Slim Body Secret, of Japanese

Slim Body Secret, of Japanese - Japanese famous with slim body and long age and have a good quality of life. actually, this is influenced by lifestyle and food [eat pattern], that popular by Japanese Diet.
slim body secret of japanese
The researcher said: that Japanese consume any type of fruits then the western. The new Research prove that Japanese have consume more then 100 type of food for a week, but the western not, just 30 type of food.

"Previously people thought, this is all because of the influence of genes, but when the Japanese adopted Western-style diet weight will increase quickly,"
says Naomi Moriyama, author of the book Japanese Women Do not Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother's Tokyo Kitchen, as quoted by WebMD, Monday (03/28/2011).

Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Japanese have an average age of healthy life and be free from defects up to 75 years, and has the lowest obesity rates.

There are several Japanese-style diet could be done to make the body become lean and long life are:

1. Eat with your eyes
One of the wonders of Japanese-style meal is a healthy balance, which consists of low-calorie foods are delicious, served with a portion of the beautiful and controlled so that encourages people to eat and enjoy food. Also Japanese people eat an average of 25 percent fewer calories than Americans.

2. served in small portions

3. Japanese people prefer rice
Generally, the Japanese rice is cooked and eaten without using butter or oil, and served in a small bowl every meal including breakfast. Rice will help fill in calories and leave less empty space in the abdomen.

4. Very pleased with vegetables

5. Prefer fish over meat
Japanese people prefer to eat fish than meat so rarely eat red meat, fish, a favorite is the salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel, sardines and herring, which is the largest source of omega-3 fatty acids that are known good for the heart.

6. Healthy desserts
Typical Japanese dessert is any fruit peeled, sliced ​​and arranged on a pretty plate or a cup of green tea can also unique to Japan which is rich in antioxidants.

7. Japanese were more likely to walk
Walk or go by bicycle is a part of everyday life in Japan. Let's try it

Exercise to Increase Height

Exercise to Increase Height - May you one of the people that want to get high body, cause the height is will appear more beautiful then the short man. So, what you must do for getting height?
Exercise to Increase Height
Below many exercise for add the tall or height.

1. Many play basketball, I already feel the effect. Growth in height be increased.
2. Swimming, if that is rare, so I do not feel the effect twisted.
3. Soccer, goalkeeper because Maen so often jump, then chances are high bone growth.
4. Rock climbing, sports well this automatically makes you more athletic and physical high.
5. Gymnastics, for some reason "gymnastics" to make slim and tall athletes ..
Well that was five sports that potentially increase your height, just select which one is right for you and cheap biggrin

Skin Cancer Drug, will be launched

Skin Cancer Drug, will be launched - Yervoy or ipilimumab, drugs to overcoome the melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Previous primary melanoma therapy is removal of the tumor through surgery.

Melanoma usually arises from pigment-producing skin cells (melanin) and do not cause pain. UV radiation is a major cause of melanoma. Certain types of moles can turn into melanoma.

According to FDA data, in 2020 in the United States found 68,130 patients who are diagnosed with melanoma and 8,700 people of whom died.

Yervoy work to hold a molecule called CTLA-4, which is believed to weaken the immune system, so the body's ability to fight cancer disrupted.

Drug production Bristol-Myers Squibb has been evaluated against 676 clinical melanoma patients whose cancer has spread, or can not be dissected again. All patients noted to respond to other types of melanoma therapy that also approved by FDA.

Wash Guts, Body Toxins Cleanser

Wash Guts, Body Toxins Cleanser - The signs that toxin accumulation in body more high that the ability of exhaust system are fatigue, insomnia, often recur of allergies. at this condition, we need the therapy or addition detox program.
body toxins cleanser
The illustration of toxin cleanser

The goal of detox is to dispose of toxic substances that enter to body trough the foods, drinking, pollution, and also to repair the body exhaust system.

"The body have it own cleaning mechanism, ie through defecation (BAB). But how many people are regular bowel movements each day? After all, not all the dirt out of the body, some will stick on the wall of the colon and becomes toxic over time,"
said dr.Catherine Tjahjadi, detoxification expert.

So, accord to him the defecation process that not smooth is same with the accumulation of rubbish in colon. The dangerous is, that toxic can path in the intestinal wall and then can caused the inflammation.

