What Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months?

What Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months | From the key clue, 'cough up to 2 months recovering', it is certain that you are suffering from a chronic cough disease.

Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months

Chronic cough is likely to be caused by:
1. Postnasal-drip syndrome from nose and sinus conditions in the nose
2. asthma
3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease
4. Tuberculosis (TB)
5. Chronic bronchitis due to cigarette smoking or due to other irritants
6. bronchiectasis
7. eosinophilic bronchitis
8. The use of drugs known as angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor
9. Bronchial cancer (bronchogenic carcinoma)
10. Carcinomatosis
11. sarcoidosis
12. Failing left heart chamber (left ventricular failure)
13. Aspirations for pharyngeal dysfunction
14. tracheobronchial collapse
15. Lung cancer
16. Infection of the lungs
17. Cough that is affected by the work environment (occupational environment-induced cough)
18. The spread of breast cancer (metastatic breast carcinomatosis)
19. Interstitial lung disease
20. hyperthyroidism
21. carcinoid tumor
22. Hodgkin's disease
23. Zenker's diverticulum
24. Habit cough or psychogenic

Some things you can do include:
1. Enhance spirituality, living with a heart full of gratitude and sincere
2. Boost the immune system, pattern and balanced nutrition
3. Avoid stress, laughter therapy, music therapy (at least 30 minutes every day)
4. Avoiding irritants, allergens, and certain drugs
5. Diet and lifestyle modification
6. Avoid / stop smoking (when smoking)
7. Live healthy, harmonious and balanced
8. Check to a family doctor or lung specialist or a medical specialist in the nearest
9. Examination / laboratory tests on the indication and the corresponding doctor's instructions, such as: sinus radiograph, chest radiograph (chest radiograph), barium swallow, and bronchodilator spirometry, methacholine inhalation challenge, bronchoscopy, pH probe.

Thus our explanation, may be useful.
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