Why Eyes Sensitive to Onion

Eyes Sensitive to Onion
Why the eye does not hold with onions?, Onions are one of the many herbs used in cooking. But if someone wants to use it, he should get ready for the tears.

Beside to cooking, garlic is also believed to contain chemicals that function as anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory (inflammation), an antioxidant and can also help overcome the blood pressure.
When a person is cut or peel the onion, then he broke the cells in the onion that combines each layer. One membrane of onion contain enzymes, while others contain sulfur compounds.

When the onion sliced or peeled, then the chemical reaction occurs between the enzyme and also sulfur compounds that produce gas volatile (easily evaporated). This gas will react with the surrounding air becomes sulfuric acid.

Because the nerve endings of the eye is very sensitive, then hit the gas when the eyes become irritated and stimulate watering to protect the eyes. Because it would not be surprised if more and more onions are cut, the tears that come out will be more and more.

To reduce irritation, so not many tears that come out when confronted with the onion, there are several ways you can do are:

1. Keeping the distance eyes with onions, increasing distance, the gas that irritates the eyes will be fewer and fewer.
2. Keeping onions stay cool, this is due to cool the onions can reduce the gas that comes out due to enzyme inactivation.
3. Using the goggles, the goggles will make the eyes are protected, thereby reducing irritation.
4. Chewing gum, chewing will make someone breathe through the mouth, thereby reducing the gas exposures to the eye.
5. Try not to be rubbed his eyes because it will make the eye more irritated and trigger more tears came out.
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