Fish, Good for Heart and Pregnancy

Fish, Good for Heart and Pregnancy | The fish was not only consumed as a tasty side dish. The team of researchers from Harvard University (USA) led by Dr. Albert, has developed a measurement of the risk of heart disease based on the level of Omega-3 acids derived from fish oil.

The result, low omega-3 acids in the blood will make possible increased risk of heart disease. It's no secret that eating oily fish containing omega-3 would protect the heart and reduce the risk of heart attack. Although the process is unknown, but in fact the omega-3 acids are able to stabilize the blood flow in the heart.

Dr. Albert explained by checking the level of omega-3 is sufficient for a doctor to warn and give relief to the patient of the risk of heart attacks and sudden death due to heart. "If the blood omega-3 less than 4% in their blood cells, the risk of heart attack deaths would be higher. While the level of 8% would have the least risk."

The research of Dr. Albert was taken by Dr Ray Rice of The International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and lipids. "Dr. Albert gave a result that opens the possibility of the easiest to identified whether a person runs the risk of death from heart attack. Ease is located in the omega-3 levels rise."

While Belinda Linden of the British Heart Foundation said the research of Dr. Albert further clarify the benefits of fish consumption that contain lots of omega-3 acids. "Comments Dr Albert is clearly supporting the fish consumption is very high in omega-3 as a protection from heart disease. Because omega-3 levels in the blood will be directly visible when eating fish."

Belinda also said that in addition to the research of Dr. Albert also help physicians to provide solutions for patients. "7 out of 10 Britons still not eating enough fish. With a balanced diet of fish, fruit and vegetables will make a heart attack can be reduced."

In the UK, heart disease is the number one killer disease. Previous studies mentioned by consuming fish oil from salmon or tuna twice a week will protect a person from a heart attack. Because omega-3 can stabilize the heart rhythm in which the oil can withstand excessive sodium and calcium on the heart.

Fish and Pregnancy

In addition, fish consumption during pregnancy can improve fetal growth. This was stated by 'Dr Imoegen Roger' from the University of Bristol in England after doing research on the 11 550 pregnant women. He found that by eating fish during the 32 weeks of pregnancy will accelerate the growth of the fetus.

"Our results further support previous studies that consumption of fish or omega three acids during pregnancy will increase the average growth of the fetus."

Fish is known as a producer, and rich in omega-3 acids, which is very essential in the growth of cell function. Omega three acids obtained from fish in addition, can also be obtained from canola oil, flaxseed oil and nuts. The object of research, the team asked about how much they do fish consumption during pregnancy.

After questions were raised, then the research team calculated the amount of omega-3 acids are expected to be consumed by pregnant mothers were. The average pregnant women who consumed 33 grams of fish or equal to three-quarters of tuna fish a day would be about 0.15 grams obtain omega-3 acids.

The more fish consumed will increasingly make the higher fetal weight. Dr. Imogen Rogers added that although the consumption of fish does not give any impact on length of pregnancy, but that certainly could accelerate the growth of the fetus while omega-3 acid was obtained from supplements.

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