cholesterol, these herbs also act as blood thinners, reducing the formation of blood clots, heart attack and stroke risk. Take at least six or more cloves of garlic a week can cut the risk of colorectal cancer, gastric, and prostate cancer than to eat one clove per week.


Eat at least two servings of salmon per week can reduce the risk of death from heart disease by 17 percent and your risk of heart attack by 27 percent. A Swedish study that followed more than 6,000 men for 30 years found that those who ate fatty fish in moderate amounts-third lower risk of prostate cancer.


Besides functioning in protecting your eyes from macular degeneration (vision acuity reduction), the content of carotenoids in spinach can also help maintain bone density and prevent fracture risk. All kinds of green vegetables are a rich source of potassium and magnesium and folate, all of which function in maintaining blood pressure and reduce stroke risk. Folate also contribute in cutting the risk of lung cancer for former smokers.


Yogurt is a food source that plays an important role in bone development. However, the real power lies in the good bacteria, known as probiotics, which continues to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in your intestines. Too many bacteria are "bad" can cause gastrointestinal and other health problems. Eating yogurt can help to overcome inflammatory diseases (inflammatory) bowel, ulcers, urinary tract infections and vaginal yeast infections.
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