Healthy snacks for Pregnant women

Healthy snacks for Pregnant women | Pregnant women are allowed to snack, but make sure healthy and nutritious snack. Vary the menu just a snack with one of the following foods that also support the growth of the fetus in the womb.
healthy snack for pregnant woman

1. cashew nuts
Cashew nuts have a savory taste and tender, perfect as a snack. Nutritional content of nuts is also good because it is rich proteins needed to build the fetal cells. Besides also rich in iron to build red blood cells and muscle cells, cashew nuts are also rich in good fiber to avoid constipation. However, do not over-consumption, just 1.5 tablespoons per day. Can be fried, but you should not use salt.

2. Whole wheat bread
Loaf of whole wheat bread contains 600 calories. So, just to meet women's needs for extra calories. Bread is rich in magnesium helps to optimize the absorption of calcium in order to increase the density and strengthen the structure of the small bones in the womb. Whole wheat bread also contains zinc which is certainly beneficial nutrients in helping the growth of fetal cells. Wheat bread is best eaten one handfuls per day with a blend of cheese, garlic butter, and vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers.

3. eggs
Eggs are rich in vitamin D and protein, and good for building endurance and helps absorption of calcium. Eggs also contain vitamin A, B complex and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and sodium. Consumption of eggs as a snack one item a day. Can be cooked by boiling or mixed with salads. Egg yolk can also be enjoyed with salad dressing ingredients in olive oil.

4. spinach
Spinach is rich in fiber, protein, and iron. Eating spinach are rich in folic acid can prevent the fetus had spina bifida or neural tube abnormalities. Eat just one bowl per day.

5. sweet potato
Indonesian food, namely sweet potato, rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful for pregnant women to the growth of body cells and the immune system of the fetus. Sweet potatoes are also rich in beta carotene to be processed by the body into vitamin A and retinol-rich as one type of vitamin B. Consume enough of the grain size per day. How to cook can be roasted or boiled.

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