Civilize Behavior of Healthy Living

Civilize Behavior of Healthy Living - Health is a human right everyone, including children. To avoid various diseases mainly affecting children, as parents should you have to instill healthy behavior since childhood.

Teach children to live a healthy life should be inculcated early on. These healthy habits will make the future generation to remain healthy.

Informing the importance of personal hygiene and taking care of themselves become part of parents to teach children in infancy. If taught early, children will be accustomed to keeping their environment clean and maintain their health.

Health experts dr. Handrawan Nadesul said that culture shaped the behavior of healthy living since childhood. Health education starts from how healthy habit is formed. ne of the culture of healthy lifestyle behaviors is an important early inculcated from childhood is washing hands with soap (CTPS).

"CPTS can prevent more than ten types of fecal-oral diseases (through hand to mouth) include diarrhea," said Handrawan in an opportunity in Jakarta.

Currently, diarrhea has become the second highest cause of death in children after respiratory illnesses or pnuemonia. In one of the most important effort to prevent diarrhea is CTPS action. Based on research studies by Curtis V. Cairncross, wash hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhea by 47%.

According to dr. Handrawan, activities - activities CTPS must be a people's culture and needs to be done each time after doing the activity using the hands. If HWWS a culture will have an impact on the level of public health.

In addition to the field of health, culture CTPS also have an impact on the field of education because of diarrhea causing children frequently do not attend school. Research abroad shows CTPS important to help reduce school attendance of about 42%.

In Indonesia, the results of research non-governmental organizations (NGOs) spectra of 550 students in 11 districts in East Java with the behavior of washing hands with soap, especially before eating to reduce the level of absenteeism due to sick child diarrhea up to 11%. [mor]

Oral Sex Causes Head Cancer and Neck?

Oral Sex Causes Head Cancer - The main drivers of cancer is human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus can be transmitted through certain types of sexual activity.

"There seems to be pretty good relationship with the increasing number of sexual activity, especially oral sex, is associated with increased HPV infection," said Dr. Greg Hartig, professor of ENT and head and neck surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine and Public Health University of Wisconsin, in Madison.

While Dr. William Lydiatt, professor and chief of head and neck surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, said that the overall incidence of head and neck cancer will come down, mainly because fewer people smoking. Tobacco and alcohol are the major traditional risk factors.

But the incidence of tonsil and base of tongue cancer has increased over the last decade, he said. And they are the ones who are more likely tested positive for HPV.

"Until now, 60-70% of all cases of thyroid cancer in the U.S., associated with HPV," said Lydiatt.

Although the relationship between HPV and these cancers can not be denied, but the relation with oral sex is still a speculation among experts.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine (2007) found that young people head and neck cancer are positive for oral HPV infection, more likely to have multiple sex partners vaginal and oral sex in their lives.

In the study revealed that a person who has six or more oral sex partners during lifetime associated with a 3.4 times higher risk of oropharyngeal cancer - base of tongue cancer, throat or back of the tonsil.

The researchers also reported that the tonsils and base of the tongue cancer has increased every year since 1973. And all the researchers wrote that the widespread practice of oral sex among teenagers may be a contributing factor in the increasing case.

The researchers conclude that in their study, oral sex is 'strongly associated' with oropharyngeal cancer. But they noted that can not 'rule out transmission through direct mouth' as the French habit of kissing.

In 90% cases of HPV infection in the body, the immune system naturally clear HPV within two years. However, in some cases, several types of HPV can cause cervical cancer or oropharyngeal cancer.

"HPV tends to be in specific locations," explained Dr Amesh A. Adalja, additional instructors in the spread of infectious diseases at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

In other words, HPV tend to stay anywhere else when you first enter the human body, both in the vagina (which in some cases can cause cervical cancer), or the mouth and throat.

So is increasing the incidence of this means that a new generation of more sex than their grandparents.

"Baby Boomers - generation of the 1970s and early 1960s - may have more freedom in sexual relations in general, including oral sex," added Dr. Bert W. O'Malley, Jr., chairman of Otorhinolaryngology - head and neck surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2002, about 90% of men and 88% of women aged 25-44 years reported having oral sex with opposite sex couples.

This figure is comparable with the data in 1992 showing that about three-quarters of men aged 20-39 and approaching 70% of women aged 18-59, never giving and receiving oral sex. [Mor]Inilah.com

BackBone Care, Keep your body position

BackBone Care - Spinal pain is often ignored. In fact, once the main supporting bone of the body was disturbed, pain attacks and impaired productivity. Not surprising considering the spine is a dynamic object that holds the load of each of our activity.

Later, Andi often disturbed pain in his left. The result of the scan at the hospital turned out to have bearing prominent in the neck so that pinch nerves. "The pain disappeared arise," he said.

The doctor suggested that the defective part is replaced with implants. However, he was worried because many people who say the high risk in a series of spine surgery. Hesitate to risk the operation, pain was forced to hold-resistant.

As two-legged creature that stands upright, the human spine is an extremely vital organ as it works to sustain weight loss. Spine bone covering the neck (cervical), the middle back (thoracic), and lower back (lumbar/waist).

The series of spine divided into segments and between segments of the joints and bearings are composed of layers of structure. Serves to protect the bearings so that in between the bones do not clash.

The muscles that support the spine helpful.

Spine surgeons from the Spine Center Hospital Ramsay Premier Bintaro, Lutfi Gatam, say, the load on the spine while sitting, working, and carrying enormous loads. Lightest load spine only when we sleep.

Complaints most disorders of the spine is generally in the form of pain on the bottom (low back pain).

"Complaints are dominant because most of our body weight fall at the bottom so easily injured," Lutfi said, while giving exposure in the Kompas daily of "Spinal Problems", last week.

Causes of spinal disorders include muscle disorders, broken bones, bearing a damaged (broken/torn), interference with the joint or a mixture of several factors for tumors, cancer, and infections.

In people with normal spinal structures, spinal problems often caused by the activity of motion and posture.

Risk factors that, for example, repetitive heavy lifting, bending, and excessive movement. Static posture, such as sitting too long, is also a risk factor. Overworked muscle contraction and occurs continuously so there is a complaint.

From: KOmpas.com

Beware of Foot Bone Disease

Beware of Foot Bone Disease - Leg Bone Disease may sound strange to our ears, because if we hear the word bone, we only know about bone loss, or better known as osteoporosis.

But you need to know, the foot bone disease is also dangerous for your health, especially for you who have advanced age. Why? Because the leg bone disease can cause paralysis. So beware of early bone disease leg.

Recognize early

Surely you do not want this disease is not it? For that recognize the signs of this disease early.

1. Sprain
2. Fracture
3. Arthritis
4. Nekrois aseptic
5. Pain in the cartilage
6. Stiff joints when you wake up and people are very difficult to move and activity

This foot bone disease usually attacks in people who have more than 45 years of age due to calcium in the body has been slightly reduced in number, if you find the above symptoms consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The cause of leg bone disease include the following:

1. Likes to wear high heels, since legs will stand not as it should, but legs like a tiptoe through the back heel lifted and cause the leg had to restrain him.

2. Do not like to consume calcium. Most women do not like milk, the reason they are a weight problem, even though milk production may increase the calcium in your body.

Another fact you need to know, that bone disease affects women more vulnerable than men. You can eat low-fat milk to increase calcium in your body.

3. Inflammation of the bone. Other causes that arise because of the occurrence of uric acid in the body.

Digoxin Medicine | Keep Healthy

Digoxin Medicine
Digoxin Medicine - Description:
Digoxin, derived from the leaves of plants digitalis (leaves used as medicine to strengthen the heart). Digoxin helps make the heart beat stronger and with more regular rhythm.

