Prevent and Overcome Liver Cancer

Prevent and Overcome Liver Cancer - Transmission of hepatitis A through food, while hepatitis B and C through body fluids. Hepatitis A often attack children and young adult age group. How to prevent this disease is to maintain the cleanliness of food and hepatitis A. The vaccine is also available The vaccine is given twice a distance of 6 months.
Overcome Liver Cancer
Hepatitis A although sometimes show clinical symptoms that interfere with, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, and yellow, in general will recover without complications. Thus, hepatitis A does not lead to liver cancer. However, hepatitis B and hepatitis C can become chronic liver cancer. Most liver cancer in our country caused by hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

You have to know that hepatitis B vaccination to prevent transmission of hepatitis B. Hepatitis B vaccination carried out three times in six months. Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for health workers so as long as contact with the patient, the risk of contracting through the patient's body fluids is high enough. Until now, the hepatitis C vaccine is still in the research, when compared with hepatitis B, hepatitis C more often become chronic so that the risk to liver cancer is also greater.

Because there is no vaccine, if infected with hepatitis C, your doctor will consider whether the patient needs to get a hepatitis C therapy, namely interferon and ribavirin.
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