Chocolate, Healthy Snacks for Kids

Chocolate, Healthy Snacks for Kids - Children so like to chocolate, it cause this snacks is very smooth and delicious, in fact behind that, chocolate also keep any other benefit, such as overcome from stress at kids.

Chocolate have any type, there is a chocolate that good for health like protect heart disease, and also have any type of chocolate that bad to health. OK, lets we see the explanation about this chocolate.
pure chocolate for healthy
Nutritionist and Health Chef, Edwin Lau explain, there are three type of chocolate, dark chocolate, 70% yield of pure chocolate, cocoa solid and cocoa butter with added sugar and vanilla. This is best chocolate for heart health and more.

Milk chocolate, 50% yield of pure chocolate with addition of sugar and milk and vanilla. This is most popular chocolate at children. White chocolate, which contains 35% high-quality pure chocolate, sugar, milk, and vanilla, because it was white. But generally too high sugar content. So, if you consume these chocolate will get negative effect such as damage to teeth and increase blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferer.
"also there are chocolate that sold without a brand. This is that we must pay attention, because the content of pure chocolate is less than 20%, even only 7%. This type of chocolate are very high levels of sugar with the addition that is also high in saturated fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO). These chocolate will very bad effect to health,"
said Edwin.
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