5 Reasons The Importance of Eating Eggs

Importance of Eating Eggs | Egg is perfect foods that easy to consume by every one. Egg have many health benefits contain, So in this post "world health medicine" want to write about egg benefit for health, we can eat egg when breakfast, dinner or other times. Here are 5 reason why we must choose the egg as our food.

5 Reason Important of Eating Egg

1. Heart Health
Consume many egg can promote our heart health, the bad effect in egg just yolk, According to the American Heart Association (AHA), one large egg yolk has about 186 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol and the number was sufficient to satisfy one's cholesterol intake (which according to the recommendation to 300 mg per day).

2. Lose weight

Eggs are an excellent snack for anyone who wants to lose weight. A boiled egg can be a satisfying snack. You can also add a handful of fresh spinach as a running mate. Keep in mind, the egg white has only 15 calories per egg. No saturated fat and cholesterol content in egg white, so it is good for you who want to lose weight.

3. Foods rich in nutrients
Besides that, eggs also provide many essential nutrients, including vitamin A, iron and minerals, phosphorus, zinc, and DHA, which is key to brain health.

4. Healthy ways to eat eggs

Boil an egg or cook without using oil or butter is the best way to cook eggs for a low calorie content. Eggs can be an option for a healthy lunch and snacks in the evening.

5. Raw eggs, Is it safe?

All types of raw eggs, organic eggs can even carry the risk of illness from salmonella bacteria. Historically, eating raw foods, felt that: a fried egg to make the nutrients in the egg is lost. But in fact such an assumption is not correct.
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