Grapes, Protector Our Skin from UV Rays

Grapes Protector Our Skin from UV Rays - Grapes can protect our skin from ultraviolet rays, not only the sweet taste, but this grapes fruit also know by many polyphenols element and resveratol in body metabolism.

But, latest news about this grapes fruit is the researcher get a new benefits from wine, where the certain element that contain in grapes can protect our skin from Ultra Violet.

The researchers observed that certain substances extracted polyphenols from grapes may inhibit the formation of ROS epidermal cells that have been exposed to long wave (UVA) and medium wave (UVB). Based on these studies, researchers finally concluded that polyphenolic compounds may help protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

According to researchers, a number of skin care cosmetic products already make use of wine as the base material of manufacture, but they do not fully understand how its processing. The researchers hope these findings will continue to be developed so that future efficacy of grapes could be utilized.
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