Prevent Hypertension with Breakfast Cereals

Prevent Hypertension whole grain
Prevent Hypertension with Breakfast Cereals - cereals is rich fiber food. So, this is good to consume for breakfast, cereals is one the better food for breakfast, it's not only good for digestion and heart, but cereals whole grain also good for prevention hypertension.

In a research that done by Dr. Jinesh Coshar, founded that many people with routine taking breakfast with cereals that contain the whole grain cereals everyday car reduce the blood pressure for 20% higher then the people with other menu.

Physic activity regularly and consume the whole grain cereals can reduce the risk of hypertension. said by dr.jinesh coshar, medical geriatri researcher from Boston.

Dry Cough Attack You | don't Panic

Dry Cough Attack You | don't Panic - Cough Attack you, don't be Panic - Cough is disease that may be usually attack us, when you have this problem, hope don't panic, try to attention to your surrounding, may have anything that you can use it as medicine.

Any plant and thing in our around that can cure us from cough. Below i want to share any drug [traditional drug] to cure the cough.

Provide the following material:
1. 8 of Fresh lobok
2. Rock sugar as enough as possible

How to make it:

Scar the lobok and mix with the rock sugar that have been mashed. Then pure in the pan, for anight. at morning please take it and pears with clean cloth, Then put it in the glasses.

How to consume this cough drug:

For child 1/2 glasses
for adult, drink all of it

Why Baby Crying Without Tear

Why Baby Crying Without Tear - Crying is the baby way for communication with other, when cry baby with his red face communicate but without out the tear, why baby crying does not shed tear?

The team of author of American Academy of Pediatric "Heading Home With Your Newborn", Jennifer Shu said: When baby born, the baby tear gland just produce a little of tear, it's to protect the eye. So, this is have not the tear that out when baby on crying.
baby tear
The tear is produced when baby have a month and three month of age. a long the development of age, the will more increase. said shu.

In the meantime, if your baby tear out even though he was not crying, his tears could be a channel clogged. "Usually these disorders would normally own, but if the cornea of ​​the eye baby looks red, or swollen, there may be an infection. Immediately contact your doctor," she advised.

Less drinking causes kidney pain ?

Less drinking causes kidney pain - Many people said: don't forget for drink enough, Otherwise you will hit by kidney pain/diseases. actually this statement not right.

Dehydration that cause by less drinking will effect to our health, this right. But, this not effected to people with healthy kidney. Like this said by dr.Parlindungan Siregar, Sp.PD, KGH. from Division of Renal Hypertension FKUI/RSCM, in healthy people and normal kidney function, dehydration has no effect on the kidneys.

"If dehydration or mild dehydration three percent, which may be affected only cognitive function alone, as so difficult to concentrate. But in people who already have kidney disorders, mild dehydration will cause a severe kidney disorder,"
said dr.parlindungan siregar.

Meanwhile, in severe dehydration or less drinking till 10%, the effect at body is reduce the blood pressure.
"Patients who are vomiting and dehydration may also experience acute renal impairment if not immediately resolved,"
he said.

Then This Doctor add that consume water at healthy people can't less and can't over, this is depend to our activity. But average we need 2 letter water for a day. This different to people have attack by kidney disorder, "In acute kidney disorders, fluid volume are allowed as much as the volume of urine a day plus 500 mL, so about a liter of water a day," he said.

Radiation Effect to Fertility

Radiation Effect to Fertility - Tumor radiation therapy or other cancer can cause the infertility, especially at women. a researcher said that women use the therapy for cancer or tumor diseases will due to fertility problem, these women will difficult to get descent.
radiation effect to fertility
Dr Daniel Green, a doctor of cancer at St. Jude Children's Research, in Memphis, Tennessee, explains, it already knows radiation high dose it can interfere with fertility a woman, because it can destroy cells in the brain that control how the ovaries produce eggs.

"It was not known that more modest doses, may affect fertility," said Green, as quoted at page of Reuters Health.

In the study, experts are using about 6 of the 10 female respondents who suffer from brain tumors and cancer. After radiation therapy, none of them have a fertile ovary.

