Kiwi Lower Hypertension

Kiwi Lower Hypertension - Although in general, high blood pressure or hypertension had no symptoms. However, this condition does not mean harmless. If not treated, high blood pressure overload can damage many organs and tissues.

One effort to reduce high blood pressure is to eat a varied diet with a combination of proper nutrition. The results presented in the meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, United States, consumption of kiwi is mentioned three times in a day is quite effective in lowering hypertension.

Research conducted by Mette Svendsen of the University Hospital Oslo, Norway, for 8 weeks to 118 people aged 55 years and suffering from hypertension were.

The respondents were divided into two groups, one which is eating three kiwi fruit per day and the rest are eating foods that contain apple once a day.

After 8 weeks, the researchers found a value of systolic pressure (the upper blood pressure number) of participants is lower than 3.6 millimeters with participants who consumed apples.

Although kiwi eaters have lower blood pressure, but researchers do not yet know whether the main cause. This can only be confirmed with more extensive research.
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