Obesity People Easier Dehydration

Obesity People Easier Dehydration - About two-thirds of the human body weight is water weight. But to those who are overweight or obese, the total water in the body lower than those of normal weight.

Because the water content in their fat cells is lower than the water content in the muscle cells, then the obese person is more prone to dehydrate. Unfortunately, though it was dehydration, but the signs are not very clear and should be cautious in assessing the state of water in less obesity.

In the book Water For Health, written by Professor Hardinsyah and his friends, for the water needs of obese people are advised two glasses more than the people who are not overweight. Besides being easy to factor the lack of fluids, adequate water consumption will also help you lose weight.

"It is wrong to drink plenty of water is called will cause obesity. Quite the contrary because the water contains no calories. Drinking water before meals will also cause a feeling of satiety so your calorie intake can be reduced," he said in the seminar titled Meet Balanced Nutrition, Inadequate Water Supplies, in Jakarta (19/1).
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  1. Thank you! I am glad to know I need 2 more glasses of water than non obese people.


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