Obesity Increases Risk Kidney Cancer

Obesity Increases Risk Kidney Cancer | The result of cancer studies center in England show, Obesity increase the risk of kidney cancer until 70 %. Let's compare by smoke that increase the risk of kidney cancer as big as 50 percent.

The causes, obesity trigger hormonal increases that can increase the cancer risk. The England cancer studies center estimate 25 percent cases of kidney cancer in man and 22 percent of kidney cancer in woman causes by fat.

The number of cases of kidney cancer in England in 1975 only 2300 cases increased to 9,000 cases in 2009. Over the last 35 years, obesity rates rose 70 percent in men and 60 percent of women in that country.

According to Director of Information Center for Cancer Studies Sara Hiom to the BBC, Friday (30/3), obesity is also a risk factor for some cancers, like breast cancer, colon, and cervical cancer. Kidney cancer now ranks eighth most common cancer society. The presence of blood in the urine can be used as the initial sign. If detected early, kidney cancer can be cured with surgery.

Kidney cancer expert, who is also professor at the University of Cambridge, England, Tim Eisen, say, 10 years, the Center for Cancer Studies to develop new drugs that damage blood flow to the kidney cancer. However, these drugs only help control the disease, not cure.
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