HPV Vaccination Not Popular

HPV Vaccination Not Popular | The majority of cervical cancers caused by human papilloma virus. To prevent, HPV vaccination. Although it can prevent 70 percent incidence of cervical cancer, vaccination has not been popular.

Cost prohibitive to be one cause. Vaccinations need to cost Rp 600,000-Rp 1.2 million is provided three times, ie at month 0, 1, and 5.

It was raised Rasjidi Imam, an obstetrician gynecologist MRCCC Hospital, Saturday (31/3), in Jakarta, the surgical book, 100 Questions and Answers on Women's Cancer and Radiotherapy Guidelines on Malignancy Gynecology. Other speakers were Dharmais Hospital radiologist, Fielda Djuita.

Cancer is the leading killer of women in Indonesia, especially cervical cancer and breast cancer. World Health Organization (WHO) notes, there are 490 000 girls got cervical cancer each year. Of that total, 240,000 people died. As many as 80 percent of cases occur in developing countries. In other words, in the world, every two minutes occurred one death from cervical cancer every one minute and there were new cases.

In Indonesia, there are 15,000 new cases each year and 8,000 of them died.

"Seventy percent of patients with cervical cancer comes in stages, so the survival rate (survival rate) is low and the cost of expensive treatments," said Imam.

He said 70 percent of cervical cancers caused by infection with HPV type 16 and type 18. HPV is transmitted through sexual contact.
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