This Reason Causes People Try Smoking

This Reason Causes People Try Smoking | Various methods are used to restraint the use of cigarettes in the world. But still many people who continue to smoke. Addicts stop smoking is not easy, but it could have been avoided if people know what caused the start to try cigarettes.

Various studies show an association between smoking and health issues. According to WHO, one of 10 adults or more than 5 million people per year die from tobacco-related diseases.

But smokers it still seems not a deterrent. Therefore, do not ever try cigarettes and identify what can make people start to try smoking, as reported by HowStuffWorks, Wednesday (04/04/2012):

This Reason Makes People Try Smoking

1. Relief of stress busting

For people who do not suffer from severe mental illness, smoking may still be some form of self-medication. For example, soldiers who tried smoking to deal with the stress on the battlefield.

Many people feel stress gone after a cigarette. Unfortunately, the addict is not easy to be separated from the cigarette after the stress passes. The tools used to reduce the stress of a sudden becomes a stressor in itself.

2. The influence of advertising and film

Advertising and media such as film can have a significant influence on viewers who watch. The main characters in cigarette ads or films featuring actors were smoking can have the same effect as fashion or trendy gadgets.

Studies show that when young viewers see the main characters in smoking, they are more likely to see smoking as something that is socially acceptable and desired style. This is what eventually makes people start to experiment smoking and addiction.

3. Drugs for yourself

For some people, smoking is basically a way to treat yourself as a disease that causes tension and pain. Patients who suffer from some form of mental illness, like depression or anxiety disorders, may need a cigarette to help alleviate some symptoms.

4. The influence of genetic

As well as allergies and cancer, subtle mutations in one gene can lead to differences between health ailments. Medical genetic research began to suggest that addiction, including nicotine addiction, has the effect of the genetic component in the body.

5. See parents smoking

Children whose parents had smoke are more likely also to be an active smoker, compared with parents of non-smokers or had quit smoking.

According to some studies, the choice of parents for their children at risk of smoking will make twice as much to be current smokers as well.

6. Pressure from peers

The biggest reason teens start smoking is because it tried to pressure from peers. In the period of puberty or adolescence, the role of parents is necessary to be able to make youth feel comfortable so it is not easily influenced by peers.

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