Serum to Relieves Skin Fatigue

Serum to Relieves Skin Fatigue | Woman burden live in time feel heavier, The urge to do the best in the role as career woman, mother, and individuals, is not matched with diet and adequate rest. This makes the face often looks tired, seen from uneven skin tone, dullness, enlarged pores, skin becomes rough, and his face was visible tense. Unfortunately, sleep is not enough to restore this condition.

Biotherm try to provide solutions to overcome the fatigue of the skin, through product-Ergetic Skin. Serum multivitamin using a combination of natural ingredients consisting of extracts of broccoli, soy protein, and botanical cells of apples. Each material has different properties.

Broccoli is known with its antioxidant functions, and its ability to evoke defense systems. Broccoli sprouts contain a compound called sulforaphane, which serve to stimulate the production of antioxidant proteins to protect themselves. Botanical cells of apple cider stimulate cellular metabolism, while soybean extract facilitates energy metabolism in cells.

The combination of these elements, creating a 'multivitamin formula' which is a basic requirement of your skin. As a multivitamin, Skin-Ergetic can be combined with other more specific products, such as antiaging care products. Skin-Ergetic can be used as daily maintenance, use after cleansing with a cleanser and toner, and moisturizer followed by (in the morning) or night cream (for night).

A box-Energetic Skin consists of a sort of carrier oil bottle and a bottle containing broccoli powder extract. Because broccoli extracts are not stable when added to the formula skincare, Biotherm separating this material to be activated later before the first application.

To enable this serum, unscrew the bottle, then replace the bottle cap containing broccoli extracts given separately. Press the top of the lid until you hear a "click" to release the powder into a carrier oil broccoli. After that, remove the cover and replace it back with the first bottle. Then, shake the bottle to mix and activate the ingredients.

You should note, when you activate the broccoli extract, because this product most effective in efficacy at first of three month after activated. In Three month hoped this product have used all, if still there, you can still use it, because the products also contain other active ingredients.

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