Causes of Hepatitis A | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis C

Causes of Hepatitis A | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis C | Hepatitis is a disease that causes swelling of the liver. The causes can vary. However, the most common is due to the spread of the virus, excessive alcohol consumption, toxins or infected from others who have been hit by this disease.

Causes of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A Disease, a disease that is often found for the Southeast Asia region, especially in developing countries, because the disease is always something to do with the neighborhood.

Causes of Hepatitis A is primarily hepatis A virus, but it attacks its victims with food and drinks. Patients do not hygienic environment, and cleanliness of food or beverages consumed, is a means for rapid outbreak of hepatitis A. Not only that causes hepatitis A can also be caused by a drug addict, and anal intercourse. Thus means a person who has the soul of homosexual high risk of hepatitis A disease is.

This is the causes of hepatitis A from a hepatitis virus. But this virus will not attack if it has been in the know the steps to overcome. Therefore seek information and find out information about this disease is the need to protect you care of this disease.

Causes of Hepatitis B

One of the dangerous diseases that can infect humans is a hepatitis disease. Of all types of viral hepatitis, the most the most vicious and deadly enough is hepatitis B. You certainly do not want to get the disease, is not it? For that you should be aware of the causes of hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B disease is a type of health problems that specifically attack the liver. Hepatitis B virus enters the body that will infect the liver and then destroy the cells, so the heart could not work perfectly.

Causes of Hepatitis B, As we saw earlier, the causes hepatitis B is a viral infection that eats away at the liver cells. Here is a condition that can cause you to develop chronic hepatitis B.

1. Blood Transfusion
One causes of hepatitis B can be transmitted to many people, is when there is a person with hepatitis B who then donate blood without screening for hepatitis B. If the donor's blood is transfused to another person, of course, the person will participate contracting hepatitis B.

2. Together with Use of Goods
The cause of hepatitis B can be transmitted to others can also go through certain items that are used together, such as syringes. Injecting drug users are typically used in bulk drug addicts. When one of them suffering from hepatitis B, of course, the disease can be transmitted to others who participated needle using the needle.

3. Sexual contact
According to experts, one of the ways of transmission of hepatitis B is through sexual intercourse. One cause of hepatitis B can be transmitted easily to others is when a married couple who will not perform medical tests, so no one knows whether the spouses have contracted hepatitis B virus or not.

Those are some causes of hepatitis B can be spread to others. The point is hepatitis B can spread through the human body fluids, eg blood or saliva. Therefore, the medical officer should be careful before taking a blood donor and blood screening first, whether the blood is clean of hepatitis B or not.

Causes of Hepatitis C

In general, the causes hepatitis C is virus. However nfeksi healthy liver cells to interfere with liver function.

Usually HCV or hepatitis C virus damages the liver slowly and in a long time. Normally, the liver slowly but surely will have hardening or cirrhosis may progress to liver cancer.

Symptoms of hepatitis C
At the beginning of virus infection, no symptoms are apparent and annoying. Only after several years, it seems a common symptom experienced by everyone. Patients will look tired, upset stomach, darker colored urine and skin color and yellowish eyes. This is the reason why Hepatitis also known as jaundice.

Typically, the symptoms will appear after a long infection, and sometimes a bit late. To avoid delays in treatment, then you should immediately perform blood tests on Normally, transmission occurred through the use of shared injection needles, tattooing with unsterilized needles and changing or through blood transfusions. The significance of hepatitis itself is a swelling of the liver.

Hepatitis C virus
There are several types of virus that became a scapegoat cause of hepatitis C, among which are: rubella, mumps, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus and herpes virus.

Prevention of hepatitis C
By knowing the cause of hepatitis C in the above, it is expected that the public can take precautions by way away from the use of shared injection needles. Also make sure to take action using a new needle and sterile tattoo and avoiding alcohol and drinking. Healthy lifestyles and consumption of foods that meet nutritional needs regular exercise also proven to distance themselves from the cause of hepatitis C. Early disease management will facilitate the healing process.
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