Types of Acne and Acne Causes

Types of Acne and Acne Causes | Acne, What is acne exactly? what is the kind of acne that attack us? May be this is few question about acne that always appear in our brain. Exactly, acne is happen and appear because of our pores is clog by dirt. so that the oil/sebum produced by glands under our skin (the so-called sebaceous glands) along with dead skin cells, and sometimes also accompanied by the bacteria trapped under a layer of outer skin, and can not come out smoothly. The result was irritation, or inflammation in the area.

In general, acne is starting to appear at puberty and will stop on its own as an adult about 25 years and above but not infrequently also continues, despite being past the age.

This acne problem, although somewhat normal if it happens at puberty because it is heavily influenced by hormonal problems that are rising, but it can give acne problem worse due to the extremely oily skin types, especially if the skin is not kept clean so it will be more exacerbated by acne bacteria that settle on it.

There are many types of acne, but in general are three types of acne, as below:

1. Common Acne
The look and shape of the ordinary type of acne or commonly referred to as classical acne is very easy to recognize the small skin-colored bumps slightly reddish or pink. A common cause of acne is the type of stress, hormonal factors and moist air that trigger the skin to produce excess oil so that it becomes a place there of bacterial growth. As a result of skin pores clogged because of an infection caused by bacteria.

2. Stone Acne/Corn Acne
The scientific term of this type of acne are: Cystic Acne. The shape is quite large, with a lump that is accompanied by inflammation. Cystic acne is usually scattered in almost all parts of the face, very different from that of ordinary acne that is usually only found in one part of the face alone. This cystic acne often makes people feel miserable losing confidence because faces do not seem very appealing. Usually this type of cystic acne was caused by hereditary or genetic factors that have the following properties:

  1. Oil glands (sebaceous glands) that works too active, so that would tend to flood the pores of the skin with oil/sebum.
  2. The growth of skin cells is too slow/below normal, so it will result in skin cells can not regenerate as fast as people who have normal skin.
  3. Skin is too sensitive, so having an exaggerated response to irritation/inflammation, and will leave scars on the skin.
3. Blackheads
Types of blackheads are: acne that consists of two kinds, namely:
  1. Open comedones, acne of this type will look like enlarged pores and black (the black dots are clogged pores that change color due to oxidation by air).
  2. Closed comedones, acne has many forms and species which grow on the skin pores are clogged so that it looks like a small white bumps under the skin surface.

This type of acne blackheads are caused by skin cells are dead, and excessive oil glands in the skin. This will happen when you are not diligent in cleaning the skin, making skin cells that die will accumulate on the surface, and then shut down the oil in the skin cells. So that blockages will occur.

The use of make up and hair care/styling that has too much oil content also can aggravate your acne condition.

Notes: Any type of your acne, you do not squash it because it will only aggravate your acne condition. You should be able to refrain from a sense of exasperation that wanted to squeeze pimples yourself. Whatever type of acne, you can use propolis as a solution to overcome your acne.

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