"For brain tumors, radiation is always part of treatment, although doctors use chemotherapy," said Dr. Jason Fangusaro, a pediatrician at Children's Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

Prevent and Overcome Liver Cancer

Prevent and Overcome Liver Cancer - Transmission of hepatitis A through food, while hepatitis B and C through body fluids. Hepatitis A often attack children and young adult age group. How to prevent this disease is to maintain the cleanliness of food and hepatitis A. The vaccine is also available The vaccine is given twice a distance of 6 months.
Overcome Liver Cancer
Hepatitis A although sometimes show clinical symptoms that interfere with, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, and yellow, in general will recover without complications. Thus, hepatitis A does not lead to liver cancer. However, hepatitis B and hepatitis C can become chronic liver cancer. Most liver cancer in our country caused by hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

You have to know that hepatitis B vaccination to prevent transmission of hepatitis B. Hepatitis B vaccination carried out three times in six months. Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for health workers so as long as contact with the patient, the risk of contracting through the patient's body fluids is high enough. Until now, the hepatitis C vaccine is still in the research, when compared with hepatitis B, hepatitis C more often become chronic so that the risk to liver cancer is also greater.

Because there is no vaccine, if infected with hepatitis C, your doctor will consider whether the patient needs to get a hepatitis C therapy, namely interferon and ribavirin.

6 Disease that Damaging Liver

6 Disease that Damaging Liver - The liver is the organ in the body that has the important and complex task for the sake of continuity of all functions of the body. Because of its complexity and many are dealing with materials potentially damaging, like chemicals in blood, liver consequently vulnerable to injury. But, naturally, the liver has the ability to protect itself by regenerating.
6 Disease that Damaging  Liver
In general, there are several diseases caused by viruses that can attack the liver.

1. Hepatitis

Hepatitis, or inflammation of the liver is the most common disease attacks the liver. There are several types of hepatitis, namely hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and autoimmune hepatitis caused by a gene that triggers the immune system attacks liver cells.

Almost all people with hepatitis A can be cured, and not develop into chronic. About 90 percent of people with hepatitis B will also be healed. While hepatitis C and steatohepatitis nonalkoholik often develop into chronic hepatitis.

2. Hemokromaatosis

The disease is caused by a genetic disorder that causes the intestine to absorb too much iron, so the levels are excessive. Excess iron is going into the bloodstream and accumulate in certain organs, especially the liver.

3. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is characterized by progressive liver damage and can not be repaired. Often caused by infection, hepatitis B and C chronic, excessive alcohol use, or autoimmune disease.

4. Liver cancer

Usually liver cancer originating from other parts of the body, then spread to the liver. Liver quite vulnerable to attack cancer cells.

5. Liver abscess

Abscess, fluid or pus that meets the cavity, sometimes formed in the liver due to bacterial or parasitic infections. If caused by bacteria usually immediately followed by fever and chills. While the abscess because the parasite develops more slowly. The disease is identified by CT scan or ultrasound of the liver.

6. Congenital disorders of the liver

There is some inherited liver disorder and is usually seen when childhood.

10 Behaviors Make You Old Fast

10 unhealthy behavior make you old fast, Plastic surgery may be one of the way to back in young, but this not healthy way to you. many of unhealthy behaviors can trigger you to old fast. so, if you can discard you bad behaviors, you have the chance to hamper the old speed.
10 Behaviors Make You Old Fast
Below any unhealthy behaviors that mentioned by anti-aging expert can trigger OLD fast.

1. Often having stress

Elissa S. Epel, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, USA, has a cell-level evidence that proves that excessive stress triggers premature aging of the immune system. Mother of children who suffer from chronic pain experience premature aging of cells found in the most extreme.

How to overcome stress

to overcome stress you can do something that relax, happy to you, like gardening, singing, and other fun hobbies.

2. Too much drink alcohol.

3. Lack of Movement

4. Too much saturated fat

5. Smoke

While in the U.S. goes down, the number of smokers in Indonesia has increased. And already there are warnings in cigarette advertising that smoking was made barren, risk of stroke, heart attack, cancer, and others. Wrinkled skin also so easy if you smoke.

6. Inhaling polluted air

Air polluted can cause coughing and burning eyes. This is associated with asthma attacks and respiratory disease. If you live or work in adverse environmental air, try to stay indoors more often.

