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How to Sit Up Rightly | Stomach problems not only belong to you alone, but also almost all of us have problems with sit ups. Been diligent sit up, but never slim stomach, until it was so saturated and no longer believe in it properties will sit up. Do not rush to give up, maybe there was something wrong with you technique.

Sit up and Benefits:

Sit ups are a movement of abdominal exercises, by lying down on a floor/mat. Folded his knees, and dug in the floor then back in a sleeping position pulled forward, toward the knee. This movement is done for several sets with regular breathing.

Recently, sit ups done with a few variations. Both legs are straightened and attached to the floor, pinned to the wall, using the help of fit-ball, or hung in the air. Basically the same benefits, but with different difficulty levels will sculpt the abdomen from the side that is not merely the same.

Train the abdominal muscles is important. In addition to the stomach to be more slender, the fats that accumulate on the side of the waist to catch fire and you do have the potential for cholesterol and heart disease can be avoided.

For appearance alone, you can more easily choose pants or skirt that you like, without having to feel inferior to the blob of fat everywhere.

Common mistakes made when sit ups:

1. The position has not been fitted and quickly do sit ups

2. Sit up too quickly

3. Sit-ups a lot of movement on the grounds for slim faster

How to sit up rightly?

Right Sit up is: put every part of the body with the correct position. If you feel ready and comfortable, then begins to sit up.

- Better to use a comfortable mat or do situps in the recommended tools (such as that you meet on fitness place)

- Focus on the movement of the abdominal muscles, not how many sit ups you do

- Do sit ups with several sets of the same, for some time, no need to rush to increase the number of sets. But just do it on a regular basis

- Adjust the breath correctly. When the body in a sleeping position, inhale deeply. Exhale slowly at the up position.
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