Common Signs of Heart Attack

Common Signs of Heart Attack | Heart attacks strike without warning. Can now sleep, work, or even exercising. Unpredictable, if the slender, more secure than a heart attack compared to the obese. Indeed, obese people have the potential of having a heart attack is greater than their ideal body.

Cause of a heart attack can be various. Cholesterol blockage in the coronary arteries is often the case that is often found. High blood pressure also trigger this problem. So, pay attention to cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure to be some prevention of heart problems. In addition, need to maintain themselves when under stress.

If you want to know how healthy it is necessary to condition the heart of a series of tests. For example, stress test, lipid profile, annual check-up, ECG, blood sugar, until the treadmill. This test can see how far your heart strong and predict the potential of having a heart attack.

Sometimes a heart attack show certain signs. If you find these signs in your body, immediately contact your local health care providers to check your heart.

Here are Common Signs of Heart Attack

1. Chest discomfort. Heart attacks are usually marked feelings of "difference" in the chest. Especially in the middle of the chest, discomfort that can occur a few minutes. Guess it could go, or even back again. This is a common sign.

2. Discomfort in your upper body. Discomfort also spread to other body parts. For example, in one or both arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomach. May also feel pain in it.

3. Shortness of breath. This tightness may occur with chest discomfort accompanied or not.

4. Another sign appeared in the form of a cold sweat, nausea, or dizziness.

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