The Girl More Risk in Obesity

The Girl More Risk in Obesity - Obesity has now become one of serious diseases in the 21st century. Both parents and children have the same risk of experiencing obesity. Some questions also often arise related to this disease, obesity really is a hereditary disease?

A latest research shows, children of parents with obese have a higher likelihood to be obese. But unique, girls are more likely to be obese than boys.

The findings are based on observations during the 20-years by scientists at Glasgow University, Scotland. The study involved nearly 1,500 families in the West of Scotland and found that 24 percent of children will be obese just like their parents. And only 9 percent of children who are not overweight than parents with obesity.

The data also showed that 17 percent of mothers with obesity, will be at risk of having a daughter with obesity as well, namely by 20 percent. This figure is much greater if you see the proportion between the father and son or mother to son.

Researchers confirmed, although genetic factors have a role related to obesity, gender differences can also influence. The study is published in European Journal of Epidemiology.

The research concludes that women are more likely to have weight similar to their mothers, and experts believe that this could be due to a lack of maternal skills in food processing and food choices are wrong.

"A family with a background of obese parents, their children will tend to have bigger bodies. There is a strong relationship between the weight of a mother and daughters rather than sons," said Dr.. Jennifer Logue, clinical professor of biochemistry and metabolic medicine of Glasgow University.
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