Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Body

Tips on maintaining a healthy body | Tips on maintaining a healthy body - In carrying out intensive activities in our daily lives. We need to maintain our health to keep us healthy and fit body and spirit. Because in every activity we are solid and in good health then we tend to forget about health care for our spiritual and physical. Too important in maintaining our health, because many people out there who are willing spent millions of dollars just because wanna to health (so you could say well it's expensive).

In the face of our patterns, we often negligent health care, we will provide a solution to the pattern in our daily lives into a healthy lifestyle. Activity of these activities are included in the passage and implementation of healthy live pattern. Such as:

1. Avoid the habit of addiction goods.

It is that we often neglect in the lives of as many consider it an act of cool. Such as cigarette addicts, alcoholic drinks (liquor), drugs, marijuana, tranquilizers and other drug. Whereas in the habit of causing many negative things.

Just imagine if we are addicted to any illicit goods above. We will spent a lot of money just want to enjoy the goods. Same thing we hoard many diseases in us. Moreover, if the disease is already eroding our bodies, then we will release much more money that just want health. Indeed, in the near term do not affect anything but the impact is if we have udzur or older.

In using these illicit goods, first we will get a great sin, the effect is not affected in ourselves alone but the parents, family, friends, girlfriend, or school. Try to avoid or stop the addiction to these illicit goods.

2. Avoid sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

Lust in this case a major role. Because passion is by all people. But remember not to live fatherly passion, but make prevention for life. Sex is a wonderful thing power was to each person. But it would be honored if we have sex when it is in the bonds of marriage. Most of the sex is trivialized for couples who are used to do so or for people who are easily aroused without a strong faith.

Many of the impacts that would occur in free sex, sex outside of marriage. Such as:
  1. Pregnant outside of marriage and the man ran away from responsibility.
  2. Exposure to infectious diseases such as AIDS is no cure.
  3. Sins of the Lord.
  4. Excluded from the association and the community.
  5. Raided by police/municipal pp/guards.
  6. Killed by his own girlfriend, raped, etc..
  7. Addicted to orgasm and will evolve into a dangerous stage.
  8. Beginning of activities stupid number 1 above.
  9. It's hard when the going gets serious marriage mate.
  10. Lying to parents, families, relatives, friends, etc..
  11. And many more consequences.

The purpose of sex to get the climax/orgasm much deified by many people who get lost and they will look for another victim to be taken and dragged into the dark valley. If relate with the opposite sex or same sex out of wedlock should not see it if Sex delicious side, but look at the negative side very much. You will be disgusted to do it.

3. Eating Healthy Foods And Match Rules

Good food is not necessarily healthy. Many foods and drinks are dangerous and unhealthy when consumed. Examples include the use of borax and formaldehyde as a preservative of food and beverages that should use to preserve the corpse/corpse/carcass.

4. Keeping Yourself And Environmental Hygiene Around Us

Own personal hygiene should be noted and maintained properly, because it is associated/linked closely with how we look at the general public. neatness and cleanliness of the body such as hair, nails, face, eyes, ears, skin, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, etc. to give effect to the overall body health. Avoid exchanging toiletries, toilet, health, personal clothing with other people as possible can transmit dangerous diseases.

Just imagine, if someone can cause acute dental pain he did not come to work for days because the pain is unbearable. People who have a dirty look and style would be shunned from daily life and will be difficult to make friends, girlfriends, marriage, work, trust and others.

5. Exercise And Health to consult a doctor regularly

Get regular exercise can stimulate the heart, breathing and blood circulation better. Make a habit of exercising every day with a light activity such as walking, gymnastics, fitness, jogging, biking, or doing a full sports such as badminton games, soccer, marathon running, tennis, basketball, and so forth.

In addition there is another sport that is not as important as exercise which periodic health check regularly to the doctor. Programmed to medical examination for diseases or disorders that arise can be detected more quickly so that treatment would not take a lot of cost, time and effort.

6. Avoid excessive stress in a healthy way

Strategies to avoid the stress required for each individual. Look for the best way to relieve stress in your own way that is easy, can be done everywhere, cheap, healthy, kosher, and delicious performed. Removal of stress are examples of activities such as listening to music in a personal and pleasant thoughts to existing load, play video games, music playing music, sports, talk to close friend friend, vent, healthy dating, eat, do husband's intimate relationship with a legitimate partner, hanging out in the toilet, a trip to the mall, singing, playing small toys, gardening, fishing, shouted in a quiet, sleep, and so forth.
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