7. Often on the sun

8. Sleep deprivation

9. Obesity

Excess sugar can cause weight gain and possibly heart disease. Sugar in snacks, and cakes, equivalent to 12 teaspoons a day for 2200 calorie diet in adults. That does not include sugar in the drinks daily.

Protect Skin from Disease Attack

Prevent Skin from Disease Threat - The number of skin cancer sufferer are increase over the word, This case is diagnosed about 2 million every year, most of this is caused by sunshine.
Prevent Skin
It's can we admire that we are usually not pay attention to our skin, often forget to care our skin, whereas this is important thing. The three layers that make up the skin, has a power that really incredible. That, of course, if the skin is healthy. Yes, leather is very strong for being able to wrap around the body without exception.

The outer portion of skin, is a layer of the epidermis, contains three kinds of cells. Keratinocytes to form a sensitive layer so easily aroused when touched. This layer is quite resistant, especially on the palms and feet. Not surprisingly, this section will feel just a little amused when touched.

Melanocytes, plays a role in the process led to a brown color when the skin is exposed to the sun. Meanwhile, Langerhans cells capture undesirable microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

The second layer, the dermis, collagen must be grateful to the filling. Collagen is what makes skin elastic and strong. The third layer called the hypodermis (subcutaneous). This layer of fat. Its mission provides cushion when the leather goods are stressed by anything and protects the body from temperature or the temperature around it.

Below any thing that we can do to Care our skin

10 tips to protect skin
In 1986, a large pharmaceutical company in France has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of melanoma and its prevention efforts. The campaign titled "Enjoy the Sun, Beware of Burns" suggests 10 things important.

1. Be careful at certain times (at 12.00 to 16.00). This is the hottest time and is very aggressive ultraviolet rays irradiating the skin.

2. Protect your skin with clothing. This is the best way.

3. When exposed skin, get ready to use protective cream or sunscreen. Use repeatedly, but not in the long term.

4. Use suitable clothing to protect skin.

5. If you want to sunbathe, have a towel, cream, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc.

6. Be careful though not felt, the danger is you exposed to sunlight but do not feel, either because there is sand, water, snow, or the reflection of cold air. All of it can not protect you from ultraviolet rays.

7. Sunbathing or sun bathing is not the only risk factor. When gardening or exercising, you need to be cautious with ultraviolet light exposure.

8. Avoid the child from exposure to sunlight despite the patron.

9. Do not forget, the sun is burning while still a child, causing the emergence of melanoma in adulthood.

10. Most importantly, do all these tips!

Knowing Types Of Fat in Blood

Knowing Types Of Fat in Blood- In this post, lets we know about fat that obtain in blood, Cholesterol is one of the fat in blood flow. Beside that have any other types of fat, it's lipid that called triglycerides. How the difference and contribution to cardiovascular disease?
types of fat in blood
Low density lipoprotein, cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL). It is the largest carrier of cholesterol in the blood. LDL transports cholesterol to sites throughout the body either for hoarding or to repair the cell membrane. However, like water that can produce crust stuck to the water pipes, as well as LDL cholesterol can cause buildup of cholesterol in the arteries that supply food to the brain and heart. Therefore, This cholesterol is often called by bad cholesterol.

High density lipoprotein, Imagine high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol as scavengers or cleaners. HDL helps reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood. The higher levels of HDL cholesterol, the lower the risk of atherosclerosis. That's why HDL is called good cholesterol. To raise HDL cholesterol levels, do the exercise and reduce weight.

Triglycerides, Triglycerides are another type of body fat. When excessive amounts in the blood, then it is called hipertrigliseridemi. This condition is also considered to facilitate the formation of atherosclerosis (plaque deposits in arteries).

Why Eyes Sensitive to Onion

Eyes Sensitive to Onion
Why the eye does not hold with onions?, Onions are one of the many herbs used in cooking. But if someone wants to use it, he should get ready for the tears.

Beside to cooking, garlic is also believed to contain chemicals that function as anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory (inflammation), an antioxidant and can also help overcome the blood pressure.
When a person is cut or peel the onion, then he broke the cells in the onion that combines each layer. One membrane of onion contain enzymes, while others contain sulfur compounds.