To treat congestive heart failure, is also used to treat atrial fibrillation, heart rhythm disturbances in the atria (the upper porch of the heart that allow blood to flow to the heart).

62.5-250 mcg orally (by mouth), 1 times daily

Side Effects:

1. Side effects are usually due to poisoning or overdose of Digoxin and Digoxin is usually well received if given in accordance with the recommended dose for congestive heart failure (CHF).

2. Digoxin poisoning: Effects of GI (N/V, anorexia, diarrhea, abdominal pain) is usually the first signs of toxicity Digoxin; Other signs of toxicity Digoxin: CNS effects (headache, fatigue, pain in the face, weakness, dizziness, mental confusion), disturbance of vision (blurred vision, impaired color); toxin can cause serious CV effects (worsening heart failure (HF), arrhythmias, conduction were found.)

3. Hypokalemia can affect a person on Digoxin poisoning.

4. Hypersensitivity reactions are rather rare.

Special Instructions:

1. Digoxin low dose (62.5 mcg / day or 125 mcg every other day) should be used in older people, patients with impaired renal function or patients with low body mass (lean).

2. Loading dose is not required in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).

3. Avoid in patients with obstructive cardiomyopathy unless there were acute heart failure, in patients with syndrome Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) may not be used for ventricular arrhythmias.

4. Use with caution in cases of partial heart barrier, impaired trunk sinus, acute myocarditis, MI (myocardial infarction) acute, severe heart failure, acute pulmonary disease, in patients undergoing cardioversion (consider stopping cardioversion within 1-2 days before procedure done) and with other drugs that can suppress the function of sinus and AV nodal function (eg, Amiodarone or beta-blockers).

5. Hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, hipomagnesemia, hypoxia, and hyperthyroidism can affect sensitivity to digoxin.

6. Digoxin level supervision is only required if the alleged poisoning.


10 TIPS HEALTHY WITHOUT DRUGS - Multicomplex life today so I can be knocked-down "disease" strange that difficult to overcome, either by itself or immune drugs. How tricks to keep us healthy without frequent treatment.

It is no secret that our bodies have immune systems that can protect the body from disease attack. That is if the system works! Sometimes like to crash. If it were so, so what can make! We are forced to seek treatment. However, it would also not hurt, trying various tricks to prevent disease to live without depending on drugs. Everywhere, which can be used to it: to prevent before it happens is better than cure that was already rife.

Here are 10 tips that can help you:

1. Know yourself, whether physical or psychological

This is somewhat philosophical, indeed, but in fact it is precisely here lies the key to everything. By knowing ourselves, we can know the physical weakness of our bodies, and then can decide what is good and don'ts for the body, and what is not. The person who has unwittingly eat foods that are salty delicacy unnecessarily, for example, over time felt his body change, as quickly felt dizzy, his balance is reduced, and often feel various symptoms of not feeling well.

After a doctor examined the body, known to his body began to develop a new "disease" of high blood pressure. If it ever since he tried earnestly to reduce salty foods and fatty foods, while doing moderate exercise regularly, then the "disease" it is not easy to recurrence, and he does not need frequent trips to the doctor again.

2. Not in a hurry to feel pain

Just because a sneeze, cough, or a slight fever, people have decided to take medicine. Though often after left three days, the symptoms of the disease go away. The body does have the ability to heal itself. Only with enough rest, pain symptoms were gone themselves. Dizziness symptoms can sometimes disappear simply by inhaling the fresh air in the park that are not contaminated exhaust air.

3. Eat a varied

Doing variation meal, start from the assumption that there are certain foods that are more useful than ordinary foods daily. If we use this as a distraction to the kind of daily food, then the two groups of materials that can complement each other.

4. Adjusting consumption by age level

The amount of nutrients the body needs varies depending on age, type of activity, and body condition (in sickness or health). In children and adolescents who are aggressive, grow jealous, the five elements in food (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, and water) is necessary, so it does not need to be restricted. Conversely, in adults and elderly, the restriction is absolutely necessary. Carbohydrate and fat as energy producers should be reduced in number, given their physical activity has decreased.

How to reduce carbohydrates and fat is to reduce the portion of rice and fried. In contrast, vitamins and minerals and should be eaten with just water enough. These substances are very necessary to facilitate the body's metabolism, and increase durability. Just keep in mind that the best is to use natural vitamins, such as that contained in fruits and vegetables fresh.

5. Exercise regularly according to ability

6. Always keep cleaning

Clean environment at home, page, and residential complexes to give fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

7. Taking the time to relax

Spending time ask for a break does not mean much more than working productively until beyond propriety. No! Taking the time to break it up a little while, and this is necessary, to set the kendo for a while in between the tension at rush hour to work everyday. This should be done routinely.

8. Back to nature

Trends in the early 1990s in Western countries is based on experience that lifestyle in modern times to encourage people to change their eating habits, such as more frequent eating canned food, bottled chili sauce, or fruit preserved. To return close to nature, we instead have to come into martial arts warriors, but at least avoid canned food, and even multiply eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

9. Treat respiratory

Treat respiratory means regulate the manner and frequency of breathing to be more efficient. By inhaling air (oxygen) slowly in a matter of 15 then slowly release it also in a matter of 15, we can keep the oxygen in the body longer than usual. Oxygen will be used by the body's organs in an effective, albeit only slightly.

10. Fond of reading health

The phrase "Do not know it was love, not love then no love" is very fitting to satirize people who want a healthy body, but did not bother reading about health approach.

Understanding about Ovulation

Understanding about Ovulation
Understanding about Ovulation - When ovulation is one of the most important thing for a woman to understand about her body, because it is a determining factor in getting pregnant or prevent pregnancy. The process can be a bit confusing, hopefully the text below can help you to understand.

Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from the ovaries, down into the fallopian tubes, and ready to be fertilized. Lining of the uterus has thickened to prepare for a fertilized egg. If no fertilization occurs, uterine lining and blood will be whole. Decay that has not been fertilized egg and uterine lining is called menstruation.

Ovulation facts about what you need to know:

• An egg lives 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary
• Usually only one egg is released each time of ovulation
• Ovulation can be affected by stress, illness or disruption of daily routines.
• Some women may experience some light blood spotting during ovulation
• Implantation/attachment of a fertilized egg usually occurs 6-12 days after ovulation
• Every woman is born with millions of eggs that mature to wait for the start of ovulation
• A menstrual period can occur even if ovulation does not occur
• Ovulation can occur even if menstruation does not occur
• Some women may feel a little pain or pain near the ovaries during ovulation called 'mittelschmerz', in German meaning "middle pain"
• If the egg is not fertilized, it split and absorbed into the lining of the uterus

Knowing When Ovulation:
A woman's monthly cycle is measured from the first day of her menstrual period until the first day of the next period. The average woman's monthly cycle normally is between 28-32 days, but some women may have shorter cycles or much longer.

Ovulation can be calculated from the first day of last menstrual period (HPHT) or by calculating 12-16 days from the next expected period. Most women ovulate anytime between day ke11 - 21 st day of their cycle, counting from the first day of last menstruation. This is what many people refer to as "fertile period"of the woman's cycle, because sexual intercourse during this period increases the possibility of pregnancy. Ovulation can occur at various times during the cycle, and may occur on different days each month.

Ovulation Cycle divided into two parts:
The first part of the ovulation cycle is called the follicular phase. This phase begins the first day of last menstrual period (HPHT) and continues until ovulation. This first half of the cycle, this can be very different for every woman that lasted approximately 7 days to 40 days.

The second part of this cycle is called luteal phase and lasts from ovulation until the next period begins. Luteal phase have a better time and usually only 12-16 days from ovulation. This shows that the day of ovulation will determine how long your cycle. It also means that outside factors like stress, illness, and the usual routine disruption, may cause the occurrence of ovulation which then effect changes in your menstrual period to come.

