Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women - In Indonesia, heart disease still the leading cause of death among men. But, that does not mean women can not be affected by this disease. There are several symptoms which mark the most common occurrence of heart attacks like tightness in the chest, pain, and dizziness. However, the question is, whether the symptoms of a heart attack in men and women equal? The answer, no!

Dr. Larry Weinrauch said, in essence, very little pre-menopausal women who have heart attacks. Except, if they are smoking, diabetes, or taking birth control pills for long period of time. However, he continued, smoking is still the biggest risk factors related to heart attacks in women.

The following are Heart Attack Symptoms will be the emergence of a heart attack in women, as described by Weinrauch:

• Nausea and vomiting that will not stop
• Shortness of breath (but do not sigh) or especially if you wake up at night
• Chest inconveniences which starts from the back of the sternum and radiating to the shoulder or arm, neck, jaw.
• Discomfort in the lower jaw
• Discomfort in the upper back, especially if it occurs only with the power or will not go
• Discomfort in the chest or back that occurs when you eat a lot
• All of a sudden heart beats very fast along with the pulse
• All of a sudden loss of consciousness
• Physical unable to do normal housework

So, who are most at risk of experiencing these symptoms? The point is, the more risk factors you have, the greater your risk of getting heart attacks, such as:
• Stop Menstrual
• Smoking
• Family history of heart disease before age 60 years
• High blood pressure (hypertension)
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• High Cholesterol
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  1. Heart Attack Symptoms in women are generally severe with some describing the event as someone sitting on their chest. Generally, pain and tightness starts in the chest, quickly spreading through the upper body into the neck, arm, shoulder, or jaw, and does not go away with rest. Heart attack symptoms in women more often than not consist of generalized pain rather than the more specific and localized variety seen in men. One of the heart attack symptoms in women listed above is jaw pain. This is a common heart attack symptom in women and often overlooked both by caregivers and doctors alike. If you are experiencing jaw pain and no reason can be found for your discomfort, you should seek immediate medical attention to determine whether or not you are having a heart attack.

  2. Heart disease is most notable in women. To avoid this dreaded disease, here are 7 habits women need to practice for a healthy heart

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