Why Baby Crying Without Tear

Why Baby Crying Without Tear - Crying is the baby way for communication with other, when cry baby with his red face communicate but without out the tear, why baby crying does not shed tear?

The team of author of American Academy of Pediatric "Heading Home With Your Newborn", Jennifer Shu said: When baby born, the baby tear gland just produce a little of tear, it's to protect the eye. So, this is have not the tear that out when baby on crying.
baby tear
The tear is produced when baby have a month and three month of age. a long the development of age, the will more increase. said shu.

In the meantime, if your baby tear out even though he was not crying, his tears could be a channel clogged. "Usually these disorders would normally own, but if the cornea of ​​the eye baby looks red, or swollen, there may be an infection. Immediately contact your doctor," she advised.
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