So the notion that stress can affect the menstrual cycle is only partially true. Stress can affect ovulation which ultimately determines when your period will come, but stress around the expected time period (luteal phase) will not make your cycle too late, because it was determined when it would come 12-16 days earlier!

From Menstruation to Ovulation (the details you may not know!)
When your menstrual cycle begins, your estrogen levels low. Your hypothalamus (which is responsible for maintaining your hormone levels) sends out a message to the pituitary gland which then sends the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). This FSH triggers some of your follicles to develop into mature eggs. One of these will develop into the dominant follicle, which will release a mature egg and the other will be destroyed. Once the follicles mature they send out another hormone, estrogen. High levels of estrogen will tell the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that there is a mature egg.

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is then released, referred to as the LH surge. Surge of LH causes the egg burst through the ovary wall within 24-36 hours and begin its journey down the fallopian tube for fertilization. Egg follicle is released is called the corpus luteum, and it will release progesterone that helps thicken and prepare the uterine lining for implantation. The corpus luteum will produce progesterone for about 12-16 days (the luteal phase of the cycle you are.) If the egg is fertilized, corpus luteum will continue to produce progesterone for the developing pregnancy until placenta takes over. You can begin looking for pregnancy symptoms as early as one week after conception. If no fertilization egg dissolves after 24 hours.

At this time your hormone levels will decrease and your uterine lining will begin to shed about 12-16 days from ovulation. This is menstruation (menstrual cycle) and bring us back to day 1 of your cycle. The journey then begins again. ayahbunda.net

First Week Pregnancy

First Week Pregnancy - Here is a description of the development process as well as a pregnancy that your baby's growth every week. Please remember that every pregnancy is different and growth rate varied, so you can talk to your doctor.

First Week Pregnancy

Actually a bit strange too, if we count the weeks of gestation from last menstrual period. But because most women almost can not be sure exactly when they started to contain (and that's fair), so it's better doctors calculate from your last menstrual period even though you are not pregnant at least until 2 weeks later. For example, if your physician says that you are pregnant 12 weeks (based on your last menstrual period), then you begin to contain 10 weeks ago.

This is a very early weeks, if you are planning a pregnancy, you should start by thinking that you are pregnant. This means eating healthy foods, take vitamins for pregnancy that contain folic acid quit drinking and drugs, smoking, alcohol and other unhealthy foods.

7 Safe Food Additive | Healthy Lifes

Food additives, was actually part of the raw materials of food, but added to food to affect the nature or form of food. Which includes, among other dyes, preservatives, flavorings, antigumpal material, bleaching materials and thickeners.
7 Safe Food Additive
Here is a safe food additive by SK Menkes no.722/Menkes/Per/IX/88:

1. Food preservatives - Acid benzoate as much as 1 g per 1 kg of dough. - Sodium benzoate as much as 1 g per 1 kg of dough. - Acid Propionate as much as 3 g per 1 kg of dough (for bread). - Sulfur dioxide of 500 mg per 1 kg of dough.

2. Food dyes - Ponceau 4 R to dye chilli sauce with a dose of 300 mg per 1 kg of food or 70 mg per 1 kg of beverages. - Red allura/allura red with a dose of 70 mg per 1 kg of food or 300 mg per 1 kg of dough.

-Erytrosine with a dose of 300 mg per 1 kg body weight per day. - Yellow FCF. - Sunset Yellow.

3. Sweeteners - Sakarin with a dose of 2.5 mg per 1 kg body weight per day. - Sodium cyclamate with a dose of 11 mg per 1 kg body weight per day. - Aspartame at a dose of 40 mg per 1 kg body weight per day. - Sorbitol (used for diabetics and people who need low calorie).

4. Flavor and aroma - MSG (mono sodium glutamate) micin/MSG at a dose of 120 mg per kg of body weight per day.

5. Bleach and bund powder - Ascorbic acid/ascorbic acid/vitamin C dose of 200 mg per kg of body weight per day. - Acetone peroxide taste.

6. Thickener - Pectin dose of 10 g per kg (there are 2 kinds of apple pectin and citrus pectin). - Gelatin dose of 5 mg per kg. - CMC/carboxy Methyl Cellulose.

7. Antioxidants - Acid ascorbat/Ascorbic acid/vitamin C dose of 500 mg per kg for meat products. - BHT dose of 200 mg per kg as antitengik for cooking oil. - TBHQ dose antitengik for cooking oil. KOMPAS.com

Children Eating Pattern Following Parental

Children Eating Pattern - Many parents are giddy with her eating habits like picking out food (picky eating). However, you need to be careful if you think your child a picky eater, because your perspective can affect nutritional intake.

If a mother already branded her as a picky eater, usually the child will rarely eat fruit and vegetables. "Perceptions of parents that their children prefer picky food can make parents do not offer their children healthy food," said Mildred Horodynski, researchers from Michigan State University's College of Nuring.
Children Eating Pattern Following Parental
One way to encourage children to eat healthier, according to Horodynski, is changing the eating behavior of parents. That is, if the father-mother used to eat healthy foods, children will usually follow.

"What children eat a diet reflects his mother, and unfortunately most women are also rarely eat vegetables or fruit," he said.

In order for children to love healthy foods, the mother or the father should not only serve, but also to eat together. "When you try something food, children will be interested to try it too," he said.

He suggested, if the child refused to taste the vegetables are served, parents should not immediately branded her vegetable hater. "Research shows that children need to try 15 times before going to eat a type of food," he explained.

The key for children like fruit and vegetables were introduced as early as possible, ie at 7-8 months of age when children begin to recognize solid food. "At age 24 months children already know what she likes. If the mother does not give vegetable, he would not like it," he explained. KOMPAS.COM

Balanced Nutrition, Prevent Diabetes Complications

Balanced Nutrition - Diabetes is a chronic disease that spend a lot of cost. The increase in blood sugar levels are uncontrolled and persistent can cause damage to small blood vessels and large blood vessels that lead to vision problems to heart disease and stroke.

Environmental factors related to lifestyle such as lack of exercise and excessive nutrient intake and obesity are factors that can be repaired.

There is no doubt that nutrition is an important factor for the occurrence of 'diabetic type-2'. Lifestyle westernized and relaxed living and long life expectancy are factors that increase the prevalence of diabetes.

Here are some suggestions of balanced nutrition which is related to the prevention of diabetes, among others:

Eat a variety of foods
None of the types of foods that contain all the nutrients that can make a person healthy and productive life. Therefore, everyone including people with diabetes need to eat a variety of foods.

Eat to meet energy sufficiency
In order to carry out everyday activities, such as working, studying, exercising and other activities, everyone needs to eat enough food energy, not lack and not excessive. Adequacy of energy characterized by normal weight. Therefore, to achieve and maintain normal weight.

Eat carbohydrate source
Most of the energy needs (choose complex carbohydrates and fiber, limit simple carbohydrates are refined. There are three groups of complex carbohydrates, simple, and fiber.

Doctor Don't Distinguish Patients

Doctor Don't Distinguish Patients
Doctor Don't Distinguish Patients - A doctor at work, in addition to professional expected, also must not discriminate patients, both in terms of religion, ethnicity, class, or rich and poor, said the rector of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta Dasron Hamid. "Suppose the patient is your own. Treat them regardless of religion, tribe, rich or poor," he said at the inauguration and oath doctors XXIX period of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (in St. Louis) in Yogyakarta, Saturday (8/1/2011).

According to him, a doctor should treat patients in a professional, because basically what is done solely for the welfare and health of society as a whole. Representatives of the Central Executive Council Diktilitbang (PP) Muhammadiyah Murdiyanto Joko said the medical profession can not be separated from two things, namely professionalism and humanism.

