Coconut Water Lower Blood Pressure

Coconut Water lower blood pressure - Coconut water is one of the favorite drinks for break the fasting. The fresh effect that appear from coconut water, because coconut water contain natural electrolyte that really good for change the body fluid that gone.

In the website of 'WebMD' is mentioned, coconut water consists of water (94 percent) and low in calories. Coconut water is also a source of B vitamins, potassium, enzymes and amino acids and has the effect of antioxidants in the body.

Scientific research about the benefits of coconut water is still limited, but one of them says, blood pressure, "high blood pressure patients" who regularly consume coconut water dropped to 71 percent.

"Compared with" isotonic "or energy drinks, coconut water is richer in potassium than sodium. As is known, sodium should be limited because it can cause hypertension," said Dr. Helmin Agustina Silalahi, Kalbe Farma, a medical adviser, in a press conference Hydro Culinary Ramadan in Jakarta, Friday (8/5/2011).

Calium, and potassium known to be beneficial to heart health. Therefore, experts say, pure coconut water to drink without sugar can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

"The World Food Organization (FAO) has stated, coconut water as a natural energy drink. The content of fructose and glucose can also make the body re-energized after a day of fasting, without worrying about blood sugar rises," said Helmin.
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