500 000 People Die Due TB Each Year

500 000 People Die Due TB Each Year | Accord to WHO (World Health Organization) In south east obtain a half of numeral tuberculosis disease (TB) over the world, suggest, every year, 500,000 peoples in this region died due to TB disease.

Samlee Plianbangchang, Regional Director of south east WHO, in his state in Jakarta, request to all stakeholders to strengthen partnerships in the elimination of TB disease, when the World TB Day March 24.

"This partnership, education, and empowerment as part of basic public services is the key to eliminating TB. Partnership with NGOs, government and private hospitals, and others since 1990 has been lowered to 25 per cent of the discovery of new cases," said Pliangbangchang.

In addition, the partnership between the various parties involved have also been raised to the TB treatment success rate reached 90 percent.

"Nevertheless, tuberculosis is a disease that is often caused by poverty, so if it does not reach the poorest among the poor, and focus on education and prevention, we can not eliminate this disease," said Pliangbangchang.

The number of TB patients in South East Asia region has declined by about 40 percent since 1990 to the early detection of process improvement and improved care system. However, the number of TB patients in South East Asia is still relatively high, even the WHO estimates that half the world's TB cases are in Southeast Asia and among the five countries included in the 22 countries with the highest number of TB patients, such as India which accounts for a quarter of new cases of TB.
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