"In this case, a doctor must give priority to the interests of others, for example, was awakened at one o'clock in the morning, because there are sick people who ask for treatment, it must be willing to help. A doctor must work to serve," he said.

In addition, doctors also need to learn all the time to add knowledge and abilities. Doctors also have to establish good communication with patients and their families.

"So far, the problems between doctor and patient in the absence of good communication," he said.

Burn Fat Faster While Walking

Burn Fat Faster While Walking - Although exercise often walk considered "less challenging", but you can burn more fat if you know how. You do not even need to make an effort too hard.

Avoid steep climb
Do not assume that walking in the streets and steep uphill better at burning calories. "Better to keep your speed on the climb that was rather than slowing down at a steeper incline," says Mark Fenton, author of The Complete Guide to Walking.

Swing your arm
When walking, we arm automatically swings to the rhythm of our steps. Swing your arms are bent with gusto. Besides can make you run faster, also burn more calories, according to Lee Scott, coach of the road and the director of WoW Power Walking in Toronto.

Take small steps
The best way to increase calorie burning pace and is taking steps shorter and faster, clearly Scott. Walk the 100 steps, and then restore themselves for one minute. Stepping back 100 steps, and then try to reduce the time break of five seconds of your time. Repeat 12 times.

Set the destination point
Therese Iknoian, author of Fitness jogging Walking, advise you to select the bookmark (eg stop sign, park benches, etc.) and speed up your steps until you reach the goal. Then walk more slowly for the same distance.

Involve the calf muscle
When you set foot foot front, put out your legs as if she were to clean chewing gum from the soles of your shoes, says Iknoian. This will make the calf, hamstring (muscles along the back of the thigh to the back of the knee), and buttocks muscles go to work. The more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

Choose the right shoes
To obtain the greatest strength of the repulsion of your feet, choose footwear with a little cushion, but with the front of the shoe that is flexible or pliable, said Fenton.

Standing tall
When your body in a straight position, back and buttocks muscles are able to work more powerful, so you can run faster and burn more calories. Stand up straight, stretch your back muscles with the spine straight. Make sure your ears and shoulders are also aligned with the hips.

Increase heart rate
When you wear a heart rate monitor, you can act as a personal trainer who keeps you to step into the optimal fat burning speed. "That gives you a boost when you step too slow, but also slow you down if you push too hard," said Iknoian.

Add your strengths
Simple movements such as push-ups and lunge cause more muscle work for the main combustion, it is clear Harley Pasternak, personal trainer of celebrities (including Hilary Duff). When you walk, stop every five minutes and do the push-up or lunge for one minute. This additional strength will help you launch your metabolism in the long term. Quoted from [KOMPAS.com]

Tips Before Drinking Drugs

Tips Before Drinking Drugs
Tips Before Drinking Drugs - Drug reactions and interactions between drugs with one another are common. We must be careful about it. Consult your doctor if taking a different purpose use, especially if you have not ever eat them. Here are the things that you should convey to the doctor for medication reactions that you consume:

1. If you experience an allergic reaction to medicine, food and other elements.

2. When taking the free medication including supplements, herbs/herbs, vitamins and certain minerals.

3. If you intend going to get pregnant

4. When you're on a diet, for example, a diet low in salt (sodium) or low sugar.

5. If you are breastfeeding.

6. If in certain health conditions.

8 Important Sport Reducing Pain

8 Important Sport Reducing Pain - When the disease is being approached the body, we like to find a reason to stop exercising. And, in fact exercise can reduce pain and improve quality of life.

It's not easy to exercise when sick. However, the good news is you do not need to do strenuous exercise. "Many things can be done to move the body. Exercise not only can reduce the perception of pain, but also prevents loss of bodily functions," said Perry Fine of the American Pain Foundation.

Before exercising, you should really consult with your doctor. The following types of physical though anything that can help you move.

1. Walking

This is a low impact type of exercise that is easy to do and have the ability to enhance physical abilities well. In addition, this exercise can usually be done by anyone. Only a few conditions of physical disorders that can make a person can not do this cheap sport.

2. Swim

"Swimming is very good for those who suffer from osteoarthritis as well as muscle and joint disease," said Dr. Fine, a professor from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Swimming and other water sports to defy gravity so it is not dangerous for the joints.

3. Yoga

Activities if breathing in yoga exercise is effective for reducing chronic pain as well as other sports. However, not all movements in yoga can be done by people who are sick.

"There are yoga movements involving the spine and other joints so that the potential injury. Do it a comfortable and appropriate movement ability. There is no need to force the motion you normally do when you're healthy," said Steven Calvino, expert medical rehabilitation.

4. Taichi

Never too old to perform this type of sport (Tai Chi). As long as you are still unable to move, even slightly, you can still do the sport that harmonize body and mind.

The study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine recently stated, tai chi is done twice a week will reduce pain, stiffness, and fatigue experienced by fibromyalgia patients. Exercise also improves strength and balance the body.

5. Light stretching

You can do this activity in the bed or waiting room. There are thousands of types of stretches you can do.

6. Sports expenses

Weight training is highly recommended, especially for those suffering from rheumatism. This exercise will strengthen the joints around the injured part. To start, you can use canned sardines or small bottles of mineral water. Gradually, add your burden.

7. Sex

Intimate feelings and connect with your partner can help people who are suffering from illness. "Exercise and a healthy sex are two things that are important to reduce the pain," said Fine.

8. Golf

This activity will provide benefits as when you do exercise on foot. However, exercise is not recommended for those suffering from spinal pain. Golf is also recommended to be combined with strength training and stretching. KOMPAS.COM

Prostate Healthy with Broccoli - Prostate Cancer

Prostate Healthy with Broccoli
Prostate Healthy with Broccoli - Preliminary research on the efficacy of broccoli, cauliflower, and similar to prostate cancer treatment will be directed to the manufacture of vegetable drugs that can be used.
"It's early works are interesting, but far from anything that happens in a test tube to know exactly what happens in humans," said Dr. Durado Brooks, director of prostate and colorectal cancers at the American Cancer Society.

More fruits and vegetables, less risk of prostate cancer
The incidence of prostate cancer has increased in the last 10-20 years in Asian countries. A number of treatments available, but side effects generally include incontinence (urine output unconscious) and impotence.

"The rate of prostate cancer is lower in countries whose inhabitants eat lots of fruits and vegetables, although the link between diet and certain diseases is not clear," said Brooks, as quoted by Health24.

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley decided to investigate the fight against cancer on chemicals in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and bean sprouts.

How to Get Male Baby or Female

How to Get Male Baby or Female - Male or female alike. The words we often hear from couples who are waiting for the arrival of baby. But sometimes in their hearts, there is a desire that can not be denied that they have no hope for children born to women or men. Can we design a child born as a male or female? Can!

The first attempt to do, of course pray and ask him directly on the Creator of Life. Alternatively, of course with the lawful efforts can and should do.

Every time ejaculation, normal male sperm release 2 to 5 sprays. In that duration, the sperm produced about 2 to 5 cc. Normal sperm per cc contains 60-200 million sperm. So every man ejaculates, 120 to 1 billion sperm has been removed from his body.

As we know, there are two genes in the sperm. Androsperma are also called gen Y and Gynosperma which we might call a gene X. Gen Y is the gene that allows us a mother pregnant with girls, whereas the gene X is the opposite. If husband and wife are equally dominant X gene was then the most likely, both will have a daughter. But if the father dominant gene Y and X genes of the mother then the chances of the children born are male. Nevertheless, it is counting logic that never beat the wonders of nature and power of God.

How to calculate the time of ovulation or peak fertility of a woman:

Known date of the beginning of the net of a woman every month, for example, every December 05.

Known date of the end of the net of a woman every month, for example, every December 27.

The formula: ((date each month) - (date of each month))/2 = n;

then n + date of the beginning of the net from a woman = time of ovulation or peak fertile period of a woman.

