How to Avoid Child From Obesity

How to Avoid Child From Obesity - Today many families who find it difficult to maintain a normal weight and healthy children. The best way is to get children to eat healthy foods and beverages.

To get children a healthy diet should be exemplified from the parents and the whole family. With examples from all the families, the children will be more receptive to the habit. Besides the food should be presented with an attractive appearance tastes of children, because children are usually very fond of food that looks attractive or sweet foods, for example: as advertised in various media.

Sweet foods are high in sugar, which can cause children in obese. A child is considered obese if his weight was 20 percent exceeded healthy weight.

Obesity can be caused by eating more calories than needed for growth and also because the physical activity of children who are too little.

Causes of obesity in children

1. Heredity
When one or both parents obese, then their children also tend to be obese.

2. Physical activity is less
If children spend much time in front of the television, games, or computer can lead to unused calories converted to fat

3. Overeating
In families whose family members no history of obesity, obesity is generally caused due to excess eating.

Avoiding obesity in children

1. Provide a healthy diet in children
The diet includes foods that are healthy nutritious and balanced diet, including eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Be sure to calculate the calorie intake, according to the age of the child.

2. Limit sugary drinks no more than one serving per day.
Encourage children to drink more water, so that children do not consume too many sugary drinks.

3. Make a habit of a healthy diet for the family.
Eating together at the dinner table with a menu of healthy food can get children to eat healthy foods. Surely a healthy diet is also valid for all family members in order to be a good example for children.

4. Do not send children to eat when not hungry or to spend all the foods that are already on the plate. Allow the child to eat slowly and stop eating when they begin to feel full. Do not be forced to spend the food already taken the child to the plate that he used.

5. If you want to give gifts to children, offer a reward other than food.
If giving gifts to children with food may make the child too oriented towards food. So it is best if you will give gifts to children should not be food.

6. Limit fast food.
At fast food is usually high in calories. Therefore, when children often eat fast food, can cause obesity.

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