Baby Colds: Flu, Sneezing, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose

Baby Colds: Flu, Sneezing | Have you ever had an experience when your baby has a cold or the flu? When the nose is blocked, head and joint pains felt dizzy. Yes, this condition must be torture for the baby. So do not be surprised if your baby becomes fussy. As a parent, you also must worry about it.

The process of cold transmission to the baby through the blast occurred not when somebody sneezes, but through touch. It may be that when someone is sick with the flu and then touching your baby's hands, or exchanging toys with him. At that time the nasal fluids can enter the skin or toys, and enter the body through the nose. Well, this is a cold beginning to your baby. Baby cold symptoms similar to adults, ie sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, and cough. In normal conditions, flu attack your baby for five to six days.

Facing a cold baby, you do not need to panic. Keep in mind, it is easy to attack the flu virus in infants, because their immune systems are not perfect.

However, your baby has sufficient stamina to attack the flu. Sneezing and coughing when the flu is part of the body's defense mechanism against viruses.

Colds in babies can actually heal itself, along with the growing conditions of your baby's body. Remember, the flu is actually no cure. Usually the doctor will recommend acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve pain and fever. That is, the drug is only to relieve symptoms of flu, not to cure a cold baby.

Important things you need to consider, the administration of drugs is not without side effects. Baby you belong to that age group are particularly vulnerable to side effects caused by drugs that you provide.

The drug will serve as caffeine, which increases heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, do not be surprised if your baby getting fussy, sleepless nights and restless after being given the drug.

When the baby cold, it will lack the appetite, so that food intake becomes optimal. Strive to get your baby fluid intake to prevent dehydration. Do not stop breastfeeding or milk formula, which has sufficient nutrients to help your baby recovery process.

You can work around this by feeding little by little, to be varied to give water or fruit juice to make it more fresh. Give also a sense of comfort to your baby can rest comfortably in order to speed up the healing process of a cold and your baby.

You begin to be wary if your baby breathing fast or panting, pale, limp, did not want to talk, a high fever of more than two days, and looked very ill. In this condition, immediately contact a doctor.

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