15 Delicious Food and Make Immune from Diseases

Delicious Food and Make Immune from Diseases - When conditions are extreme and erratic weather like right now, your body may become more vulnerable to minor disturbances, such as flu or colds. In order not easy to get sick, you certainly have to maintain the condition and stamina with a variety of ways, including improved durability and immunity or immunity through the intake of nutritious food.

The following are some healthy foods that you can choose to boost immunity. By taking them properly and balanced, your body will be primed and protected from disease.

1. Oysters: Is it true that oysters contain substances that stimulate lust or boost immunity? Perhaps both are true. Oysters contain zinc (zinc). Research shows that low zinc intake associated with male infertility. In addition, the mineral content of zinc in oysters have antiviral effects. Though research has not been able to explain the process, the minerals zinc proved a big role in the immune system, including in wound healing.

2. Watermelon: Besides containing lots of fluids and refreshing, ripe watermelon also contain high antioxidant and glutathione. Glutathione is known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection. Glutathione itself is found in the red watermelon flesh.

3. Cabbage: In addition to watermelon, cabbage is also a useful source of glutathione, which strengthens the immune system. Cabbage is easy to find in every season and it's cheap. Try adding some kind of cabbage (white, red, china) to soups and beverages to increase the nutritional value and source of antioxidants in your food.

4. Nuts "almonds": You know, when experiencing stress, then it is synonymous with lowered immunity? Try a handful of almonds to overcome them. You are advised to consume 1/4 cup almonds because the dose is already contained 50 percent of the amount of vitamin E needed by the body to help boost the immune system. Almonds also contain riboflavin and niacin, vitamin B that can help you recover from the effects of stress.

5. Oranges "grapefruit": The content of vitamin C in grapefruit is very high and good for the body. However, until recently, research has not been able to prove that you can easily meet the requirement of vitamin C through diet alone, without supplements, to help treat the flu or a cold. Even so, grapefruit may be an option because it contains flavonoids (natural chemical compounds that are useful boost the immune system). Do not like grapefruit? You could try oranges or tangerines (tangerines).

6. "Wheat germ": Wheat germ is a core part of the grain of wheat which is rich in nutrients. The content contained in the wheat germ of which is the mineral zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins B, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ also contains a mixture of fiber, protein and some fat is good.

7. Low-fat yogurt: A cup of yogurt each day can prevent your body from the cold. Look for yogurt label that wrote the "bacteria live and active cultures". Some researchers believe that yogurt may stimulate the immune system to fight disease. In addition, recent studies of vitamin D have found an association between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of cold and flu.

8. Garlic: Garlic contains a number of antioxidants which are useful in the immune system against H pylori, the bacterium that causes inflammation of the stomach lining and even stomach cancer. Cooking tips are: peeled garlic, cut, and allow 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to activate an enzyme that works to increase immunity.

9. Spinach: Spinach is known as a super food because it is rich in nutrients. This is because spinach contains folate which helps your body produce new cells and repair of DNA. Spinach also contains fiber, antioxidants, like vitamin C, and more. Nutrition at most spinach is obtained when spinach is eaten raw or lightly cooked.

10. Tea: Like green tea or black tea? No need to hesitate because they both contain polyphenols and flavonoids that can fight disease. Antioxidants contained in both types of tea that can destroy free radicals.

11. Sweet potatoes: Like carrots, sweet potatoes also have antioxidant beta-carotene that fight free radicals. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin A which is useful to slow the aging process and can reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

12. Broccoli: Vegetables that are easily found in supermarkets is in fact contain substances that can increase the body's immune basis. A study showed that natural chemicals in broccoli helps stimulate the immune system. Plus, nutrients that protect your body from damage. In addition, broccoli also has vitamin A, vitamin C, and glutathione. Cooking Tips: You can add a side dish with broccoli fed low-fat cheese so that obtaining vitamin B and vitamin D are useful to boost immunity.

13. Button mushrooms: When you think of mushrooms as a low-nutrient foods, you are wrong! Fungi have a mineral selenium and antioxidants. Based on the study, low levels of selenium in the body can increase the risk of contracting a more severe flu. In addition, riboflavin and niacin content contained in button mushrooms play an important role in the immune system. Animal studies have shown that the fungus also has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects.

14. "Acai berry": Known by the term "superfood", acai berry also produces antioxidants like blueberries. Only, acai berry antioxidant content is higher and is often called anthocyanins. Although the acai berry can not be dispesifikkan to combat certain diseases, antioxidant believed to help your body fight aging and disease. Acai berry most often ditemukkan in juices or smoothies or dried and mixed with granola (cereal).

15. "Elderberry": In a study conducted found that the herb made from elderberry extract is able to block the flu virus. Several small studies conducted in humans showed that this material can help you recover faster from the flu. However, scientists caution that further studies are still needed. Elderberry itself rich in antioxidants and has the ability to relieve inflammation.
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