Homosexuals Can Caused by Several Factors.

Homosexuals can be caused by several factors.

First: biological factors, a disruption in the sex centers in the brain or in the chromosome.

Second: psychodynamic factors, namely psychosexual development disorders in childhood.

Third: sociocultural factor, which is a habit that is rooted in local culture.

Fourth: environmental factors, namely due to the influence of association or the first homosexual experience.

According to the cause, then the homosexual is caused by environmental factors may be changed, although not always easy. Friendly because of sociocultural may be changed if the relevant culture immediately or leave it out.

However, this certainly is not easy to do because of factors inherent in general sociocultural since childhood. Homosexual because biologic factors may not be changed into heterosexuals. Being homosexual because of psychodynamic factors are also almost certainly not be changed, unless supported by awareness and willingness incredible.

Are you able to live a "normal" as heterosexual men, of course depending on what causes you to be a homosexual. But if you can not perform homosexual relationships since getting married, that's already a tremendous effort.
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