When the onion sliced or peeled, then the chemical reaction occurs between the enzyme and also sulfur compounds that produce gas volatile (easily evaporated). This gas will react with the surrounding air becomes sulfuric acid.

Because the nerve endings of the eye is very sensitive, then hit the gas when the eyes become irritated and stimulate watering to protect the eyes. Because it would not be surprised if more and more onions are cut, the tears that come out will be more and more.

To reduce irritation, so not many tears that come out when confronted with the onion, there are several ways you can do are:

1. Keeping the distance eyes with onions, increasing distance, the gas that irritates the eyes will be fewer and fewer.
2. Keeping onions stay cool, this is due to cool the onions can reduce the gas that comes out due to enzyme inactivation.
3. Using the goggles, the goggles will make the eyes are protected, thereby reducing irritation.
4. Chewing gum, chewing will make someone breathe through the mouth, thereby reducing the gas exposures to the eye.
5. Try not to be rubbed his eyes because it will make the eye more irritated and trigger more tears came out.

Durian Better then Papaya and Watermelon

durian is better
Durian Better then Papaya and Watermelon - What do you think about durian? Durian not all-time bad for us. In certain cases Durian is more benefit then papaya and watermelon. Durian fruit most lots contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not only that, other substances such as fiber, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and iron are also present in it.

But what do you know? it turns out, the durian has a lower glycemic index than watermelon and papaya. Durian is the most lower index glycemic then papaya, watermelon, pineapple.

Glycemic index (GI) is the scale or number given to certain foods based on how big these foods increase blood sugar levels, the scale used is 0-100. Called low-glycemic index when they're on a scale of less than 50, medium glycemic index if its value is 50-70 and high glycemic index if the number is above 70.

But despite its low GI, durian is a fruit that has a high calorie so as not suitable for people with certain conditions or diseases.

Quoted from Healthmad, here are some diseases that can be overcome by eating durian fruit which is not too much.

1. Overcoming constipation, because many contain fiber
2. Overcoming anemia, because it contains folate or vitamin B9 is needed to produce red blood cells
3. Maintain healthy skin, because it contains Vitamin C that act as antioxidants and antiaging
4. Contains lots of potassium or calcium, so good for healthy bones and joints
5. Origin does not eat too much, the content of manganese in the durian can keep blood sugar levels remain stable
6. Contain copper compounds that can maintain the health of the thyroid gland
7. Keeping your appetite, because many contain thiamine or Vitamin B1
8. Overcoming migraine, because it contains the compound riboflavin or vitamin B2

Relieves stress and overcome depression, because it contains Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine Maintaining oral health because they contain posphor.

But, if you get any bad at body when you eat durian, try check how many have you ate durian, and what other food that you combine to durian.

Beautiful Skin with Guava Fruit

Beautiful Skin with Guava Fruit - Don't forget for consume vitamin c if you want to get and have a beautiful skin, healthy, sunny, lovely, ageless and more. Vitamin C is the prime ingredient that needed to form the collagen that really need by skin. and guava is the vitamin c source that easy and can we enjoy and eating it.

Based on studies that find out the eating patterns of 4,000 American women over the age range 40-74 years, found women who consumed large amounts of vitamin C have fewer wrinkles than those consumed in small amounts. Because production of collagen become better thanks to vitamin C.
guava fruit
Not only that, guava fruit also offer protection against food borne pathogens or dangerous pathogens that are transmitted from food, such as Listeria and Staphylococcus, according to a study conducted by experts from Bangladesh microbiology. Antioxidant content in guava also no less terrible to those found in blueberries and broccoli.

Enjoy your nice drink by mix the 1/2 banana fruit and 1/2 of guava, 1 handful strawberry, 1/2 cup of soybean, and Ice Cube, blender and enjoy it as your drink for delete your tired and fatigue. Good Luck :)

14 Efficacy of Guava Concoction [Part 1]

14 Efficacy of Guava
14 Efficacy of Guava Concoction - Guava (Psidium guajava L.) have any nutrient that can used as the drug. According to records Parimin S.P. in every 100 grams of fresh ripe guava contained 0.9 g protein, 0.3 g fat, 14 mg calcium, 12.2 g carbohydrate, 28 mg phosphorus, 1.1 mg iron, 25 SI of vitamin A, 87 mg vitamin C, 0.02 mg vitamin B1, and 86 g of water, with total calories 49 calories.

