Broccoli is Good for Breast Cancer Patient

Broccoli is Good for Breast Cancer Patient | Properties of broccoli for cancer has long been a concern of scientists. In a recent research note, broccoli and cabbage can also increase the life expectancy of breast cancer patients, and even delay the recurrence of cancer.

Research conducted in China on 5,000 women aged 20-75 years who were diagnosed with breast cancer found that those who often group cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, or mustard, the risk of dying from breast cancer 62 percent lower. Among other benefits, the risk of disease recurrence is also 35 percent lower.

According to new research presented by Sarah Nechuta, a researcher from Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center in Nashville, Tenn.. "This study demonstrates that cruciferous vegetables contain bioactive compounds that may protect against breast cancer," he said.

Researchers claim that their findings are in contrast to previous research, because this time the findings look at the influence of the consumption of broccoli and cabbage family vegetables in patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The respondents in this study were women who took part in the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study. The researchers interviewed volunteers over six months after being diagnosed to gather information about diet, lifestyle and clinical factors such as tumor stage. They were also asked about how many vegetables at 18 and 36 months after being diagnosed.

Results showed that women who consume broccoli 62 percent less likely to die from breast cancer during the study period of about five years less than women received vegetable intake. While the risk of recurrence was 35 percent lower among women who ate broccoli.

Researchers said the relationship a lower risk of death and cancer recurrence was even adapted by other factors, including soy and meat consumption, vitamin intake, physical activity, stage of cancer, income and education levels. On average, the women in this study ate approximately 3.5 ounces of broccoli family of vegetables a day.

Even so, Dr. Laura Kruper, director of the Women Health Center, City of Hope in Duarte, Calif., said, "These findings are very difficult to demonstrate cause and effect relationships." He added, need to do more studies in other populations and particularly in the long term to see the relationship between the two.

"I always tell my patients to limit alcohol (four glasses a week) and sugar, and eat more vegetables and less red meat consumption," said Kruper. Kruper added, alcohol and physical inactivity are the two factors known to increase risk of breast cancer. For more info about Breast Health

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