Pregnant Women Have Ability to Determine Time of Birth

Pregnant Women | New Haven, Connecticut, For children born on a nice date or certain days that are considered good, pregnant women usually opt for caesarean. But according to research, most expectant mothers have the ability to delay or accelerate the normal birth.

The ability to control the time of birth as shown by the data on mothers giving birth in the United States. Although without the aid of a cesarean section, birth rates on certain dates that are considered either likely to remain elevated.

Research conducted by scientists from Yale University revealed, the number of vaginal birth on Valentine's Day (February 14) increased 3.6 percent from an average weekday. Conversely on Halloween Day (October 31), the number of normal births fell 5.3 percent.

During this time, vaginal birth is considered as a process that is spontaneous and can not be planned, so if you want his son was born on a certain date then the solution is a cesarean section. However, these data suggest that vaginal birth is not really spontaneous.

"It seems that pregnant women can accelerate or delay the spontaneous birth, with a very limited time span of course, in response to cultural representation,"

For comparison, the increase in births by caesarean section rate is always increasing, on Valentine's Day rose 12.1 percent. Similarly, on Halloween Day, the number of births by caesarean section are also down about 16.9 percent.

The study, published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, conducted through long-term observation for 11 years. Number of birth certificates that were observed in this study quite a lot, approximately 1.8 mill
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