(27-05)/2 = 11; 05 + 11 = 16 - Every day to 16, from the net early on a woman is the culmination of a woman's fertile period or ovulation

Characteristics of spermatozoa:

Androsperma, carrying the Y gene:

- Moving more slowly.

- More able to survive much longer (the average age of approximately 2 to 3 days).

- More resistant in the 'atmosphere' of acid.

- No resistance in the 'atmosphere' bases.

- Having a Specific Gravity (BJ) lighter.

Gynosperma, carries a gene X:

- Moving more nimbly.

- Life is shorter (average age approximately only 1 day only)

- No resistance in the 'atmosphere' of acid.

- More resistant in the 'atmosphere' bases.

- Having a Specific Gravity (BJ) is more severe.

If Men Want Children. If you are the spouse who wants a baby boy, there are tips from the results of a study that you can do. First, you should have intercourse at the time or the day before ovulation. Ovulation is when the release of eggs from the ovaries in a woman's womb.

The next way is to moisten the vagina by a liter of water is first mixed with 2 (two) tablespoons of baking soda. Besides eating seafood and meat is also very helpful in this process. And most important of the above series of business is, the husband must remove sperm as close to the mouth of the uterus. This is expected to accelerate Gynosperma made their way to fertilize the egg.

If you want girl. If you are the couples who wanted girls, there are a few tips you can do. First look at the schedule of your intimate relationships. Perform an intimate relationship 2 days to 3 days before ovulation. The next step, prior to intercourse, the wife could wash the vagina with one liter of water mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar.

This solution was not harmful. Acid in the vinegar water solution is useful for disabling Androsperma who played a major role to form male genes. In addition, the candidate should spend sperm dad does not like the way the above, but rather take the distance to the mouth of the uterus. This method allows to get a baby girl. Consuming acid foods such as yogurt, fruit with a sour taste, fresh vegetables and nuts also help the process.

But once again do not forget, the human effort. Likewise Allah who have a plan.

source: ruly.blogdetik.com

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - World Health

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Definition - One of nine types of muscular dystrophy, a group of genetic, degenerative diseases primarily affecting voluntary muscles.

- DMD eventually affects all voluntary muscles, and the heart and breathing muscles.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy
is an inherited disorder that involves rapidly worsening muscle weakness.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a rapidly-worsening form of muscular dystrophy. Other muscular dystrophies (including Becker's muscular dystrophy) get worse much more slowly.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is caused by a defective gene for dystrophin (a protein in the muscles). Duchenne muscular dystrophy occurs in approximately 1 out of every 3,600 male infants.

Muscle weakness
Rapidly worsening weakness
Progressive difficulty walking
Abnormal heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
Loss of muscle mass (wasting)
Muscle contractures in the heels, legs

Readmore here http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000705.htm

How 17 Day Diet Works

17 Day Diet - The 17 Day Diet, featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors TV show, is here just in time for the holidays and your 2011 New Years resolution to lose weight.

How the 17 Day Diet Works

According to Dr. Moreno, this diet plan works by confusing your metabolism. It does this through four cycles of altering the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you eat every few days. Each cycle has a different goal. The four cycles are:

1. Accelerate – This cycle promotes fat burning, cleansing, and quick weight loss without storing fat.
2. Activate – This cycle resets your metabolism.
3. Achieve – This cycle teaches you good eating habits and shows you how to eat carbs the right way.
4. Arrive – This cycle combines the first three cycles.

Although it does promote quick weight loss at first it’s based on lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and eventually whole grains.
Achieve: “Good” carbohydrates are introduced into the body
Arrive: A lifestyle eating plan that combines the first 3 Cycles
You get 2 servings a day of a probiotic choice: Either 6 oz of Sugar-free yogurt, 1 Cup of Kefir, 1/2 Cup Breakstone LiveActive cottage cheese or 1 Cup of Low-fat Acidophilus Milk. No other dairy except fat free cheese, fat free sour cream as condiments and in moderation. Vegetables are limited to “Cleansing Vegetables”: Artichoke and Artichoke Hearts, Asparagus, Bell Peppers (all colors), Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Green Beans, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce (all varieties), Mushrooms, Okra, Onions, Parsley, Scallions, Spinach, Tomatoes, Watercress.

Readmore here: http://www.weightloss-hq.biz/weight-loss-reviews/17-day-diet.html

Slim Tips Natural Way - Natural Diet

Slim Tips Natural Way
Diet that you do will only make your weight go up and down only. While still in the early years, let's achieve ideal body weight in a healthy and natural.

As quoted from beautyhill, see the tips quick way to look slim in a natural way:
Eat regularly
A unique body will decrease metabolism when hungry. This is not good for weight loss process. Avoid applying regular daily diet, at least three times a day. Do not also skip breakfast to give you enough power when on the move all day.

Diet, Now Way!
Diet is going to lose your weight, but that's only for a while only. If the diet is not done anymore, the weight will return to normal. The important thing is to select a 'balanced diet with high nutritional value' as needed, for calories eaten can be utilized in an optimal body.

Read the nutritional value

Watch what you eat. That's why you need to provide a moment to read the nutritional content and the number of calories in food packaging. Adjust your caloric needs in a day with the help of notes listed on the packaging.

Consumption of fiber in protein

Fiber we eat from the fruit and vegetables will help lower cholesterol and facilitate the emptying of the digestive tract. Not only that, the fibers can also speed up the feeling of satiety so naturally reduce the amount of food that is not useful.

Drink enough
Some nutritionists say that drinking enough then you will be spared from excessive food. So the advice to drink 6-8 glasses a day should not be ignored.

Get All Benefits of Vitamin A

Get All Benefits of Vitamin A
Get All Benefits of Vitamin A - Not only good for health, but vitamin A has been made you are sure to always eat them. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, especially in the process of therapy and treatment is crucial for prevention and treatment of malnutrition syndrome. Vitamins are also known as retinol is believed to give a positive effect and increase the growth and immunity or immunity.

This type of vitamin is also keeping mucous cells or mucous and skin stay healthy. When the mucous membranes moist and resistant to damage cells, the immune awake. Conversely the lack of moisture on the mucous membranes will facilitate an infection in the body.
Tues mucous membrane is very important in cancer prevention. Vitamin A is anti cancer for suppressing the growth of "the DNA of cancer cells. " The presence of vitamins also reduce the risk of tumor growth in a mature and prevent cancer cells from dividing lukemia.

Not only that, Vitamin A, particularly very helpful in curing diseases caused by viruses. A virus that attacks the respiratory system, measles, even the AIDS virus, became inert when in the neighborhood there are sufficient amounts of vitamin A.

Patients with diseases originating from the virus often have low levels of Vitamin A in the blood. Intake the correct amount is required the patient to build the body's defense, which eventually led to faster healing process. However, large doses of vitamin A should be done under the supervision of a physician.

Another good news, this vitamin also plays an important role to prevent stroke. It is advisable to increase intake of vitamin A through the fruits and vegetables every day.

For patients with dry eye syndrome owner, the easiest therapy is also not far from vitamin A. Dry eye occurs when the formation of tears and lubrication stops. This condition makes one incredible uncomfortable.

Droplets of vitamin A is highly recommended for this case, because the clinical trials prove eye drops containing vitamin A to increase moisture and function of cells in the eye. Still related to the eye, this vitamin is also capable of improving night vision and help eyes adjust to changes in lighting.

Vitamin A is also believed to be the way out is promising for the prevention and treatment of skin cancer, especially if taken orally. Vitamin a is also very helpful in the treatment of skin pigmentation that is often seen in aging skin.

Want Success Diet, Start at age 28!

success diet
Success Diet - The success in weight loss is influenced by many factors. Research shows, the age factor could be influencing the success of the diet, particularly among women.

