Causes of Flu and Cold | Virus | in Children

Causes of Flu and Cold | Virus | in Children | Do not underestimate influenza (flu). Not just pig flu is dangerous, flu as generally also must be cautious by us. A lot of things without us knowing it allows us got the flu. Here are many things you need to consider and more careful in today's flu season.

Causes of Flu and Cold

1. Overanxious
Our fears of impending disease would only make us sick. For example, fears of pig flu virus. H1N1 virus has not proved to be more threatening than regular flu. Most people who have pig flu, if the recovery will be fully recovered.

2. Hugging, kissing, and shaking hands
What's so dangerous about a simple handshake? Close contact with an infected individual is one of the easiest migration of the virus. That does not mean you have to antisocial during flu season, but you should be aware of opportunities transfer virus.

3. Smoke
Smoking can weaken the function of hairs in the nose, which serves to filter the air to the lungs, so the germs will get caught and get into the lungs. It is, resulting in your body more susceptible to disease.

4. Sports are too often
Do you know if the center gym is a place loaded with germs? Starting from the treadmill and fitness equipment, full of sweat, stool, dressing rooms, and may be in the bag you take home, there are germs that stick.

5. Drinking alcoholic beverages
A recent study in BMC Immunology found that rats who consumed large amounts of alcohol in a short time, the immune system is weakened, and may have a harder time fighting infections for at least 24 hours.

9. Drinking cold medicine before the time
In the midst of the panic to swine flu virus, many people then find and buy supplies of antiviral drugs in anticipation. However, most of them will not even probably will never need it.

10. Made light of every thing
It may seem contradictory, but in fact the healthiest approach to flu season is to take a position in between panic and indifference.

Causes of Flu Virus

In general, viruses are divided into three types, namely Type A, B and C. Type virus is a virus that can infect humans, horses, pig, seals, whales and other animals. However, residential real nature of this virus in wild birds. Type A viruses are further divided into several sub-types based on proteins on the surface. Two protein is hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA).

Protein content itself is subdivided into several types. There are 15 types of HA and 9 types o f type NA. Examples are: H1N1, H3N2, H7N7 and H5N1. The H1N1 virus is a type A influenza virus that has an HA protein type 1 and NA 1. while the H5N1 avian virus is a virus Type A which has a protein HA 5 and NA 1. Several types of type A virus variants as of quite harmless to humans.

Here are some examples of Influenza Virus Type A, which had claimed the lives of humans. H3N8 viruses. Commonly called the Russian flu. Highly contagious and deadly. Epidemic in 1889-1890. H1N1. Called the Spanish Flu, because it caused about 8 million people died in Spain. Epidemic in 1918-1919. This is now commonly called swine flu or pig flu. H5N1, Bird Flu. Until October 2006, has led to the deaths of around 180 people. Epidemic began in 1997. In addition to the above types, there are many variants of Influenza Virus Type A such as H7N7, H9N2, H10N7, H7N2, and H7N3. But the types are not very popular because it does not cost the lives of humans.

In contrast to type A influenza virus that are classified, Type B and C are not classified in the various sub-types. The second type of this virus, not too dangerous as A.Virus Type B is also commonly found in humans. Although it can cause epidemics, but the type B virus can not cause a pandemic. While more moderate levels of type A and B, because it can not cause an epidemic or pandemic. Type C viruses cause only mild illness in humans.

Seeing so many variants of influenza virus, we should guard against contracting these viruses, especially type A. The best way to avoid viruses attack is of course a healthy lifestyle. The trick is always to maintain hygiene, diet and rest and do not forget to exercise regularly. May you be free of Influenza Virus that interfere.

Causes of Flu in Children

Firus cause of flu in children develop more quickly (between 1 and 4 days after contracting the virus) and more powerful than the sneezing and nasal congestion.

Lagripees, respiratory disease that affects children more than adults, and occurs more frequently during the rainy season or winter. While the adults, the symptoms last week, the children can last up to two weeks. Lagripeno cured by specific treatment, but in children is dangerous, and requires that antiviral drugs should be administered within 48 hours after infection.

The most effective way, but not quite guaranteed to prevent your child from getting the vaccine lagripees. However, the baby will NOT be vaccinated against influenza, but not until after six months.

Another factor to consider is: It can be applied to infants allergic to eggs, and their derivatives, ie, as components of vaccines grown in eggs. If your baby is allergic to, inform your doctor. Also, some babies may be allergic to the vaccine.

May this post about Causes of Flu and Cold | Causes of Flu Virus | Causes of Flu in Children, can be useful to all.
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