Sources of Calcium Besides Milk

Sources of calcium besides milk - If you want to have strong bones, there are two key nutrients that must be met, namely calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is needed to support the structure of bones and teeth, while vitamin D will increase calcium absorption and bone growth.

Talk about the calcium, the memory of people would go directly to the milk. Indeed there is a reason why milk is identical with calcium. Eight ounces of low-fat milk contains 90 calories and 30 percent meet the daily requirement of calcium.

Nevertheless there are many other sources of calcium that is not less powerful and easy everyday materials.


Sardines, was rich in vitamin D and calcium. These small fish are usually sold in canned form, but it would be better if you eat fresh sardines.

2. Eggs

Although eggs contain only six percent of the total daily requirement of vitamin D, but the food is easily obtainable. Vitamin D in the eggs contained in the yolk.

3. salmon

This fish is more famous for the content of omega-3, but the size is 3 ounces of salmon contains more than 100 percent of vitamin D daily. Routine consumption of salmon fish is not only strong bones but also heart healthy. Other fish rich in vitamin D is tuna.

4. spinach

Do not like to drink milk? Spinach can be an alternative source of your calcium. One cup of spinach contains 25 percent of calcium, plus fiber, iron, and vitamin A. In addition to spinach, you can also get calcium from green leafy vegetables.

5. orange juice

A glass of fresh orange juice can be a source of calcium and vitamin D. Ready to drink some orange juice has also been fortified with other vitamins.
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