Silicon Ring Prevent Premature Birth

Silicon Ring Prevent Premature Birth | Risk of preterm birth can now be reduced with the installation of special equipment-shaped rings made of silicone material.

Preterm birth is the leading cause of death in newborns and trigger a variety of health problems in adulthood. Doctors in Spain have been testing a 49.5 billion U.S. dollars worth of tools commonly used as a pessary (pessary), in women with gestational age of three months.

This tool is intended for pregnant women at risk of preterm birth, because the shortening of the cervix (cervical) - a condition that can weaken the pelvic floor. The tool is designed to strengthen the cervix. Thus, capable of supporting the weight content of the increasingly severe in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Pessary made ​​of silicon is already in use for 50 years as a method of preventing preterm birth. However, its effectiveness is still being debated and new research was conducted through a randomized trial.

The result was encouraging, where only six percent of women who give birth prematurely fitted with a pessary. While in women who do not use these tools, about 27 percent gave birth prematurely.

Testing performed on 15,000 women who underwent ultrasound testing at five hospitals, while they were pregnant 20 to 23 weeks. Of these, 380 had shortening of the cervix (cervical length is 25 mm or less). They were divided into two groups each consisting of 190 people.

In the pessary group of 12 women taking birth before the age of 34 weeks, while groups that do not use the pessary at 51. "Installation of pessary is a procedure that is affordable, non-invasive and easily installed and removed," says lead researcher Maria Goya, a gynecologist from the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona.

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