Contain of Vitamin c in Guava is more then vitamin that contain in orange, that only have 49 mg of 100 g fruits. Vitamin C is concentrated in the outer skin and flesh is soft and thick. Vitamin C content of guava peaked just before ripe.

Various benefits of guava

According to the documentation Parimin S.P. and WWII-LIPI, in various places, common guava is used as a treatment with the presentation as follows:

1. Reinforcement of the heart, helps the digestive system, and anticancer

Guava juice 200 ml, 400 ml apple juice, melon juice 200 ml, 100 cc of pure Honey, Blend all ingredients until smooth and then store in refrigerator. Drinking regularly every morning and afternoon of each 300 cc.

2. Dengue fever (DHF)

Remedy 1: Guava ripe and nearly ripe 3 pieces washed clean. Ripe guava blended until smooth and then filtered in order to obtain guava juice.

Guava juice taken three times daily until healed DBD. Nearly Ripe fruit eaten almost immediately with the skin. Fruit seeds need not be eaten.

Remedy 2: fresh guava leaves 1 kg is washed, then cut into small pieces (chopped). Blend with enough water until smooth. Strain and in store, so that separate leaf extract with water. Oven leaf extract for durability.

How to use: - Enter the extract into a capsule and then drink two times a day, every morning and evening. - Drinking with the leaf extract of guava syrup with a rate of 1 teaspoon to 1/2 liter of diluted syrup. Drinking on a regular basis until the complaint cured.

3. Diarrhea

Treatment 1: 30 g guava leaves plus a handful of boiled rice flour with 1-2 glasses of water. Solution was taken 2 times a day.

Treatment 2: Three pieces of fresh young guava leaves chewed with a little salt, then swallowed. Perform 2 times daily.

Treatment 3: Six pieces of guava leaves washed and then crushed as he was given 1 cup of boiled water, wring it out, drink water. Enough to drink 2 times a day. Drinking water feelings. Do it every day on a regular basis, until it completely healed.

4. Ulcer

Eight pieces of guava leaves are washed, boiled with 1.5 liters of water. Drink 3 times daily.

5. Dysentery

Prepare a "root of guava leaf" taste and guava leaf 10 sheets. Cut the roots and leaves, wash thoroughly, then boiled with enough water for 20 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Strain the cooking water, then drink enough on a regular basis until the complaints disappear.

6. Wound

Three of guava leaves are washed, chewing up fine. Paste in the wound. The content of his astringent to stop bleeding.

7. Whiteness.
Two handfuls of young guava leaves and seven betel leaves are washed, boiled with a glass of water, filtered. Wait a little cold and drinking. Enough to drink 2 times a day.

8. Abdominal distention in children

Three pieces of guava leaves, bark pulasari 2 cm, 5 items adas boiled with 1.5 cups of water until the water stayed half, strain. Drink 3 times daily. The dose for children under 3 years of age, a tablespoon, over 3 years, 2 tablespoons.

9. Skin disease

Handful of young guava leaves and 7 guava flowers are washed, crushed into powder. Rub the skin of the sick.

10. Diabetes

The guava fruit is almost ripe, cut into pieces, boiled in 3 cups water to 1 cup, strain. Drink 2 times a day.

11. Beser (frequent urination)

Three shoots of guava leaves are washed, fresh vegetable with a little salt and pepper. Eat every day and night for 2 days.

12. Sprue

Boil 1 handful of fresh guava leaves plus 1 finger bark with 1 liter of water, strain. Drink 2 times a day.

13. Bleeding wounds or ulcers around the bone

Crushed fresh guava leaves, paste in place of the sick. Do this several times a day.

14. Hemorrhoid

First way: young guava leaves or bud and a "stone banana" washed, then crushed. Drinking water feelings. Do it every day on a regular basis, until it completely healed.

second way: Fresh guava fruit 500 grams, boiled using enough water until a viscous liquid. Rub the liquid into the affected part.
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