Cataract Can Recurrence After Postoperative

Cataract Can Recurrence After Postoperative - Surgery is the only way to cure eye diseases cataract. But the next question is, whether after cataract surgery may recur again? The answer is yes!

"The possibility of recurrence remains small even between 5-10 percent," said Dr. Sanduk ruit, ophtalmology experts from Nepal in the event media briefing on Tuesday (1/10/2012), in Jakarta.

However, it is further ruit need not worry. Because the recurrence will not occur if the operation runs smoothly and perfectly. "Most of the relapses are those who are still young. Because there is still a possibility of developing tissue at her eyes," added the doctor who served as Medical Director at the Institute Tilganga, Nepal is.

In certain cases, further ruit, clear lenses that can turn into murky. Murky lens pouch is called a cataract who relapse or called as PCO (posterior capsular opacity). PCO may appear in several months or years after surgery.

The good news, for those who experience recurrence, it is not necessary to perform the operation again. Enough with the action of laser and the lens will come back clear.

"We just need to use a machine called a YAG (aluminum garnet yettrium). By making a small hole without surgery," he explained.

Ruit explained that there are three techniques commonly used to perform cataract eye surgery. The first is phcoemulsification techniques. This is the most modern techniques using a machine which can break the cataract using laser after it in the suction out. This technique results are quite good but the problem is that the machines are expensive and require a very large microscope. In some developed countries have been many who use these tools. While in Indonesia, only a few hospitals that have a certain tool.

The second technique is a Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS). This is one of the cataract surgical techniques commonly used in developing countries. This technique usually produce good visual results. The procedure does not require a large machine and a portable microscope that used the alias can be taken anywhere. Prices are very cheap lens that is one-fifth of the price phco lens.

While the latter technique is a different method with stitches. The technique is in addition to a long operating time, postoperative healing process also tends to last longer.
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