10 Behaviors Make You Old Fast

10 unhealthy behavior make you old fast, Plastic surgery may be one of the way to back in young, but this not healthy way to you. many of unhealthy behaviors can trigger you to old fast. so, if you can discard you bad behaviors, you have the chance to hamper the old speed.
10 Behaviors Make You Old Fast
Below any unhealthy behaviors that mentioned by anti-aging expert can trigger OLD fast.

1. Often having stress

Elissa S. Epel, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, USA, has a cell-level evidence that proves that excessive stress triggers premature aging of the immune system. Mother of children who suffer from chronic pain experience premature aging of cells found in the most extreme.

How to overcome stress

to overcome stress you can do something that relax, happy to you, like gardening, singing, and other fun hobbies.

2. Too much drink alcohol.

3. Lack of Movement

4. Too much saturated fat

5. Smoke

While in the U.S. goes down, the number of smokers in Indonesia has increased. And already there are warnings in cigarette advertising that smoking was made barren, risk of stroke, heart attack, cancer, and others. Wrinkled skin also so easy if you smoke.

6. Inhaling polluted air

Air polluted can cause coughing and burning eyes. This is associated with asthma attacks and respiratory disease. If you live or work in adverse environmental air, try to stay indoors more often.

7. Often on the sun

8. Sleep deprivation

9. Obesity

Excess sugar can cause weight gain and possibly heart disease. Sugar in snacks, and cakes, equivalent to 12 teaspoons a day for 2200 calorie diet in adults. That does not include sugar in the drinks daily.
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