One of Processing Food Can Trigger Cancer

One of Processing Food Can Trigger Cancer | About 90 percent of colon cancers are caused intake of foods containing carcinogenic substances. Cancer-causing substances arising from food processing wrong way.

According Adityawati Ganggaiswari, biomedical experts from Indonesia Cancer Foundation (ICF), the seminar "Improving the Quality of Life Ostomate" on Saturday (31/3), in Jakarta, the use of inorganic substances in foods as preservatives, colorings, flavorings and ingredients known to trigger cancer cell .

How to cook the wrong way can cause carcinogenic compounds in food. "For example, red meat that is burned too mature will lead to carcinogenic substances, heterocyclic amine compounds," said Adityawati. Fried potatoes with a high temperature will contain acrylamide can cause cancer.

Cancer can be triggered by the habit of eating foods high in fat and low in fiber. Similarly, smoking habits, less exercise, and sitting for long periods can lead to colon cancer.

Signs the appearance of polyps in the form of the cell malignancies that spread from the colon to the rectum.


The presence of cancer in the digestive tract is not easy to know at an early stage. Therefore, most patients present to physicians in an advanced stage.

This leads to colon cancer is the fourth ranked cause of cancer death. According to data from the ICF, 60 percent or more than 360,000 cases of colon cancer per year are found in developing countries, including Indonesia.

In the treatment of colon cancer, often had to do the cutting and making ostoma intestine (feces spending hole) in the abdomen. According to the Chairman of YKI Nila Moeloek, the number of people with ostoma increased.

YKI through the Indonesian Ostomy Association (InOA), which stood on March 23, 2000, should improve health care and assistance for people with bags of excrement ostoma free. In recent years, stalled because of Australia's aid to help InOA should also help other developing countries.

Nila expect support from donors in the country to purchase medical equipment.

Currently, to prevent the manufacture ostoma, Benny said Philippi, surgeon of the ICF, a technique developed sphincter ani. With this surgical technique, polyps can be taken at a time near the anus anus which is a function of the nerve centers is maintained.

How, among others, performed the injection needle radiation in polyps. Thus, smaller polyps to disappear. (Yun)
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