The survey, conducted Lambrini Light beverage company in the UK states, female dieters who succeed are those who started the slimming program at the age of 28 years.
Women in age 20s believed to be able to quickly erode the fat from her body, because they have more time and a strong willingness to woman in other age. Women in their age:20s, are also relatively more concerned about weight and stay focused on the goal to reduce the number of scales.

Meanwhile, women who started in the 30s, are often too busy and had no time considering her weight. While at the age of 40 and 50's, the women have lost the passion to create beautiful body.

Research was also noted, the women who perform two types of diet or health habits last year, to pocket an average of Rp 1.9 million for the program slimming and fitness club. However, nearly three-quarters admit one diet in which they live ended without result.

"Therefore, women marry more late, most of them are aged 28 are still single, still dating and became active in social life. This is what explains why they become so successful in maintaining health and body shape," said Sue Beck of Lambrini Light.

Advanced Therapy Against Baldness

Advanced Therapy Against Baldness - The threat of baldness in men is greater than with women. Reduced hair piece by piece, which ends with baldness, certainly disturbing. Though now there has been no solution to overcome baldness, at least, there are some therapies being developed by experts.
Therapy Against Baldness
Here are some therapies that can provide hope for men in the future:

1. Hair Cloning
Therapy is to double the amount of wear hair healthy hair follicles, and the results disseminated in the head which is usually faster bald or already bald. In this way the new hair may appear thicker and healthier.

Hair multiplication method is still in test phase and continue to be developed. However, a company in the UK, Intercytex, which develops cell therapies for baldness, last year announced that the 'second phase' of the test has been successfully implanted. They predict this method can be used widely within the next five years.

2. Genetic Tests
About two of three men go bald as they enter their 60s. Still, a few men whose hair has begun to decrease since youth. According to experts, this is because basically everyone already has a certain genetic pattern. In the case of baldness, there are gene variants that have been identified will lead to baldness. Therefore, experts assess preventive measures can be done earlier if the identification of these genes has been performed.

deCODE Genetics, genetic research-based company, currently has developed a method of gene introduction. Through this method will each person can find out if he was bald or not inherited the gene. If proven there is a risk of baldness, preventive measures can be done immediately.

3. Natural regeneration
In a study of cell regeneration in rats, by accident by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found that hair follicles can participate regenerate. This opens an opportunity for scientists to create a type of artificial proteins to stimulate hair follicle growth.

Unfortunately the process of research to be done is still very long before we can really get the hair that grows naturally in the skin of a bald head.

Main Cause Male Baldness | Hair health

Main Cause Male Baldness
Male pattern baldness is often associated with reduced testosterone. In the latest study, revealed that the main cause of baldness is a disturbance in the function of stem cells (stem cells) that make new hair.

The team of American researchers in the Journal of Clinical Investigation said the new hair is produced is very small, not visible to the naked eye. As a result, the scalp will be visible point of baldness or hair-line retreat.

Although the bald area has the same number of stem cells with the no bald scalp, a few mature cell. These cells called progenitor cells. This means that hair follicles in the bald area is hidden. The new hair growth was just visible under a microscope, they are much smaller.

"This indicates there is a problem in the activation of stem cells to alter the cells in the progenitor of a bald scalp. The fact that the number of stem cells normally give her hope that the cells can be activated so that hair can grow," says Dr.George Cotsarelis.

He and his team now plans to create a hair cream that can be used to induce stem cells to grow normal hair. We just wait the next discovery.

Do not Mix Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Do not Mix Energy Drinks and Alcohol
Do not Mix Energy Drinks and Alcohol - You are a fan of energy drinks? Do not mix energy drinks with high caffeine alcohol, because the mixture of the two is dangerous and makes people more drunk.

In a survey conducted on 800 students who just left the bar at 22:00 and 03:00, the researchers asked whether they consume alcohol and energy drinks. The concentration of the smell of alcohol the respondents were also measured.

Approximately 6.5 percent of respondents who admitted drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks are three times more drunk than those who only drank alcoholic beverages only.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol young children do in America. This they do because caffeine can reduce the drowsiness caused by alcohol. This condition is often termed as "drunk but conscious."

Bruce Goldberger, Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine, said many people mistake the stimulant effects of caffeine will eliminate the depressant effect of alcohol. "That is a false perception. The result is dangerous because it makes people more drunk," he said.

High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence

High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence
High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence - In moderation, caffeine can indeed increase the concentration, making us more alert and able to run through difficult challenges. However, these benefits continue to decrease along with the large number of caffeine consumption.

Energy drinks, which typically contain high concentrations of caffeine, the drink excessively will make the body become sleepy as the effects of alcoholic beverages.
In one study, students who were given low doses of caffeinated drinks (equivalent to half a can of energy drink), has a high response on test results that require rapid response on a computer screen.

But when the dose of caffeine-enhanced, they would respond slowly. The participants in the study also said that mentally feel over-stimulation and sleepy after drinking.

"Not a few energy drinks that also contain alcohol. Therefore, if consumed in excessive amounts can adversely effect cognitive function and reduced vigilance," said Cecile A. Marczinski, researchers from Northern Kentucky University.

Research conducted on 80 students aged 18-40 years. To determine the effects of caffeine, the participants were given energy drinks and the rest were given non-caffeine drinks.

Excessive consumption of these drinks can also cause heart was beating very fast due to the caffeine intake exceeds the recommended amount.

Urine Color Yellow Like Tea

Urine Color Yellow Like Tea - The color of normal urine is bright yellow, the color is caused by the substance called bilirubin, if dark yellow urine, such as water tea, have suspected there was interference with the metabolism of bilirubin. This condition is called jaundice is a state in which the levels of bilirubin in the blood rises above normal levels.

This condition is characterized by a yellowing of skin color, white eye (sclera) yellow, and brown urine earlier. Can also like the tea-colored urine while drinking lots of water, this situation usually occurs due to excessive carotene consumed substances (most of these substances contained in tomatoes and carrots), the skin can also be yellowing but to distinguish it with jaundice can see the whites of her eyes (sclera ), because the whites of her eyes remain white. The yellow color can also be due to somewhat older taking vitamin B complex, but rather bright yellow and younger than the jaundice.

Increased levels of bilirubin can be caused by increased production (in cases where the solution of red blood cells or erytrocite excessive), the presence of liver dysfunction, and impaired bilirubin expenditure. The cause of most of the liver function disorders such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cancer, and other disorders. Another cause is a blockage in the bile duct (either by stone or tumor), so that the bilirubin can not go out and lead to increased levels of bilirubin.

Hepatitis is the most common cause jaundice. Hepatitis itself is a state of inflammation of the liver that can be caused by many things. For example, viral infection, drug intoxication, and alcohol. This inflammation makes the liver function decreases, and one result is jaundice.

Symptoms of hepatitis include:

Nausea, vomiting, weakness, lethargy, and sometimes there is fever, decreased appetite, pain in the pit of the stomach right above, also of symptoms that have been mentioned above was the color of urine, such as tea, yellowish skin and whites of the eyes.

But in certain circumstances is not accompanied by jaundice or hepatitis symptoms earlier, this is more dangerous because it is difficult to know the symptoms.

To ensure that can be sent bilirubin levels, liver function tests (SGOT/SGPT), and in certain circumstances required an ultrasound examination. Treatment of hepatitis intended to restore impaired heart function. So patients should maintain body condition for not too tired, eat regular, adequate rest for the immune system strong enough to prevent infection by the virus. Some drugs commonly used are Hepasil, Curcuma, Mobile Pro, Methicol, Lesichol, etc..

