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Heart disease symptoms | in women, this is contrast with Heart disease symptoms that attack in man, in woman more dangerous and often result in death, because these symptoms are sometimes not known or diagnosed late. Beside that, the treatment of heart disease in women is often ignored and not acted upon treatment, So this is due to unwanted factors.

According to the research finding, some doctors are giving less inspection, less frequent follow up, fewer treatments and less surgery in women. Perhaps this is why heart attacks more deadly if you happen to women than men.

Thus, Heart disease symptoms in women should really be noticed, and women must often check to doctor with perceived abnormalities in the body, so that heart disease symptoms in women that are considered dangerous can be overcome.

So, we from kkkmedicine.blogspot.com team, trying to provide health information, in order to help cure heart disease symptoms in women, Mercy on of women.!

Heart disease symptoms in women

1. difficulty breathing
2. difficulty sleeping
3. Limp for no reason
4. indigestion
Nausea and vomiting

As a result of your body in a state of 'emergency' during a heart attack, the nerves that control body functions to work too hard. This will make your sweats, pallor, dizziness, nausea and often vomiting. Experts do not know the exact reasons behind this situation, but if you are experiencing this, it's good to see the doctor.

6. Most of body feels uncomfortable

Logically, a heart attack will strike and give effect to the left side of the body, especially left arm. But one sign of a heart attack are pain and discomfort in left arm or both arms. Pain and discomfort is also felt in jaw, neck, back and stomach.

So little notice of heart disease symptoms Do not wait to check further more to doctor when one sign was got. Thank you
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