How to Eliminate Acne Former

How to Eliminate Acne Former | Each person must want to have smooth and clean face of acne, especially for people who face spotty. Because usually, after pimples disappear there will be a new problem, namely acne scars in the form of black spots on the face. Of course this will make the face less pleasant in view and can lead to inferior or lacking in confidence.

Acne is a condition in which the clogged skin pores, leading to an inflamed sac of pus. There was no one else in the world to get through life without a pimple on the skin. Possible causes are hormonal changes that stimulate oil glands in the skin, such as menstruation, pregnancy, use of birth control pills, and stress.

Former Acne Eliminating

For teens and children newly grown, aka puberty, acne becomes a frightening specter, especially for a girl who claimed to always pay attention to appearance.

The following are things you should do to avoid acne.
  • Avoid the use of cosmetic make-up during sleep.
  • Clean your face in the afternoon, in contrast to the morning.
  • Facial skin should be kept clean at rest at home.
  • The need for different cleansers for dry skin with oily skin or normal skin, and vice versa.

How to Overcome Acne Naturally

1. Take 2-3 pieces of papaya leaves that are old, and then in the sun.
2. Mash the papaya and given water and then squeezed the juice to be taken.
3. Apply the juice of papaya leaves on acne.

How to Eliminate Acne Former

1. Take a little tamarind plus some turmeric. Turmeric in the mash, mix with tamarind and a little water. After wrapping, apply the mask to the face. Let stand for 20 minutes. after the wash.

2. Combine lime juice (preferably local ones) with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. Apply to entire face before bed. The next morning, take gelugur acid (tamarind is fine) and soak in hot water.

Once the water gets warm (lukewarm). Wash water into our faces, rub the acid in to the places or a scarred with acne. A few minutes later, flush with plain water. Good luck.
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