Right Side Abdominal Pain

Right Side Abdominal Pain - Our stomach is a hollow organ, so in which there is a variety of organs located on each position, on the upper right abdomen have organs Liver, Gall Bladder, kidney, small intestine and colon, whereas on the right side at the bottom There Colon, Appendix or Appendices, Channel urine, and specifically in women are ovarian Channel.

Right Side Abdominal Pain
So if we are experiencing abdominal pain on the right, just look at the top or bottom, if the pain the top, chances are impaired organs located at the top right of the last, among the various organs before, the most common disorders upper right is the Liver Disorders, Inflammation of the gallbladder due to stones, and sometimes inflammation of the small intestine can occur. But if the pain is slightly middle and the pain to penetrate the canopy, might Kidney organ that is failing.

Meanwhile, when pain arises in the lower right, the most common cause is inflammation of the appendix or Appendicitis, then other causes which quite often is a urinary tract infection, or the female suspect an inflammation of the ovaries channel.

To distinguish between appendicitis with urinary tract infections, namely:
In the appendix accompanying symptoms are fever, could also be accompanied by nausea to vomiting and sometimes can also be accompanied by diarrhea, usually arising from very strong pain until the patient is always leaned forward with suppressed pain in the lower right abdomen.

While on urinary tract infections usually are frequent urination, pain when urinating, as well as the pain at the time of urine, can also be accompanied by high fever and nausea also vomited. The picture above to help identify if there are problems around the area, to make sure they still require a more thorough examination and should consult with your doctor.

Beware of Formalin Food

Beware of Formalin Food
Beware of Formalin Food - There are many frequently asked questions about the formaldehyde. Especially food what is often preserved with formalin, and then what is the danger of formalin.

Formalin is actually a name of a chemical substance consisting of a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol and water. Because it is widely used as a preservative of dead bodies. But lately often misused as a food preservative. For example, if we combine this formalin into a material such as fish meat, the formalin will be absorbed by the meat of fish with ease, then formalin will remove cells from the fish meat and replace it with a more rigid formaldehyde.

The result will be preserved meat or fish did survive for a long time, besides that the fish meat will not rot, because formaldehyde was capable of killing microbes or germs which are usually small role in the process of decay. Let us imagine if the meat was preserved with formalin before we eat, sad, of course very dangerous.

Meanwhile, when used to preserve corpses, obviously very helpful, because it was fast decaying corpse, using formalin, then the body can survive long enough. preserved corpse so what? In some cases the bodies are required to be tested like anatomy lab that uses the body as lab materials.

Because the durable power was incredible then misused as a food preservative, but the government has issued laws that prohibit the use of formalin in food. But in fact there are still many foods market using formalin circulating freely.

The effects of formalin

If you frequently eat foods that are preserved with formalin, it will over time can cause irritation to the stomach so the blood can cause vomiting, or diarrhea mixed with blood, urine or blood and could also potentially cause death. But this rarely happens, because it required a large dose of formalin.

The most common is chronic poisoning due to eating foods that are often preserved with formalin, is usually damaged kidneys or can cause cancer in the future. So be careful buying food and eating food. Should be wary of foods that use formaldehyde as a preservative.

Constipation, Difficult to Toilet

Constipation, Difficult to Toilet
Constipation, Difficult to Toilet - Why difficult bowel movements, especially during fasting, this question often posed to me.

Difficult bowel movements or constipation is referred to the circumstances in which dirt or faeces have hardened so hard to be discarded. Can also during bowel movements painful.

There are several causes that lead to constipation include dietary changes, due to side effects of medicines, hormonal or due to anatomical abnormalities of the digestive tract.

At the time of fasting constipation tends to increase due to several factors:

1. When fasting, there is the tendency lack of movement, this will make the movement of poor digestion. The solution needs to be done light exercise such as walking.

2. Often there is less drinking water. Lack of water in the body can cause constipation. Normally, our bodies need to drink six to eight glasses, or about 1.5 liters a day. The solution is drink plenty of water at the time of breaking fast until dawn.

3. Expand to eat cake instead of veggies, so there is less fiber in the digestive tract. The solution is in addition to eating cake, multiply eating from a class of fiber, especially whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts. This type of food can improve bowel movements so that will increase the mass of feces and decrease the intestinal transit time. But without adequate fluid this fiber would be futile as well.

Underlying the occurrence of constipation is dietary changes. Besides, it usually is taking certain medications such as class of antidepressant drugs, Parkinson's drugs, drugs containing iron, antihypertensive drugs, anticholinergic drugs and narcotic groups. For example, in urgent need of the drug can best be done by reducing the dose or replacing it.

So, when are fasting do not forget to note the type of food, which must be high in fiber and drink must not happen just let difficult bowel movements.

Secret Proteins: Lose Weight, Strategies Recipe

Secret Proteins: Lose Weight
Secret Proteins, Lose Weight, Strategies Recipe - Lately the discussion about the diet in favor of counting calories as a means of effectively eliminating weight, but little is always prioritize proteins. "Many women assume a protein-rich foods are very high in calories or fat," says director of nutrition sciences, Laura J. Kruskall, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In fact, he added, it is not the real facts. As for the counter strict calorie intake, he said, would know that most of the protein thus provided fewer calories than fruits and even vegetables.
Another fact, the best sources of protein such as fish, meat, dairy products and nuts-peanuts are not as easily and quickly obtain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. "Traditional sources of protein can not be directly captured and eaten. If any, they are often found in fried and unhealthy, as in the fast-food menus," says nutrition expert, Angela Ginn, spokesman for the American Dietetic Association.

This condition may explain why up to one third of women aged between 20 to 40 years of not getting the protein levels in the recommended daily intake (RDA). Other causes are believed to nutrition experts - though still spelled minor - Questioning the lack of dietary guidelines that macro nutrients to the protein.

Responding to the situation, experts refer to the study of U.S. leading medical university, John Hopkins. In the study found, a diet with a quarter of total calories - in a matter of rough - Taking of low-fat source of protein, can reduce blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Figures reduction is far more real and better then conventional high-carbohydrate diet. Other research found that a diet rich in fat to prevent obesity, bone loss and diabetes.

Power of Protein

After the meal, the protein will start to work to reduce your waistline. High protein foods need work hard to digest in the metabolism and is used, it means you burn more calories to process it. They also took longer to leave the stomach, so you will be satisfied more quickly in a relatively long time. Effects collection was certainly have real benefits for anyone who wants to monitor his weight.

In the study published in Nutrition Metabolsm, dieters who increased their protein intake of 30 percent from the menu, ate about 450 fewer calories a day and lost about 5.5 kilograms in the study for 12 weeks. Apart from an additional 30 percent before, they do not apply any other specific dietary patterns.

When referring to the successful dieters, which burns calories at a time to count them, the protein is considered essential to lose fat, not muscle mass. Your body uses amino acids in protein to build lean muscle, which not only makes you stronger and more powerful, but also fry calories even when you are not active.

Thus protein keeps metabolism remains buzzing at high speed and you can burn calories from the cookies and snacks that you eat at any time, no problem.

Side Eeffects Vitamin C in past doses

Dangers of Vitamin C
Dangers of Vitamin C if past doses - No one deny Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are nutrients for the body. There are many sources of Vitamin C that can be drawn from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Considering the whole Vitamin C easily, absorbed the water and out, many people think taking vitamin in large doses in order to maintain a long stay in the body.
Only, you need to consider, there are many side effects from taking too much vitamin C. Even vitamins can be very dangerous one for the body.

According mayoclinic, vitamin C is very beneficial to the growth and development of the body. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron. Because the body does not produce or store Vitamin C, so it's important to always pay attention to this vitamin.

For most people, one glass of orange juice with strawberries and broccoli is enough to meet the standard intake of daily vitamin C. For adults the recommended safe limit is 2000 milligrams per day.

