Less drinking causes kidney pain ?

Less drinking causes kidney pain - Many people said: don't forget for drink enough, Otherwise you will hit by kidney pain/diseases. actually this statement not right.

Dehydration that cause by less drinking will effect to our health, this right. But, this not effected to people with healthy kidney. Like this said by dr.Parlindungan Siregar, Sp.PD, KGH. from Division of Renal Hypertension FKUI/RSCM, in healthy people and normal kidney function, dehydration has no effect on the kidneys.

"If dehydration or mild dehydration three percent, which may be affected only cognitive function alone, as so difficult to concentrate. But in people who already have kidney disorders, mild dehydration will cause a severe kidney disorder,"
said dr.parlindungan siregar.

Meanwhile, in severe dehydration or less drinking till 10%, the effect at body is reduce the blood pressure.
"Patients who are vomiting and dehydration may also experience acute renal impairment if not immediately resolved,"
he said.

Then This Doctor add that consume water at healthy people can't less and can't over, this is depend to our activity. But average we need 2 letter water for a day. This different to people have attack by kidney disorder, "In acute kidney disorders, fluid volume are allowed as much as the volume of urine a day plus 500 mL, so about a liter of water a day," he said.
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