Antibiotics and Immune of Child

Antibiotics and Immune Child - Reviews about the importance of rational use of antibiotics to children has been frequently discussed. But the side effect was discovered only limited effects of germ resistance. In fact, the overuse of antibiotics can lead to chronic disease.

"The use of antibiotics that are not rational thought to be triggered many cases of obesity, type 1 diabetes, allergies and asthma, which now number more than doubled," said Martin Blaser, professor of microbiology from New York University Langone Medical Center, USA.
Antibiotics and Immune of Child
Humans are also often called meta-organisms, because of the large number and volume of microbes that live in our bodies. They live in the intestines, skin, even the navel.

Research shows that many microbes that provide health benefits, such as helping the body get the vitamins K, energy, and prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Meanwhile, an antibiotic derived from the word "anti" and "bios" (life, life), means a substance that can kill and weaken a living creature, ie, micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, or fungi. But he did not kill the virus.

Antibiotics are miracle drugs, and he has contributed to increased human life expectancy. Unfortunately, doctors often prescribe antibiotics easily, including for diseases caused by viruses.

Blasser decades researching the bacteria found, irrational use of antibiotics which give a greater impact but less recognized, namely changing the microbial community in the body.

Allegations were reinforced by a study in 2010 that found antibiotic causes changes in gut microbial populations drastically and will never be back to normal. Other research shows super antibiotics causes bacteria in the body that can last up to 3 years.

According Blesser, in the 21st century, the bacteria that had been living in the intestines of humans thousands of years ago now the number is less than 6 percent. The study was conducted in children in developed countries like the U.S., Sweden and Germany.

Research shows the use amoxilin, can remove 20-50 percent of the bacteria H. pylori. The effect, colon cancer is now rarely found. But diseases such as cancer of the esophagus and reflux improved dramatically.

"It had something to do with the reduction in H.pylori bacteria that actually protect the esophagus. Impaired balance of these bacteria also cause a person more susceptible to asthma and allergies," he said.

Women born in the 1940s, populations of bacteria in the body is still normal because at that time only known two types of antibiotics. If they had a daughter, chances are good the number of bacteria decreased slightly, but the grandchildren and great-grandson, dwindling again.

"Every generation has a number of bacteria that fewer and fewer. I am not suggesting that being anti on antibiotics but physicians should be wise to look at the benefits and disadvantages of prescribing antibiotics," he said.
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