Improve vision function with Chocolate

Improve vision function with Chocolate | Driving a vehicle for long trips, such as going home now requires excellent visual function. There is a quick way to improve the quality of vision, which is eating chocolate.

Research suggests dark chocolate can improve visual acuity in low contrast conditions. See other chocolate benefit.

In a British study of vision of the respondents note increased 17 percent in terms of contrasting light conditions after they consume compared with the dark chocolate and white chocolate. The study participants also have the brain function better in the test results.

The content of flavonoids in dark chocolate is known to increase blood circulation in the body, including to the eye. "The retina requires a lot of energy but often lack of blood supply. Flavonoids in chocolate will enhance the function of peripheral blood vessels into the eye so that the visual function was better," said David Field, professor at the University of Reading, UK, who conducted this research.

Field and his team tested the participants two hours after they mengasup dark chocolate bars. But he said the actual effects of flavonoids could be felt an hour after consumption.

Regarding the amount of chocolate that have not been convinced diasup Field. In his research he uses chocolate bar contains 773 milligrams of cocoa flavonoids. Unfortunately most manufacturers do not list the amount of cocoa flavonoids in the packaging.

Besides chocolate, actually flavonoids can be found in tea, fruits and vegetables. However, according to the Field is not known whether the effect will be the same as the flavonoids in chocolate.
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