- Diarrhea
- nausea
- vomiting
- heartburn pain
- stomach cramps
- headache
- insomnia
- the formation of kidney stones

If you begin to feel the complaints above, you should check back dose of vitamin C that you take every day. Immediately change the dose, especially for those of you who take supplements of vitamin C. Do not forget to drink plenty of water every day.

Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine

Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine - Currently, parents are warned about the vaccine on their site.

According to the Natural News Magazine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the vaccine Gardasil for the American market in 2006 and February 2009, more than 40 million doses have been distributed worldwide.
Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine
Gardasil is a vaccine that should prevent cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is spread through sexual intercourse or skin contacts.

According www.Truthaboutgardasil.org site, thousands of girls who received 1-3 injections of the vaccine have reported severe side effects, such as seizures, stroke, autoimmune disease (a disease caused by antibodies attacking the body's own cells), chronic fatigue, hair loss, chest pain , weak muscles, menstrual cycle changes, blurred vision, loss of hearing, and paralysis. Deaths have also been reported after receiving the vaccine

Marian Greene initiator site, a mother daughter suffered adverse reactions to vaccines. Greene hopes the site will help raise awareness of the dangers of Gardasil and other vaccines in general. By sharing experiences and news of this vaccine induced injury, he hopes to soon get rid of the vaccine from the market.

In Sweden, parents do the movement against Gardasil. Ann-Britt Axelsdotter from Gothenburg to make a site: Mothers Against Gardasil (Mothers Against Gardasil). He decided to do this, after he received a letter offering Gardasil ads on teenage daughter.

Other countries also follow

"Some parents in the Netherlands, Britain and Australia are concerned about this issue, wanted to give a more in-depth information about the vaccine and are contained in it," said Axelsdotter told The Epoch Times.

He fears that the vaccine has been approved yet well tested and cause many side effects on young women around the world.

"There are no studies that show how long the vaccine is effective, which means that young women should get an injection of additional serum at the age of teens. If you are already infected with HPV, cervical cancer risk actually increases if you were given the vaccine, "said Axelsdotter.

Axelsdotter say that modern vaccines made from recombinant DNA (DNA engineering), which means it contains substances that can penetrate the protective blood brain causing severe injury. HPV vaccines are not tested are carcinogenic (cancer-causing substance) or not.

He criticized the marketing and distribution of HPV vaccines are very fast in the Western world.

"Pharmaceutical companies are very intense lobbying in every country, and now they think the vaccine will become part of the current child vaccination program. So also in Sweden."

He also warned expensive vaccines are not necessary.

"HPV vaccine is the most expensive vaccine ever marketed, regardless of the fact if studies show that most HPV infections can be completed entirely by themselves, and the vaccine has a potential health risk. This has been submitted Dr. Diane Harper, a leading researcher in the field. "

In Sweden, there are two HPV vaccines are available: Gardasil from Sanofi Pasteur, and Cervarix from GlaxoSmithKline.

All Swedish girls between the ages of 9-12 are alleged to have given the HPV vaccine in early January 2010. However, there is a legal dispute that is being debated between Sanofi Pasteur (retailers Merck) and GlaxoSmithKline, about the process of determining where the vaccine should be invested by the government of Sweden, close Axelsdotter.

What is Organic Food?

What is Organic Food? - Organic foods must meet the standard criteria that have been defined. According to the Nemours Foundation, the meal with an organic label must be produced without added hormones, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or fertilizers made from materials that are not natural.

Likewise, organic products of animal origin, including dairy products, meat, poultry and eggs must come from animals given only organic food without antibiotics and growth hormones. The animal must also be able to move freely outside the room, not just confined to the cage.

U.S. health authorities have never said that organic food is healthier or better than non-organic food. However, if you want to buy organic food, it is important also to consider a fundamental aspect of food security. That is, make sure all the fruit and washed vegetables, and meat and poultry is cooked until done.

What is Organic Food
organic food

Is Decongestants Safe for You?

Is Decongestants Safe for You - Nasal congestion and tightness in the chest resulting in difficult breathing, can be alleviated by medication type decongestant. However, you need to know, that kind of medicine is not always safe for everyone.

American Academy of Family Physicians says, decongestants should not be consumed without a doctor's recommendation for the classified:

- Experiencing problems on the heart.

- Having trouble with the prostate.

- High blood pressure.

- glaucoma

- Diabetes

- Abnormalities in thyroid hormone.

Source: www.republika.co.id

Why Babies Cry at Birth

Why Babies Cry at Birth - During the 9 months starting from a drop of water until a fetus is a baby so close to his mother, feeling all good and bad feelings from his mother, could hear voices and music that exist and be heard with the mother.

The theory that listening to Mozart increases intelligence baby song of course comes from the assumption that infants and mothers come to hear the song, feel the beauty together. Lead to peace with up to improve the performance and metabolism, so that the developments so good. Every time the baby is listening to the heartbeat, breathing mother, something to calm him down, knowing my mother was always nearby.

So, when born into the world, the baby should be breathing on his own, on healthy babies of course. Then he was kept away from her mother, no heartbeat to calm him, a new sound startle lively baby and she wanted to be near the mother in order to feel safe. So come with new ways called Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD), Once born infants are placed on the mother's chest for her mother heard the heartbeat return, after which the excitatory odor milk makes him instinctively will try to move toward the areola mothers to start breastfeeding, this is beginning of the good life.

But this theory does not always agreed, even though health officials. Once the baby is born immediately moved to another room opposite the mother, with reason, for more monitored or warmed her baby or her mother's past back tired, just a variety of reasons for separating. Well, this mother and child have been together for 9 months, but have not met directly adjacent, Why after meeting separated. : (

Banish Tired with Ginger

Banish Tired with Ginger
Banish Tired with Ginger - Ginger is one of the ingredients used in the plural enough daily food or Asian societies. This spice has a distinctive aroma and flavor, plus an excellent benefits for the body.

So far we know ginger is used in foods to add flavor and created a drink to warm the body. Apparently, in addition, ginger is also good to nourish the body, including relieve nausea, vomiting, pregnant women, nausea due to chemotherapy, intoxicated by the movement, until the muscle tension. Regarding the usefulness eliminate muscle tension was only recently recognized by researchers who found that ginger has a content similar to drugs in pharmacies, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

Researchers at the University of Georgia and Georgia College and State University divided 74 respondents in the three groups. One group provided raw ginger, ginger one another given the heated, and the other, a placebo in the form of powder mixed with warm water, one more in the form of powders which are consumed directly. They were asked to eat ginger before the workout lifting weights. Those who consume ginger admitted has decreased pain in muscles after exercise by 25 percent compared to that consumed ginger false.

It was concluded, ginger appears to have similar strength painkiller (pain relievers). Chris Black, PhD, professor of kinesiology at Georgia College and State University, explained that according to his research, ginger contains anti-inflammatory, against the enzyme that makes sick, just as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Therefore, people who consume ginger does not feel or experience swelling of muscle after lifting a heavy load.

According to Black, you can use ginger as a pain reliever muscle in the following manner:

1. Can be used at any time, it's better than taking pain medication. According to him, consuming about 2 tablespoons of ginger tea a day (2 grams), is expected to meet the need. He do not know what long term effects of consumption of ginger. Black estimates that, because it has a similar content of aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, excessive use of ginger can cause blood thinning, or problems for a sensitive stomach. However, the research he did, no side effects reported by the respondents.

2. Black recommends that you eat ginger every day for a week before you engage in activities that will lead to inflamed muscles, like running a marathon, climbing a cliff, or gardening all day. On the day of strenuous activity, and thereafter it is also recommended. No matter what time it is consumed ginger.

3. Ginger comes in many forms, either mixed with tea, powder, capsules, or in the form of original roots. Black says, no matter in what form of ginger is consumed. Can also be used as additional cooking.
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