Tips Maintain Eye Health For Worker in Computers

Tips Maintain Eye Health | Currently, more work is needed in processing computerized data. For workers who must be in front of the computer for more than 12 hours per day, the risk of impaired eye health is huge.

Eye problems such as red eye, irritation, eye swelling, watery eyes, dizziness, often plagued these workers. Meanwhile, to stay away from the computer, it is not possible because of its vital computer for their work.

Here are tips to maintain healthy eyes, for people who have to deal with a computer screen for long periods.

1. Arrange work space as comfortable as possible

Room lighting should not make your eyes glare, because light from the computer screen itself is dazzling. Place the monitor slightly below eye horizontal direction. Do not be too high, nor too low so that the neck does not need to be looking down or up.

2. Break in the middle of the work

Every half hour or 1 hour once, stand up and rest your eyes. Looking at an object at a short distance away is the focus for a while will help relax the eye again. If necessary, you can also walk around the room so as not to be too stiff.

3. palming

Palming is one of the yoga techniques that function refreshing sight and relax your nerves. The trick, rub your palms together until warm, then put on the eye for at least 30 seconds.

4. frequent blinking

While I was concentrating on looking at things, including the monitor, people often forget to blink. This makes the eyes dry, irritated and red.

5. Use eye drops

To re-freshen the dry and irritated eyes, you can use eye drops. Because if left alone without care, then the eye can be more severe condition.

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