Dry Cough Attack You | don't Panic

Dry Cough Attack You | don't Panic - Cough Attack you, don't be Panic - Cough is disease that may be usually attack us, when you have this problem, hope don't panic, try to attention to your surrounding, may have anything that you can use it as medicine.

Any plant and thing in our around that can cure us from cough. Below i want to share any drug [traditional drug] to cure the cough.

Provide the following material:
1. 8 of Fresh lobok
2. Rock sugar as enough as possible

How to make it:

Scar the lobok and mix with the rock sugar that have been mashed. Then pure in the pan, for anight. at morning please take it and pears with clean cloth, Then put it in the glasses.

How to consume this cough drug:

For child 1/2 glasses
for adult, drink all of it
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