How to Measure Waist Circumference

How to Measure Waist Circumference | Abdominal fat is the most dangerous fat. Fat in the abdomen is going to release free fatty acids and dozens of hormones that would cause various problems such as rising blood pressure, insulin resistance, and many other problems are quite weight like heart disease and stroke.

Because of that, you deserve to be vigilant and diligent in keeping a slim waistline remains. Due to the already described this logic, it means greater waist circumference, you risk getting sick.

Waist circumference that is safe for men, less than 90 cm, while the women, less than 80 cm. More than that number, it means your stomach excess fat. That could be a warning that you are at high risk of a disease and type-2 diabetes, uncontrolled high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Here's how to properly measure waist circumference:

1. Preparation
Use a tape measure commonly used to make clothes. Remove the T-shirt and free up the waist of a skirt or trousers so that the center of the abdomen exposed. Stand in front of a mirror if possible so you can properly measure waist circumference.

2. Find the right spot
Tap your fingers on the trunk near the right hip. Tap your fingers on the skin to find the bones of the pelvic floor. Continue to press and move your finger along the edge of the hip bone until you find the curvature of the bone. The highest point will be located on the side of the torso, just a bit at the bottom of the ribs. This spot is near or at the same level with your navel.

3. Wrap the tape measure
Position the tape measure horizontally at the spot above the hip bone. Then wrap around the stomach and entire torso. Make sure the tape measure horizontally across it. Place the tip of the meter number 0 in the spot while the rest is wrapped around the abdomen and torso.

4. Measuring
Do not shrink the stomach. Stand up straight and exhale gently as you measure the stomach. Make sure also that it does not suppress the tape measure abdominal skin. Look at the numbers where the numbers 0 to meet the latest figures waist. That's the size of your waist.

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