Worst Causes of Heart Attack

Worst Causes of Heart Attack - Similar to cancer, heart disease, or better known as heart attack, has been categorized as a disease of 'killer' in Indonesia.

A heart attack can strike anyone, anytime. Not only occurs when surprised, too tired or too much stress can lead to heart attacks.

Many factors can cause the deadly attack. In addition to its lifestyle and food, according to some studies, grief or trauma is an indication that may exacerbate the risk of heart attack.

A U.S. study of nearly 2,000 heart attack survivors found an increased risk of heart attack within the first week after the loss of someone significant, ranging from one per 320 persons at high risk to one per 1394 people with a low risk of heart attack.

Experts believe that stress caused by the loss of immediate health effects, while the loss of sleep and appetite may suppress the immune system of people who loved life, which can aggravate existing medical conditions underlying.

Emotional strain also caused some bereaved partners to take their own lives, while others ignore their health and diet because of the pain their loss.

Dr. Murray Mittleman, a preventive cardiologist and epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and School of Public Health epidemiology department, in Boston.

"Caregivers, health care providers, and the bereaved themselves need to recognize they are in a period of high risk in the days and weeks after hearing someone close to dying."

Meanwhile, the lead researcher Elizabeth Mostofsky explained about the stress caused by the sense of loss triggers a higher heart rate, thus triggering the pressure and increased blood clotting.

"Friends and family mourn those who have to provide close support to help prevent such incidents, especially near the beginning of the grieving process," said Mostofsky.

According Mostofsky, during situations of extreme sadness and psychological distress, you still need to take care of yourself and seek medical attention for symptoms associated with heart attacks.

The study, also published in Circulation: Journal of the American Hearth Association, said that stress-induced cardiomyopathy, which is due to circumstances triggered by an acute emotional or physical trauma and releases adrenaline wave that controls the heart, such as sadness, anxiety, and anger, also be the cause of the increased risk a heart attack.
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